Oklahoma Sooners’ Connor McGinnis wins the prestigious Holder of the Year award [“acceptance” video in link]

Oklahoma Sooners’ Connor McGinnis wins the prestigious Holder of the Year award [“acceptance” video in link]
Oklahoma Sooners’ Connor McGinnis wins the prestigious Holder of the Year award [“acceptance” vid...

*Siiiiigh... I suppose back to back HOTYs is a lot to ask. And so the torch is passed.

Your player just won the most prestigious award in college football and you think it's a joke. Connor deserves better than this.

Baker’s thoughts on tonight’s biggest win.

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I was sort of hoping he wouldn't win so he'd have that giant chip on his shoulder and hold the ball extra firm next game.

He is not indicative of all of us.

Some of the 'best' bad acting I have ever seen outside of porn.

Jim Thorpe. Bo Jackson. Connor McGinnis. True titans of the sport.

Everyone needs to see Moore's HOTY video

Edit: And his acceptance speech

Probably the greatest holder of all time. Surprised he didn't get the invite to NY.

Saying Lincoln wear short jorts in his back yard 😂


Is the HOTY an actual award, or a joke?Maybe I'm dumb but I honestly can't tell..

If anyone wants to help make this award more legitimate, I've created the wiki page for it and ne...

Not my Holder of the Year

HOTY going to another blue blood program is ridiculous. How are smaller programs supposed to recruit with no shot at the nation's top award?

Runner-up for Holder of the Year...

Baker Mayfield

Cleaned it up for you. It was a mess.

Often overlooked, but vitally important position.

Only two are from Oklahoma though

Gainesville is no longer the jean shorts capital of the world

Also the ceremony for when they added his picture to the wall of champions

How could he not win with this hype video?


Thank you for contributing.

Poor Garrett

I hate it when an OU player plays with a chip on their shoulder, but Connor all game every game, huh, no rest for the true difference makers.

Come on good teams we’re down enough right now, at least let us keep our jort title.

It is very real

More on the award

Our kicker had been campaigning for him to get the award for some time

All of these videos severely raise my expectations for how our new HOTY will handle his new fame and honor.

This is my favorite college football award. The hype videos are always so fun. Congrats to Connor!

That video is the best anything ever

Let's be honest those other guys probably aren't athletic enough to be a holder.

It's an Award, like the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy, but for individual winners.

Of course, it's super legit.

The trophy raised funds for the Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital. Just like the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy, which raised funds for Team Jack (Nebraska) and Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital.