New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

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Lol. Refs deciding games.

The NFL has a huge problem.

Literally this entire game was just a conspiracy against Will Lutz

Mods delete a thread but can’t do the post game thread? 🧐

Kamara owners should've campaigned harder in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

"What's a computer?" Gah, Apple, that is such a bad commercial.

My Lutz 4 pointer 😭

I will murder someone if i lose by 4 points or less now.

NFL Executive: "Roger, these TNF games are horrible for the league! What do we do? Should we scrap them after this season?"

Goodell: "No....we'll start TAF...TUESDAY AFTERNOON FOOTBALL. And let's play a couple of games in Bucharest and Hanoi next year too."

Peyton didn’t make a mistake those sideline judges fucked him. They’re not supposed to be concerned with a fumble in between the hashes at this time in the game. Your concern is 2 things is a receiver in bounds on a catch to the sideline, and does the coach trying to win a fucking game want to call a time out. You don’t go running into the middle of the field you stupid mother fucker.

Michael Thomas

very consistent all season but no real eye popping games, just chugs along

fantasy playoffs week 1

highest catch total, tied highest yardage total of all season with a TD as well

Thank you based Mikey T

Ingram was open on that last play. Sucks Brees didn't dump it to him. Prob easy TD

Wait I'm on Payton's side... He was actually trying to get the time out... I blame the ref for this one...

Lutz and Kamara owner. Kamara news breaks, 30 secs later Lutz gets a 40 yarder taken away. Back-to-back kick in the nuts.

Kamara carried my ass through a shitty season from the rest of my team, he brought me close to the playoffs so I can't complain when he has one bad week due to shitty circumstances. Definitely going to be one of my favorite players to watch throughout his career.

That's silly, why bench Mt?

Payton lost the game for them lmao

People need to be less pessimistic. You can win a fantasy game even without Kamara. It just takes your opponent to have a couple guys lay an egg -- not impossible at all. Sucks, but not season-ending for everyone. Some of you shall pass ontoeth, the 2nd round.

Fuck TNF, fuck Sean Peyton, Fuck everything

No kamara. Aging Brees. Saints leading for over half the game. Ingram 12 carries. Yeah Sean Payton you deserve to lose

Run it with my Ingram? Nah. Kick it with my big nutz Lutz? Nah.

Michael Thomaa delivering when it counts.

didnt take fg, passed on second (?) down at 10 yard line. you deserve to lose payton

Dont decide the game because you got your feelings hurt. Fucking ref.

Last 10 minutes has been brutal. My quarterback throws an interception, my kicker gets robbed of a field goal, and my star RB gets ruled out with a concussion.

Glad I didn't start Peyton in my coach league

Matt Ryan tried his fuckin hardest to throw the game

Nothing better than refs deciding a great game

I always hate getting the advantage in fantasy cus a player gets injured hope you get well Kamara


Ingram was wide open on that Brees pick.

Payton is an idiot. Saints were already easily in field goal range. Run the damn ball with Ingram to kill the clock and force Atlanta to use their timeouts. If you can't get a TD, kick the field goal and send it to OT.

Holy shit. How bad did the officials hate the Saints tonight?

For who? Why?

Well that was a disappointing for anyone not named Michael Thomas.

As a Lutz and Kamara owner I’m feeling really sad about that half of football

Ridiculous way to end the game

This confirms Payton really does hate Ingram. Why the fuck would you not run it there and run the clock down/make them use timeouts?

This is all Matthew Berry's fault for having Kamara in one of his stupid fantasy update videos. Berry is black magic sorcery to fantasy players. Curse you Matthew Berry.

That’s twice now this season the Falcons have caught a break on some BS clock runoff call

Im done with work gonna be home for the second half boys.

Damn i wanted some OT

What a stupid ending

Man seeing Matt Ryan not throw it to a wide open Tevin Coleman for what could have been a 50 yd TD makes me want to cry.

Payton needs to keep his cool there, but fuck that ref and all refs who make calls like that when their feelings get hurt. You fucked up by not calling the timeout when the coach asked for it and then you penalize him when he gets pissed about it.

Matt Ryan can eat ten bags of burning baby goat dicks....

As a Brees and Ingram owner watching that final drive, I thought automatic points were coming my way. Brees you bastard that was a Bortles throw

Payton blowing the game by being a dumbass

Fish lips fucked that game, but so did refs. I'd be furious if game is on the line and you don't hear me yelling TO.

ESPN app says Kamara's done for the night. Kill me.

It’s official boys 😩

Kamara flew too close to the sun..