[OC] 🅰️⛎✝️ℹ️⚡️♏️

[OC] 🅰️⛎✝️ℹ️⚡️♏️


Good future meme format?

Spooky memes are meant to be more fun than funny, these memes are just straight trash

What even is this sub anymore, School shorter memes are so normie at this point and it’s something only 14 year olds laugh at

This legit happened at my school today. Nobody was shot, the kid didn't even have a gun but he came in with a black trench coat, black duffle bag, black combat boots and was wearing sunglasses inside. I started running and all I could think was he was about to pumped up kicks our asses

He sellin chips



Same goes for "spooky" memes at this point.