oh god why

oh god why

Samantha: I had lots of sex with a guy.

Charlotte: Sex is gross but I want it and a baby.

Miranda: Snark is my defense mechanism.

Adam: launches typhoon

Spoiler Alert: The final boss is menopause, and they all lose to it.

I never asked for this.

(I totally did ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Feeling the pressure to stay competitive and hold onto her sexual prime, Samantha decides to undergo a procedure to maintain her youthful elegance.

Meanwhile, Charlotte being unable to have children elects to take part in a human fertility trial, sponsored by Sariff Industries, while else where Miranda turns to technology to enhance her influence on her coworkers after feeling over looked due to her gender.

Concerned that his friends are falling into the dark grasp of technology, Adam Jensen fights against time to show the girls the dangers of Human Augmentation and that they are beautiful just the way they are, and maybe find love along the way...

Deus EX in the City.

Rated PG13

Thanks now I'm giggling to myself in the bathroom. Glad no ones around.


Imagine my disappointment when I saw this show as a kid...

Most misleading show title ever.

I was hiding from home invaders when I read his comment. I laughed and now I'm dead.

You're such a Gunther.....

Horse face augment lets you neigh.

That's definitely a step up from Sarah Jessica Parker though

Adam Jensen wakes up hung over next to Samantha

"I didn't ask for this..."

I always told my girlfriend I'd watch that show if it had more brooding angsty cyborgs.

In preferred Deus Ex: Dance Dance Human Revolution

I heard you giggling two stalls over. You definitely were not alone and you should probably see a doctor because that shit didn't sound healthy.

Fighting hot flashes is difficult... even with bionics.


Willpower falters as the scriptwriter's finger shifts over the lethal execution button, knowing that his paycheck depends on a no-kill run.

Rob Schneider is.... Deus Ex in the City.

I'm irritated that I actually get the non game references.

What do the penguins that do the Ice King's bidding in Adventure Time have to do with Duesex and the city?


I grew into listening to the Barenaked Ladies for the same reason. Those videos were such a disappointment.

This is truly cyberpunk

No. I wanted orange. It gave me lemon-line.


So, it's a a game that is 50% about daring infiltrations to unravel a powerful conspiracy and 50% about shopping and dating and friendship and living it up in the city? Sounds like Persona 5


When you are augmented, menopause doesn't exist

This made my day, i'd buy/watch it!

Oh god this is perfect