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Some animals are more equal than others

Now that’s equality right there. Equal rights also means equal lefts.

Four feet good two feet baaaaaaad!

You literally ment figuritvily

Edit: I played myself...

Four feet good two feet better


the dictionary gave up on that battle.

okay Mr. Spooky Ghost

I just literally died after reading this.

This literally pisses me off.

I will work harder! (r.i.p Boxer)

Napoleon is always right

It has it's ups and downs. Although in equal amounts.

Long Pig. (Slow roasted)

I did NOT expect an Animal Farm reference, but well played

I literally hate the new definition of literally.

Pigs are a magical animal.

Bacon Ribs Pork chops Ham Rinds /cracklings

All from the same animal!

Are these both actual tweets, or just more fakes? The tired "men are pigs" meme seems more like a sitcom stereotype of feminists than actual 2018 feminist thought.

You forgot sausages and pulled pork

If men are pigs and women are equal to men, the does that mean all people are pigs?

Congratulations, you got the joke


Saddest part of the book.

It happens to the vast majority of words. You'd be hard pressed to find a word that meant the same thing that it does today a hundred years ago.

And there are also many words that have two completely different definitions. Check out contronyms and you'll find a shit ton that are actually pretty common in everyday use.


There are only 4 results for the word 'figuritvily' on the googles.

That’ll do pig, that’ll do

It's now literally the most pointless word in our language.

Yes. Source: am a woman pig. Oink oink!

She must’ve gotten dumped after the “equal” one

Mmmmmmm. People.