Official poster for UFC 219

Official poster for UFC 219

Khabib pulls out and they don't find a replacement in time so what ever was the fight before them becomes the co-mainevent.

An actual good poster!

No see this is a Khabib fight with no real stakes in regard to a belt, so Khabib will show up with a dominant performance and make his case for a title shot. It's his next fight where he either challenges for a belt or a number one contender position that he'll pull out of. Khabib is the ultimate belt-tease.

Khabib’s name is a separate entity in the computer file so they can remove it easier. Just incase.

Predictions for Khabib/Barboza? I honestly might just flip a coin.

Calling it: Holm by headkick IN THE HEAD!

With a bit of digging, I was actually able to find that file.

With a bit of digging, I was actually able to find that

I can't believe we have 4 women's divisions now.

There's barely enough talent for two.

Looks like the cover of a superhero video-game. I dig it.

Holm by ish ish.

Khabibtime baby


3 and an 1/8

UFC 219: Smesh

Khabib smesh

Instead of choking under the pressure like Cerrone he just pulls out. Damn.

I'm gonna go ahead and say Khabib, who's notorious for ballooning between camps and missing weight, and has a little bit of dough on him compared to most LW fighters in the belly are, may have in fact been photoshopped for promotional reasons

Nice! First eye-catching poster in a while. Part of me is still sad PPVs dropped those goofy names, though.

This. Johnson was doing okay until Khabib wrestlefucked then legally raped him. If Barboza can keep it standing Khabib surely can’t win

Johnson landed 24% of his strikes. He was missing an insane amount. That was one of the more overblown 'successes' I've seen in some time.

Khabib is going to smash barboza, which sucks because I really like barboza

Khabib and Edson looking fuarking shredded

Cyborg lookin like Lion-O

Cyborg lookin like

Finally a well designed poster

Khabib's stand up is just a small appetizer that leads to the takedown. That's where opponents really get served.

Somehow she's still a surprisingly large draw even when she's beating up undersized, sub par competition. It'll be nice to see her against someone who is just undersized.

Ish Ish Bish

The real question is can Barboza defend the takedown and keep it on the feet, or will Khabib make weight...

I don't know, the way Holly and Cyborg are shoulder to shoulder here kinda looks like they're going to be a part of some buddy comedy film.

Gotta bank on Khabibs grappling and ability to employ his gameplan but he's a fighter where I won't be surprised if his dominance continues, or if his striking/weak area is finally exposed

I like Barboza a lot more than I liked Johnson in that matchup, even though the dynamic is the same. I can see Edson managing it for the better part of three rounds. People are going to keep picking Khabib until someone shows us how he can lose, and I think Edson might be the guy.

Poor card for an end of the year PPV imo.

“...who gives a fuck, what is this - the money channel?”

He isn't going to just shoot double legs in the middle of the cage lol

The same reason they don't use Joanna's last name on posters.

As a huge Cowboy fan, i would have agreed with you until this year. They've made him pace himself and let him pick his opponents. I think he just enjoys fighting more than winning and doesn't push or withdraw at the right time.

But that number doesn't mean much, if he's throwing volume that doesn't land but keeps Khabib off of him, he's still winning that fight

Khabib pulls out comes back 3 months later “no one want real fight with me, only da bullshit money fights”.

Tron Moscow.

MJ's hands are faster and come from far less traditional angles and setups than Edsons.

If anyone was going to tag him on the feet MJ had as good a chance as it gets.

MJ beat Barboza, in case anyone forgot. Wasnt a blowout, but he has great hands and insane hand speed.

The leg kicks are on another level, but I don't see them being enough to stop Khabib.

Except Khabib doesn't do takedowns like Dariush, Khabib either uses Judo takedowns or will clinch to the fence then take you down, not much room for a knee there

Agree, it's a coin toss, pick 'em match up. But I have to go with Khabib to beat tiramisu

Does Cerrone choke? I feel like he just fights too damn much, and doesn't give himself a chance to recover

If you build it, they will come.

Wanderlei Silvas back?!

Am i the only one who thinks khabib might surprise us on his feet. His stand up is sloppy but its decently effective and they said his stand up has been improved for this fight.

Yup and he's fighting Holly Holm

You made me laugh so hard my dog looked at me funny