Obama’s subtle warning to working class Trump voters: You played yourself

Obama’s subtle warning to working class Trump voters: You played yourself
Obama’s subtle warning to working class Trump voters: You played yourself

“If every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hardworking white middle class and undeserving minorities,” he said, “then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves.”

Really going to miss this guy

Sadly, I don't think any of this will resonate with any of the people that truly need to open their eyes to this reality; Trump voters/supporters.. I don't even want to look at the drivel that is t_d right now but I can only imagine constant bashing and misinterpretation of everything the President said tonight

Basically the plot to the Purge right there

This an excellent point,

"Older and less educated white Americans embraced Donald Trump’s story that the country was going to hell in a handbasket, and as soon as he won, they immediately started saying the economy was good again. Actual results in the form of rising incomes weren’t good enough. Trump telling them the good old boys were back on top again was."

It's the entire premise of the Trump campaign.

It'll start with Trump ordering vigilante justice over twitter. And then when people see him pardon the first right wing nut job to shoot up a mosque, the floodgates will open.

Trump went after skilless whites who felt beached in the midwest by the global economy and edgy reddit neonazis

The people who needed to hear this wouldn't have watched it because just the sight of Obama makes them sick. They're a sad bunch, and I guess that's his point.

But for one, brief, shining moment Obama stopped being polite and started being real.

“If every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hardworking white middle class and undeserving minorities,” he said, “then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves.”

It does not take a genius to understand who is whom in this parable. Donald Trump, who was born rich and lives in a gold-plated tower, is a wealthy person who can withdraw further into his private enclaves. So is his son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner. So is his billionaire education secretary Betsy DeVos. So is his billionaire commerce secretary Wilbur Ross. So is the Goldman Sachs executive he’s tapped to run the National Economic Council and the Goldman Sachs trader turned hedge fund manager he’s tapped to run the Treasury Department. This crew is laughing all the way to the bank as white working class votes install a new regime based on regressive tax cuts and bank deregulation.

Today I watched an episode of Dr. Phil. It's a good show, give it a chance if you have time. Anyway, there was a dude on there accusing his wife of poisoning him with borax. He said she wanted his life insurance policy and started putting borax in his soda, his donuts and his milk. That's why he developed all the medical issues he had, including brain swelling.

When Phil pointed out that it was virtually impossible for him to ingest enough borax for this to happen and his symptoms were not consistent with borax poisoning, he changed his tune, saying she was using something else to poison him.

The man was clearly suffering from a mental disorder and when confronted with the truth he doubled down and changed his argument.

And that's when it dawned on me that this is the struggle of the Trump supporter. They are mentally unstable people who are unable to come to terms with reality and when the world they've constructed starts to crumble they dig in their heels and change their argument.

It's the same story with the ACA, people believed it was a ruinous failure even as it improved their lives.

This is exactly how people back home in Ohio saw things. When people of color needed help, they were lazy. Whey the mills or the plants shut down and they needed help (but weren't willing to retrain), then they were the ones being wronged. Even though for years they'd made wages good enough to do things like send their kids to college. They had a head start and squandered it but meanwhile kept on resenting those forced to start the race several hundred feet back every time they got help.

Welcome to Duterte's America.

Obamas speech was brilliant tonight, it was so brilliant that most trump voters couldnt understand it. He told the truth. Will Americans listen? The rest of the world is already there in questioning the sanity of Trump's plans and the voters who put him into office.

Trump then proceeded to sell them up the river for political gain.

It's sad that people honestly thought that the world's tackiest self-proclaimed billionaire was going to fight for the working class.

I'd say he did his best given the circumstances of a Republican run House since 2010

Dr Phil is one of the creepiest individuals on TV and that's saying a lot, he makes my skin crawl. I'm not sure I've ever seen a bigger psychic vampire glibly feeding off the pain of others.

The last thing people in a delicate mental state need is to be put on TV and subjected to all the stresses inherent in that. Sure, people can do self destructive things but they shouldn't be having mental health professionals help them do it for celebrity status.

They loved the ACA. But Obamacare has to go!

I played counterstrike once

the sight of Obama makes them sick.

