Official: Milan confirms Mihajlovic as new head coach

Official: Milan confirms Mihajlovic as new head coach

Neo-fascist free kick expert with a strong left foot and pronounced support of genocidal maniac, Slobodan Milosevic, hired as manager by the leading contender for most corrupt living European.

Mihajlovic and Berlusconi. What a pair. Sigh.

Only one who got dropped because of the anthem was Ljajic. He refused to sing it because he didn't feel that the anthem represented the Muslim population of Serbia. Subotic and Matic left because of the team selection issues.

He's insane, if that helps.

If i remember correctly, he insisted that every player sings national anthem and if they didn't he wouldn't call them to play for Serbia. Thats why some of best Serbain players didn't even play.

He was terrible for Serbia.

Italy isn't part of the Balkans.

Berlusconi's corruption goes far beyond football.

Mihajlovic is a crazy fascist with very radical beliefs. But what does that have to do with anything?

Flair checks out.

Says the Real fan

People who are upvoting this don't really understand what was happening in Serbia, there were so many factors to why Miha failed. First of all he tried implementing discipline to the national team, every player must sing the national anthem he had them sign some kind of document and if you didn't follow the rules you were out. I am almost certain that he didn't have much say in team selection. Which brings me to my next point, the agents. The agents were DEEP inside our corrupt FA and certain players were only being played so they can be sold. A huge example of this was starting Alen FUCKING Stevanovic, a nobody, in one of OUR biggest games in qualifying against Croatia. There were several players that were played due to the agency they were represented by. People have to undestand that yes Miha did make mistakes but he was a puppet.

He should not be judged by what happened in Serbia and should be judged on his performances with Samp, which he saved them from relegation and brought them up to a Europa League qualifying position to earn the Milan job. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of his football although I do think he can help fix Milan.

Is everyone here an idiot? There's a reason he got appointed, go and look at what he did with Sampdoria last season. He took a lower table team and was able to qualify for the Europa League. But people here would rather gossip than judge Football preformance

Why couldn't they sing there own national anthem?

Yeah, your example isn't totally over the top at all

/sub/soccer logic: If he isn't a famous coach, surely he's gonna fail

doesn't matter, you gotta keep up with the circlejerk

"neo-fascist, shit-hole balkan" circle jerk, most of the people commenting on the thread have no idea what the fuck they're talking about. He's an excellent manager

As expected.

I'll admit, it's just as applicable.

I have been had

The day Milan doesn't have steep expectations will be a sad day. They are a massive club, challenging for the title should be a minimum.

Juventus were rubbish not long ago with Ferrara in change, things can turn around quickly. That being said I don't think Milan will win the league but them getting top 3 is very realistic assuming the names that have been rumored aren't just rumors.

Not yet

And Matic came back even while Mihajlovic was a coach. Subotic still didn't. Can't really blame the guy though.

Like Mihaijlovic?

One guy here is comparing him to Hitler ffs

I didn't like how he dealt with our(Serbian) national national team. There is definitely a lot of pressure on him to do well this season, hopefully summer transfers will be good and that he can actually build a squad that he likes, then we shall see what can he actually do.

young managers with work ethic and oriented to make projects last

So... Mihajlovic?

1) He was in charge of team rebuild, i disliked his player selection, mostly for not playing Nemanja Matic and not inviting Aleksandar Mitrovic 2) He demanded that players sign some "ethics contract", forced players to know the words of national anthem, which caused conflicts (that's not the way to build relationship with your players) 3) As a player he was short tempered, that temper showed during his spell 4) His football philosophy was to control midfield and build from there, basically to have possession, we did have quality players in the midfield but it seemed that it's not working and he refused to give it up and try something else 5) World Cup Qualifier: The group comprised Belgium, Croatia, Macedonia, Scotland, Serbia and Wales. We finished 3rd and had 4W 2D 4L. Away loss to Macedonia (1-0) was unacceptable and he had Ivanovic, Subotic, Matic benched. With that win we would be tied on points with Croatia and since decider is goal difference, we had +7 and Croatia had +3. That one game basically cost us Brazil 2014.

First of all I didn't ask for him to get sacked if he didn't reach those objectives, just that he'd have done well if he did.

Secondly, the squad has massively underperformed. Those positions are reflective of more things than simply the quality of players, in reality we probably have the 5th or 6th best squad in Italy.

Thirdly, with the amount we're going to spend this summer, the calibre of players we're going after, and what Bee - who was heading the consortium who bought 48% of the club - has said (that he wants us to challenge for Serie A and CL immediately); those objectives are not far fetched. In fact they're very reachable, if not this year then the year after. It is not as simple as looking at our position this year and the one before and saying 'you were 7 positions away, therefore you can't expect to reach it next year'.

Not much of a surprise, i am looking forward to see what he does with our new squad next year, it seems like he wants to play two strikers up front which would something relatively new since we haven't done that since Allegri

Ladies and gentlemen: the Balkans.

are you the author of this article by any chance?

Subotic and Matic didnt have problem with national anthem signing lol, reasons for their exclusion were different.

And they were arguing about the magnitude of their respective corruption(s?), not whether or not they were European.

I'd say controlling pretty much a whole country as big as Italy trumps giving a few World Cups to the highest bidder.

He's a good fucking football manager though, and that's why he got hired.

Did very well with Samp, he's a great option to help mold this team. Actually somewhat proven, which is something we haven't seen in a while!

Ljajic has been sent home from the team's European tour and the decision was based on Mihajlovic's rulebook stipulating a code of conduct which Ljajic has breached. Ljajic has told Mihajlovic he refused to sing the national anthem out of personal beliefs and that there would be no change in his position regarding the matter. "The player will only be allowed to return to the national team if he changes his attitude and officially notifies Mihajlovic that he has done so."

I dislike the way he handled the whole situation, I strongly believe that two adults can find a compromise and honestly this should have never happened, especially dragging this story through media. Personally I would feel ashamed if i didn't know the words of national anthem.

Fans want the people in their team to actually be likeable people.

Mihajlovic is a crazy fascist with very radical beliefs


Bold appointment I think, look forward to see what he does with our soon-to-be revamped squad. CL qualification should be the target, if he reaches that then he's done well. If we can challenge for the Scudetto (too soon for that, but who knows) that'd be the cherry on top.

You're confusing Miha with Mijatović, but yeah, almost every sportsman from Serbia protested the Nato bombings, but I don't remember anyone refusing to play.

Yes, 10-15 years after the crusades though. We're talking Balkans here. Shit got real, there not that long ago.

He has quite possibly the longest controversies section on wikipedia for a footballer that I've ever seen.

He's done some excellent work, some bad as well but recently its definitely more good than bad.

He has been integral to building that Sampdoria side which has been excellent and I think he's ready for the next step up.

Zlatan wins.


Well of course he didn't after even though hes mother is Croatian. Although a couple of minutes before my linked part he says that he is half Serbian, half Croatian. Prosinecki is also half Serbian if I'm not mistaken.

He was quite the famous player though. Who doesn't remember his free-kick hattrick? School was buzzing the day after.

We saw how Allegri played out.

At this point I think you have to be to take the job.

He seemed to have improved during his stint at Sampdoria, he has gotten decent results with a relatively average squad. I think he really brought the best out of his players.

Can you tell me more about his time as Serbian NT coach? What did you not like?

Hell no, Inzaghi knew he was out before the season ended. He even said things like "I will leave with my head held high" etc. It only dragged on because Milan was negotiating Inzaghi's severance package.