Oh Deer

Oh Deer

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Blooding is an old tradition that goes way back, you only do this on your first kill, normally you take a bite of the heart or liver and they douse your clothes in the animal's blood. You are then 'blooded' and officially regarded as a hunter.

Oh ok totally normal then

What I'm getting from this thread is "If something is tradition then it's okay, because it's tradition!" - is that right?

Because that sounds like some really shitty logic to me.

Normal for hunters. Gross for the rest of us, but I try to be tolerant of other peoples cultures.

It's some Indian tradition to do this. How it has been explained to me is that this is paying respect to the animal by letting it's spirt live on through you. I know a lot of hunters that do this some of them do it for the first kill of the deer season.


Oh come off it. Don't be taking my peoples culture and making weirdos look normal.

Bitch what the fuck

I'll take antibiotics and hormones over tb and parasites any day.

You run from Chloe, not the other way

This makes it a little less unsettling if it's a tradition of sorts. But still, good god, dad, you could be said something other than "warm quivering heart"

That doesn't seem that crazy. It's just a hunting rite of passage for some hunters.

You're supposed to eat everything you kill. It's just getting ahead start

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A small child eating a raw heart from a fresh kill? That's on the child endangerment side of crazy.

Now, last I checked, deers are massive disease farms as well as being incredibly stupid. A lot of them don't transfer to humans, but a decent amount do such as Brucellosis and Chronic Wasting Disease.

Really, I just have the issue with raw meat in general and there are people that have this tradition while atleast boiling the heart.

That's pretty fucking metal tbh

Yes he does.

You're just digging your hole deeper. Some tribes did this, hell some people within tribes only. You're not really telling me that this guy is affiliated with that specific tribe are you? My people? Nahua we also used to make human soup, and bread with human bones. We don't anymore, and anyone doing it and saying it's to honor my traditions is a weirdo. And stop with the Indian thing, it's not our name.

It is a little girl eating a raw, freshly harvested animal heart... clearly you may be the one with the lack of mental health here

If it's a tradition that doesn't bring anyone harm? Yes. Odd that has to be said.

Just cook the damn thing

I think that is just something a lot of hunters joke about and a few crazy ones do.

Compared to the vast majority of childhoods in the developed world, encouraging a small child to eat the still-beating heart of a deer they just shot is crazy as fuck.

"Eat every part of what you kill" is a valid principle, but it does little to explain actions like biting into a deer's quivering heart. Why not drink its blood, too? Or what about inventing a new hunting rite of passage by forming a tight seal around its mouth or nose and sucking its last breath out of its lungs to truly use every part of the animal? Citing the "eat everything you kill" to explain this is about as silly as crawling on all fours in a marathon and justifying it by citing the mantra "slow and steady wins the race."

I'll take Parasites for $400 Alex.

Chloe doesn't run.

Hunting with your kids? That's fine in my book.

Eating the heart of the animal your kid has killed? That's not fine in my book, what with the possibility of all kinds of fuck you up diseases.

This is actually a tradition a few of my friends did. They disnt eat it tho, just bite it. It's a rite of passage for them.

It just seems pretty unsanitary.

I'm not a hunter but everyone in my family that hunts does it. My PE teacher in high school did it. It's more common than you would think.

Deer are possibly the dumbest animals on Earth. And their stupidity is dangerous to people and themselves. Don't forget about the massive overpopulation that poses a dangerous to their species. And if you're worried about people interfering and 'culling' them, remember, they are the stupidest animals on the planet and would've gone extinct by now without our help.

Could somebody please explain what you find so insane about this? This is from my country and is fairly common behavior. Eating the heart is a tradition and is about respecting the animal. Deer are not native to New Zealand and we have to control their numbers to prevent devastation to our forests. I had similar experiences as a child and it created a deep sense of connection to nature and an understanding of where food comes from. Plus heart tastes great.


Upvote for you. Just because some cultures did it doesn't mean it is safe. Raw beef is concerning enough ave that is from an animal raised by humans for concumption. Raw venison can have parasites and bacteria. The fact that some cultures eat it raw doesn't change those fact.

Literally on some game of thrones shit, eating it's heart.

Psychopath in the making.