Official cover art for Revival revealed on Eminem’s website

Official cover art for Revival revealed on Eminem’s website
Official cover art for Revival revealed on Eminem’s website

Guys I think that might be the American flag idk tho

MRW i saw the tracklist

hoping the single that drops tonight is not a pop feature and is a banger

It will prob be the track they aim to be the radio shit. Maybe the Sheeran or Alicia track

Wow this is his best cover design since relapse. Looks great.

Lol it's probably gonna be like two songs about the current state of America/trump shit and then 16 songs about how hard it is being disrespected after making wack ass tracks for ten years

i mean if it's gonna be "ShAlL I DrOp ThIs CoFfEe PoT oN DoNaLd TrUmP"-level political critique then I think I'll pass

Thats check republic flag you dumdum

Cover is actually pretty dope ain't gonna lie

Looks like he wrote Thomas Jefferson 4 times, but he still ain't calling.

Originally thought this was going to be his version of 4:44, but looking more like his version of US or Else

The cover makes it looks like the album might be politically conscious/woke but if the production is the same as Recovery and MMLP2 I think it's going to be a disappointment.

It's sad, because I would love to hear more tracks like Square Dance, Mosh, and We as Americans.

Edit: Lmao Recovery 2

I hope the new single will match the poltical content on the album cover, I think that would create some hype for next week

Relapse is one of my all time favorite album covers. I got actual chills seeing it for the first time after his hiatus.

Czech yourself before you wrzech yourself.

Nice cover. lets get some bars tho

New song tonight as well

like im still not that sure since the singles before mmlp2 were rap god, monster and berzerk, so 2/3 werent that poppy but mass appeal. im hoping for that at the least

Looks like a cover for a country album

It's likely gonna be the song with Ed Sheeran. For MMLP2 they dropped The Monster as the big radio single and an album pre-order a week before release. Same thing here.

Wow he was really betting the whole album release rollout on Trump responding to that BET cypher

Also he said that he hates Trump for that, because he was waiting for him to say something, and he didn't.

Eminem never said that... Please cite your source...


reddit liberals are the definition of slacktivists. Ya'll act like the message was weak, but considering Em's position and the demographics of his fanbase it was important that it was said.

Clearly, both Frank and Em are biting DJ Khaled.

yeah but if it's doo doo fart fart ft. Skylar Grey, Ed Sheeran and Pink I kinda know what to expect

hopefully Ed spits some fire and all yall hip hop heads hop on his dick with me

For real, Square Dance is still one of my favorite Em songs. Good Em type production, good lyricism, and I like the flow he was using on the song. Definitely one of the standouts on TES.

That Blonde influence.

fam in comparison to love the way you lie, fucking white america is a banger

anything hard where hes spitting

also I say banger because there is rumoured to be a couple of tracks with heavy 808s (offended and chloraseptic)

How every song will be:

generic pop hook with corny instrumental


repeat bad hook


I don't know if you've ever had a pot of fresh coffee dumped on you, but that shit hurts. My mom dropped one on me as a kid and the burns were severe.

I’m quite fond of the alternate cover of recovery, the one with him watching tv in a glass cube in the middle of Detroit .

by how things are going so far, it’s definitely not a revival of his career

Em bout to turn into a meme with that facepalm cover if this album is trash. If he is going the politically/socially conscious route, then I hope he brings some well thought out points. I wasn't a huge fan of how he delivered his BET cypher, but I fully acknowledge that that was a freestyle. Hope the album is better though, and that the tracklist isn't as generic post recovery em like it looks like it is.

How the fuck is this corny

I had, fresh hot chocolate and while it hurt, I don't know, I'm as far from a Trump supporter you get but even I have to admit it that "ohh imma hurt mr president" is not a kind of brilliant, politically involed lyricism I'd expect from a guy as skilled as Eminem

Also he said that he hates Trump for that, because he was waiting for him to say something, and he didn't.

This is pure conjecture lmao

We can’t be holding Eminem to 2012 Wiz Khalifa standards.

That's actually a picture of me when I saw the tracklist.

is that eminem on the cover? big if true

but they are gonna sing a pop hook.

"Fuck Trump, not because he's fucking up the country or nothing but because he won't even tweet about my cypher towards him" - definitely not Eminem

Right, it’s my favorite after the MMLP alternate one ( the one that was shot in Amsterdam). The recovery one was horrible and the MMLP2 one was meh IMO

am i on /sub/the_donald ?

Tru, there are much better things that can be said on the subject. I thought there were parts of Em's Trump freestyle that were hard-hitting and relevant but the majority of it was cornball lyricism.

When did he say that he hates trump for not responding? If you can provide a timestamp I'll buy you a deluxe edition copy of the album along with gold. But that's not gonna happen because he didn't say that.

I always think it weird when people judge albums based off a track list. Shit could be called “doo doo fart fart” and be the hottest song of the decade. Who gives a fuck

Most people (including me) don’t care about the track names. The features are what throws me off a little bit.

Really? I’m not seeing it.

I don’t mind the Recovery cover, symbolizes him on the road to recovery but to each his own. I thought he could’ve done more with the MMLP2 cover besides just a plain pic of the house

No one is hating because of the names, they're hating because of features. No rap features leads to pop features which leads to pop hooks. I've listened to enough Eminem to know that I would rather have 2 chains than another standard Skylar Grey feature

Lool this 100%

why are you acting like that was 90% of his cypher? Most of his raps were politically/culturally relevant

I think by corny he means really heavy handed. At least that's how I feel about it.


Is it an Americana album?

Eminem feat. Ryan Adams

Did you just decide to just make up facts? What the hell?

Yeah Em definitely has more Trump supporting fans than any other hip-hop artist, so he could reach people better than anyone else.