Old man confuses website for a real person with feelings and emotion.

Old man confuses website for a real person with feelings and emotion.

All within a span of 1 minute...

Confirmed that this person has no knowledge about old people and how fast they use computers.

Oh no Redtube why are these two young girls eating fecal matter from a cup?

I would like to see some people having nice intercourse in missionary position.

Hello Redtube

And his grandfather's name? Google McYahoo.

I don't understand. Are you implying this isnt $100% real?

Why is he buying a mother's day card at his age...

Exhibit A: Grandpa operates web browser tab function with extraordinary ability, despite implications that he possessed little to no comprehension of operating a computer and/or basic search functions.

We believe that the evidence presented within 'Exhibit A' should be completely ignored because this is absolutely what happened and Grandpa did in fact do that

Uh, the same reason he's asking a web browser how it's doing today: dementia.

Hello Mr reddit.

This honestly sounds like the kind of thing my grandpa would do but it would be more like this:

open aol mail

use a button in there to get to internet explorer

spend a few min reading each popup that comes up from all the adware

type h t t p : / / w . w . w . g o o g l e . c o m / into the search box

get results for that search on yahoo

think he is on google and start typing the things about google into the yahoo search box with hunt and peck typing

spend 5 minutes trying to find out why it says yahoo and not google like he wanted

call me on the phone and say something is wrong with his computer from the last time I fixed it because it's going to yahoo when he wanted to go to google

Oh, you must be on your grandson's computer. Sorry.

Sure thing, here's the "missionary" you always watch.

Welcome back, Gramps.

He didn't specify how belated it is.

Eh, I don't even care if it isn't 'real'. The mental image alone made me do the idiotic breathy laugh. Thank you.

OP is actually Yahoo Serious

The person installed Firefox, Grandpa Cliff 'doesn't much like that Fox Fire program,' as it 'Doesn't have the buttons that he uses.'

Naturally he found some ungodly way to launch IE from Firefox.


ungodly way

In other words, some spamware toolbar. Time to run ccleaner again.

Source: I've seen things.

Not Yahoobert Googlestein?? Blasphemy!

He may think hes on /sub/thatdidnthappen. On /sub/thathappened we are all aware every story is 100%

Grandpa has 500wpm.

Get rekt.

Oh shit he's commenting here now!