Offering a helping hand

Offering a helping hand

I would buy a bowl with cat marks on it.

"Hooman. How many times do I have to show you how to do dis?"

Heck, I would pay extra.

Wooohhhhh my love, my darling, I hunger for your touch

"I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job, but there's a disturbing lack of cat hair in this item at the moment. Let me help with that. "

It would be the purrfect gift!

You should consider getting a Giffin Grip for trimming...much easier to center pots, and it may amuse your cat.

I don't see any claws out, so probably the same as if the cat wasn't there. By the time they put the foot on the bowl, the clay is somewhat hard, similar to real fudge (not that jello crap).

I doubt this is OP

Cat underneath the table is very curious about all of this.

The Potter Pussy


cat's got great touch