Oh imgur you

Oh imgur you

nice eyeball, Eyeball.

Nice ass, ass

I'm not confused either. I'd strike up conversation with her, and after some small talk, I would ask to exchange contact information.

I'd wait a couple days, and send her a message that we should meet for coffee or a drink, but by that point, she would say that she enjoyed talking the other day, but she's busy.

I'd try again a couple days later...same result.

After a few attempts, I'd realize she just wasn't that in to me, and I would step out onto my back porch, alone, to take a long drag of a cigarette and contemplate the plausibility of true love.



What's imgur have to do with it?

You ok dude?

/sub/confusedboners ?

I'm guessing someone in the imgur community made this.

Cyclops of Anarchy.