I saw this with my father last year. I forget why, but Obama was giving a speech that was broadcast by most TV stations Live. Might have been his final State of the Union address...but regardless of what speech it was, it was right before an NFL game that my Dad wanted to watch. He sits down to watch it, and there's Obama's face on the TV. My Dad's reaction to being "forced" to watch him speak instead of getting right to the football game (I feel like this is a good time to point out that the advertised start time of the game was accounting for Obama's speech, so if my Dad had turned on the TV literally at that second he might have missed Obama's speech all together) was visceral. He was incensed that he had to watch him talk. My Dad blamed Obama for his salary not rising for the last 5 years of his career--he's now retired and his pension is smaller than it could have been thanks to the salary freeze. He was a civilian federal contractor, so like most federal jobs he had a pay freeze to control government spending. I tried to point out to him that Obama's speech was going to end before the game, that he wouldn't actually miss anything, that he's the President so it kind of matters what he has to say--my Dad was even further incensed that I would try to convince him that this wasn't an affront on his personal life and satisfaction.

I always knew my Dad didn't like Obama, but that reaction was still quite surprising.

Trump claims he never drinks.

So it's probably safe to assume he's drunk most of the time.

"I swear, the billionaire whom inherited his wealth and lives in a Golden tower really understands the struggles of the working class!"

It can be debated who started what all day, and tbh i dont really care and neither should anyone else.

Hey, guess what, no it can't! This whole post is about bullshit false equivalencies. One party shut down the government. One party set the record for filibusters and do-nothing congresses. One party is trying to repeal healthcare and hide the costs to the nation.

This false equivalency bullshit needs to fucking stop. Democrats have tried to compromise and at every turn Republicans have shown that they are not willing to allow them a place in government. For Chrissakes, they blocked a Supreme Court nomination for over a year. And it was for a Justice that they agreed was the kind of Justice that should be appointed, but Obama would never do.

I'd like for any of those dumbfucks at the t_d to meet up with me and say the asinine shit they spew online to me in real life. Fucking idiotic cowards

Lol. And me as a hard-working middle class American I could not feel more left behind by Trump. Trump is taking care of the 1% and that's it. 99% of America gets forgotten in his campaign.

Yup this is pretty much it

How are the democrats behaving like children?

(They are called sentences)

While I agree with you that there is plenty of immaturity on all sides, I think democratic politicians have shown a much greater willingness to compromise while the GOP has been mired in obstructing Obama. They've said it themselves.

Lol, I love how your dad is against pensions and raises vs teachers/government workers when he was sucking the governments teat.

Typical Republican

If you want to see another sore loser, go to Donald Trump's twitter feed.

If you want to see a sore winner, also go to Donald Trump's twitter feed.

This kind of speculative bullshit makes us as bad as T_D. There's plenty of proven dirt on Donald, let's stick to that.

Props to the Republican party for changing "investments" into "handouts".

It used to be that funding someone's education and training would create a more active, efficient and stable economy. Now it's a "handout" and everybody's a moocher. Except me! Because I'm the only one who earned his living!

Democrats=welfare state=handouts to minorities.

Do you disagree that this mindset is a driving force behind a very large segment of Republican voters?

Here's the real problem, in my experience, is that people will say this shit and not register it as identity politics on their end. In their minds they're just speaking the facts when they say black people are lazy and leech off the government.

I, too, will miss long strings of words that don't seem like they're grabbed from a word cloud.

Sadly it wasn't spoken in a straightforward (roughly 2nd grade level) manner so they won't understand it. Too erudite. Over their heads.

The facts would disagree with you there. The struggle between the diminishing middle class and the wealthy is alive and real

Since when do Europeans use the vernacular of the American south?

Sold by the gop obstructing every attempt to make lives better

I would agree but a lot has actually happened, he's just not president yet. That's the scariest part. It's like you're in line for a rollercoaster that you're being dragged on by your friends, you don't wanna go, and you just saw the engineer take 20 bolts out of the locking mechanism that stopped working, slam it with a a large wrench a couple of times, then put two bolts back and starts the ride. Sure you haven't gotten on the ride yet but that really did not sooth any anxiety you might of had and now you're just thinking this ride is only 4 (or 8) years long. It's not an easy thought.

Trump and the GOP are currently taking a hard stance against climate change. Unfortunately this is an area where American ingenuity is leading the way for the world, but I doubt that will continue when we cut funding for clean energy. That will hurt our economy.

Another frightening example of something uncharacteristically poorly planned was Trump firing the heads of the National Nuclear Security Administration without finding replacements first. These are the people who guard our nuclear weapons and keep them safe and well maintained. Now this isn't as bad as firing all the guards, but it is as bad as firing all the people who make sure those guards get paid.

And then his cabinet is whose who of absolutely poor choices for the interests of the American people.

With every new headline, this ride just looks like it's getting drastically worse and worse....

It's also a large part of what Trump ran on. That, and a bunch of racist dog whistles

How many confirmed kills do you have?

Not sure what kind of federal contracting your dad did, but if there was a pay freeze it might have been related to Republicans unilaterally shutting down government during a temper tantrum over obamacare.

Political elite aren't hurting the working class. It's the economic elite that the political elite are associated with. Trump said all of what you mentioned as an economic elite. There's nothing to sugar coat here - Trump voters got conned by the conman himself

Hm. I wonder if there's a good smushed-together name with Trump and other modern "elected authoritarians".

Erdonaldgan Drumpfterte doesn't really roll off the tounge, alas.

Like that meme about the canadian oil workers, "for only $1600 a month, you can support these poor out of work people, who never saved a dime."

Dr. Phil. It's a good show

I'm gonna stop you right there...

All jokes aside, I wouldn't say Trump supporters are mentally unstable people. They're what every reasonable person has been calling them - scared. One way or another, they perhaps saw Trump as a change, granted that doesn't excuse his behaviour or why someone would vote for him without that behaviour in mind, but Trump supporters are as human as you and I. Only difference? They're scared.

Ironically, the way the Republicans acted towards him will probably be more memorable than what he actually did. History has a way of seeing certain things very clearly, I doubt future generations will believe he was born in Kenya, and I would wager they won't believe the rumors would have happened to a man of any other race.

Already it has even distracted from unpopular things he has done such as the extension of the surveillance state. He isn't even out of office and everybody seems to be remembering him as a perfect man who never did anything wrong.

When you compare him to who is following him, it isn't hard to see why.

Erdonald Puterte?

Downvoted. Not banned.

Guy had to do bumps just to get halfway through the debates.

Then you have personal experience with Russian hackers

One's a work of fiction, one is political discussion

This is going to fly right over their little minds.

Obama also mentioned something like, "next time you complain about our leaders, don't forget the part you played to get them there"

We all know what he's talking about.

You seem like you've got a lot of economic anxiety there.

I don't quite understand it, my family is the same way. My father mutes the TV anytime the Obamas ("those damn Muslims" as he calls them) are on the news.

I debated with him saying that Obama wasn't coming for his guns, and that he's not the worst president ever (as my family loves to believe) and my family was convinced I was insane.

The people I know who say this shit are receiving some type of government assistance be it Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, disability, etc. Of course as always with this crowd; their assistance is valid and necessary, everyone else is a welfare mooch.



Maybe pulling false equivalence is the first sign of the fact you lack of educational and intellectual capacity to analyze the political parties.



The right has trained these people like monkeys, they will do amazing tricks in their head to convince themselves that obama is the devil and the left is his minions. If any did listen to his speech, it will be immediately dismissed as lies or a trick. My dad is one of them and i cant even, i wont even, speak to about him about politics. I hear the right wing radio when i go over there and it is just amazing the shit that is said.

Hopefully the election of trump brings out the people who are not so brain washed to vote against the GOP

I debated with him saying that Obama wasn't coming for his guns

And yet after 8 years of Obama, people still have their guns. How bout that.

The key sentence:

He identified, correctly, that the economic woes of the working class of all ethnicities are caused, to a large extent, by the racism of a subset of the working class that leads them to prefer a politics of white supremacy to a politics of economic uplift.

I think his brother drinking himself to death is one of the things that he is actually honest about and shows a slice of humanity that is absent when he talks about anything else.

It's like for once, he actually got it.

