Oddly satisfying welding

Oddly satisfying welding

As a welder, please tell me a robot made this.

As a robot, please tell me a human made this.

Am welder. Weld exceeds industry standards for visual inspection.

Some welders go their entire career without laying a single bead this beautiful.


This is usually when a welder chimes in with 'looks pretty but no penetration' or whatever.

I don't know I'm not a welder. Looks cool though.

Lmfao, no dedication and practice....a goid teacher also helps.

I would make out with this.

So I clicked not expecting it to be a real sub. Newsflash, it's real - shocker. Problem is I'm at work and the titles are a bit risky to be clicking on. I can't manage 2 risky work clicks. Where's u/clicksonlinks or whatever when you need them??

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Laying down some DIMES