Off the Rails

Off the Rails


This is a Writer & Artist November collaboration between myself and /u/putih_tulang! Script by Putih, art and a few background jokes by me. I've never done a collaboration comic before, so this was a fun new experience for me.

Nice try, we all know Britain cannot into sweet.

Britain cannot into sweet?!

FOOL, do you not know Britain to be the sweet capital of the world! We have all kinds, boiled sweets, sarsaparilla tablets, rhubarb and custards, chocolate raisins, jelly babies and more!

excellent and also unimprovably more relevant song

Fantastic work you two.

This is also an unimprovable better time to link to an .

I don't think this particular attraction can accurately be described in mere words but I think the sub may find it interesting.

In Philly we like to head down the Shore to the wonderful city of Wildwood, NJ for our summertime amusements

Yes this was an actual thing.

So how much does Nauru weigh?

Clay cannot be of weigh under sea.

I really miss jelly babies.

Wait, so what would be considered as a real achievement by America? If having been the largest empire on Earth EVER doesn't cut it for you, your standards might be just a bit too high.

Better yet, it was designed by a Lithuanian