Well, to be clear, he's not against pensions or raises for people, but he does have very specific notions of who is deserving of pensions and raises. PA state university professors recently were on strike asking for increased wages and benefits, and he couldn't trash them enough because in his head they get paid fine and they don't work hard enough to deserve raises and they're getting paid regardless of whether they're working so striking is just being lazy and they're just spreading liberal bullshit.

That's the direction the hypocrisy runs. It's not that he isn't aware that he benefits from the same stuff he has voted against--it's that he is convinced that he is among a select group that actually deserves it.

I'm not excusing it, but that has seemed to be his thought process.

That's really fucking silly.

This is a false equivalency. Fuck false equivalencies. This sort of tactic is used to make il Douche and his ilk seem more normal. don't let il douche become normalized.

here, here. Don't listen to the worm tongues who are trying to legitimize soft american fascism.

I've noticed that he doesn't believe the current and all-too-soon outgoing administration cares about him or people like him. "People like him" includes Christians, blue collar people, white people, non urban residents...pick one or any combination.

He also predominantly watches Fox News for national news. He watches a bit of NBC Nightly News and Chris Mathews on MSNBC (which was a shocker to find out about), but it's predominantly Fox News. I think he has adopted what has long been Fox News' pattern of questioning any piece of information (which is to say: any facts) which could paint the Obama administration in a positive light. And then there's an element of hanging on to early crackpot theories that Fox News dared give air time to, such as Obama's birth place or his religion.

And don't get me started on how funny he thinks it is to act like Michelle Obama was an extra in Planet of the Apes. I think a permissive and casual attitude about what racism and racist jokes are makes it easier to dismiss and disapprove of Obama's administration.

I mean they're commenting here all the time so they're obviously not banned so I'm not sure how I'm exaggerating but okay. You're just outnumbered. That's how things go.

It's a religion all the way. And a hateful one. It's not just blame the democrats, it's revile them. Democrats are considered so evil that anything that hurts them is worth it, even if it hurts everyone else.

this is the struggle of the Trump supporter

Not just the Trump supporter, but Republicans in general. They have no problem defending any ridiculous position the Republican governance puts them in, and blaming Democrats for everything.

Republicanism is a religion now. The voters are devoted to their faith, support their leaders no matter what, and when they are pissed they vote harder for "R" and hope for better.

And hang out on t_d.

False equivalency.

They delete and ban dissenters.

Shit it was in their sidebar rules up until a few months back.

Now the rules been changed to 'no hill shills' which you'll be promptly labeled as and banned if you disagree..

I saw a recent Jeopardy in which someone responded (incorrectly) with "The Affordable Care Act," then the next contestant rung in with "Obamacare." Really?!

Edit 1: J-Archive link to clue Edit 2: Jeopardy subreddit commentary on this one

Keep your damned government hands off my Medicare.

As to your last point, it seems a disturbing trend that in America, the first black president being elected only fueled more racism among the right. I had never openly seen people use the "N word" shamelessly until Obama was elected. The comments about Michelle show issue where making fun of black women is deemed okay by some.


Please don't be this gullible!!!!!

He is a former president. It's not like he's exactly one of us. Just like the man that owns a giant golden tower in SOHO who is currently moving into office.

Dude.... have you been paying attention? He just filled every cabinet position with uncharacteristically bad choices and has multiple conflicts of interest. What he is doing is completely precedented in American history, and Obama is the bad guy? I really don't want to argue so you don't have to respond. I won't respond if you write me back. I just hope that if and when our economy starts heading in the wrong direction, you're able to remember everything that's going on here and now. Just remember that at this point that our economy has had 75 straight months of growth. Let's see how long that lasts with some of Trump's policies.

"Check yourself, fools!!!!" - O

No, those are centenses. You're clearly confusing your C's and S's again. The stupidity in /sub/politics is unpresidented!

I've tried to make that point with him so much that it hurts. Then he clams up and shuts me out and accuses me of being a "smart-ass" (not the definition of the word) and then he uses ageism to assert that he is more informed about how the world works so I must not be right.

Alternatively, and he has done this on occasion--and yes, I'm aware that it's cognitive dissonance based on the other reaction of his I've described, he'll excuse Republicans doing that based on the notion that they had to do something to stop Obamacare. Which is a completely nonsensical bit of "logic", but it's the shit he's said.

