Octopus going camo


there's always a bigger fish

Got me good, fucker.

I was so confident I'd easily spot it when it blended in. I was so wrong.

Seriously! This one literally made me gasp.

You made me ink!

It's a ray for those curious

Here's another link
Here's the link.

What, that's Zelda

still a fish tho.

"But he's not really doing an effective camo, plus he keeps moving and he HOLY SHIT!"

Here's the link to the original

more like a jackdaw tbh



Nice job, OP!

This was maybe my favorite one I've ever seen.

Here's the thing....

He crunched the butt...

Source ends too soon as well

No idea if it's just coincidence or not, but definitely seemed like Doc Oc slowed down and sensed something before the strike.

i though he only "touched" the butt, but go on im liking this crunching the butt idea...

I really want to see how that ends

I don't know if I want to laugh at this or cry.

Even the link to the original video ends too soon.