It is different though because dissenting commenters on t_d are banned or removed. They aren't here. That is a big difference. People disagreeing with you isn't the same as no dissenters allowed.

Okay I dislike Trump but I watched that live and I saw no signs of him acting drunk. Did I miss something?


You're right, and it is sad. The climate is still too divided, the election still to fresh in the minds of both sides. To quote , you "don't know what you got (til it's gone)" ...I think history will look back very fondly on Obama and his accomplishments as a step in the right direction if nothing else. The petty detractors like Cruz, McConnell, and Boehner will be footnotes at best. Being completely forgotten in their lifetimes would be the greatest justice I could hope for.

No. You are, :-).

It's scary sometimes. A friend of mine from way back (I'm 60 and have known him since high school) has always been an angry man. He's well educated and wealthy, but nowadays he rants insane crap on Facebook and has no qualms about calling me "part of the liberal anti-free speech squad", or of saying the most reviling things about "the left" in general.

It seems like he's been boiling all these years, he's been an angry libertarian too, and finally in Trump he's found the perfect match to incite his anger to a fever pitch. I worry that he might snap one of these days. Fortunately he's about 1,500 miles away from me, and he stopped visiting me shortly after Obama was elected.

Conceivable. Guy's a drinker. Just watch his acceptance speech following election victory. Very clearly intoxicated.

Even worse is a sore winner, which is how repubs have been acting. Edit: spelling

I was at a friend's house recently and for whatever reason we were all watching a bunch of Carpool Karaoke episodes on YouTube. They were just playing one after another on the TV and eventually the one with Michelle Obama came on. One of the people there (not a friend of mine, more of an acquaintance) became visibly upset and had to leave the room. When he came back there happened to be some conversation about Beyonce going on and he again lost his mind and called her a racist and left again.

These snowflakes are a special kind.

"Sentences." You mean like the sentence they'll give Hillary when they lock her up?!

Guy was POTUS for for a rather rough 8 years. He earned it.

And you forgot Putin.

I bet anything the moment he mentioned race/class they mentally tuned out.... 'hes talking race relations, what a racist!'

What dog whistles? He opened his campaign calling Mexicans rapists and murderers.

confirmed. got banned from t_d for saying Trump's wall was a metaphor for increased border security :/

People who buy into the 'omg both parties are just as bad' are like incompetent public school administrators who would equally punish two kids who 'got into a fight' even if it was a bully beating the shit out of a small kid in a premeditated attack.

you heavily favoured minorities at every chance instead of being objectively neutral which would have kept the country unified.

That's pretty much the opposite of what Obama did.

While occasionally taking jabs at Mexicans, Muslims, and blacks in the inner cities living in hell.

After arguing with some of my conservative family members, I would agree with his erotic_majesty.

They're scared

Of things that aren't real. There's a few different words for that, depending on the precise disorder that caused it, but none of them are sane.

We're all sick of the shit both sides pull, but saying we need to concern ourselves with the Dems bullshit too right now is like looking at your house while it's burning down and saying you're irritated the grass needs to be mowed more often. It's constructive to note at times, but right now it's a meaningless distraction.

Are you fucking kidding me? Please, explain how you could possibly think this absurd thing

There is no equivalent for a Trump Supporter, I honestly can't think another group so infested with vile tribalism and outright stupidity...juggalos maybe, even then Ima say no, they don't match up

Both sides are behaving like children and BOTH need to figure their shit out.

Shut the fuck up.

Yeah. If anything, I believe he doesn't drink. Does he do massive piles of cocaine and stimulants? Probably. But he doesn't drink.

Obama forced Clinton on us? Do you know how primaries work? I volunteered for Sanders campaign and I'm still mad at the DNC a bit, but Obama didn't have a thing to do with it. Please provide sources for your baseless claims.

I'm convinced Republicans are in power because people forgot how we were when Bush left office. They don't have memories, just prejudices.

Trump IS the political elite and he sold up a river for political and financial gain.

It helps me understand the moral and emotional bankruptcy of Trump supporters, so there's that.