Obama’s attack on the internet is another top down power grab. Net neutrality is the Fairness Doctrine. Will target conservative media. 10:58 AM - 12 Nov 2014

Obama’s attack on the internet is another top down power grab. Net neutrality is the Fairness Doc...

He’s a piece of shit

Today the FCC announced its plan to roll back net neutrality. The plan would give Internet providers power to choose the sites customers see and use

So shouldn't 4chan be using their weaponized autism to raise awareness?

I've never loathed someone I don't personally know as much I loathe this tosser

Isn't that what he's saying in the tweet though? That he doesn't want net neutrality cause it's like the fairness doctrine (which makes no sense)

I just don't see how it's TCT. Seems pretty consistently incorrect.

Edit: He's definitely not tweeting in support of net neutrality here! Trump sees both net neutrality and the fairness doctrine as bad and is denouncing both in this tweet.

"Obama's attack on the internet" He says as he attacks the internet.

The funny thing is that it actually probably will target tons of media, including conservative media.

He was right, and now he's wrong. Wew. Usually he just goes from being wrong to wronger.

It's a pretty contrarian website, people are actually starting to post about how loot boxes are fine just because it's the unpopular opinion and to get a ruse out of people.

They are part of the reason why this is happening, why would they all of a sudden fight against the repeal?

He’s too stupid to know what his stance on net neutrality is. He’s just saying Obama supports this therefore I oppose it.

If only we could throttle his Twitter usage

Russia took over that site a long time ago. Their hive mind thinks whatever Putin wants them to think.

They are deleting every post regarding Net Neutrality.

Pretending like this debate doesn't exist.

He’s literally saying ‘Don’t do option A, it will hurt conservative media! Instead do option B, which is to hurt the conservative media.’ Meanwhile option A is really the best way to save conservative media. What a cluster fuck of a tweet.

What are the crazies at T_D saying to defend this?

Found the guy who's never been to 4chan

How would neutrality "target" one type of media over another? That's the fucking definition of neutrality!

4chans weapons grade autism was got us into this mess to begin with

Been researching reasons to no longer support him

I mean, good for you, but was it really that hard to find reasons to oppose him?

Ironically, 4chan will be one of many sites on the chopping block when ISPs kill NN.

Oh my god I want to move I want to move I want to move I want to move I want to move I want to move I want to move I want to move this country is about to fucking implode I swear

Me either. Dudes a real fuckin Ankle.

For the anatomically challenged, that’s about 2 feet below a c....

Automod doesn’t like words

Dude... If Trump's ISP and phone company blocks twitter... EPIC.

That's kind of why it's a controversy, because he's not paying out of his own pocket, he's paying out of the US treasury (or, at the very least when he's on vacation, the Secret Service and expenses for his support staff are coming from the government).

They are LaLaLaing with their fingers in their ears

Well yeah this is a common Republican method of figuring out what to think about something.

That's what happens when you have someone to whomst the cyber is so difficult that perhaps it's hardly doable.

No, that's just /pol/

And now he's getting hoisted by his own petard.

Wondering why the Trump regime is twisting itself in knots to make sure the AT&T-TimeWarner merger falls apart?

They don't want AT&T to have CNN - and it's not because Trump is doing it out of spite. It's because they're about to do away with Net Neutrality, and in the new internet landscape, AT&T would be able to pipe its own property - CNN - to all its cell customers on the cheap, and charge customers a premium for other news outlets, like Fox News.

And when you take away Fox News viewership, you take away Trump's doctrinal platform.

What you think they fucking forgot how 4Chan was a hotbed for planning DDoS attacks in the late 2000's/early 2010's? They're coming after those mfer's hard after this. The sad thing is that some of those particular forums (who shall not be named here....) are too stupid to realize they've bit the hand that feeds them one too many times.

I just looked around a bit over there and they seem pretty pissed, granted I only looked at a couple bigger posts but still.

This shit right here, in reference to Pai's plan to repeal net neutrality:

It's a Chinese wet dream and it's bullshit.

Fuckin' got a good chuckle outta me not even gonna lie

You're a part of history. We are all. We could all be witnessing the downfall of the wealthiest nation in the history of the world.

He's the president, that shit's gonna be free

This is baffling to me. I would think both republicans and democrats would be against killing net neutrality. Both parties use the internet. Both parties benefited from the tremendous growth of the internet, which was in part due to net neutrality.

How any average citizen could be in favor of the FCC's decision is purely astounding to me.

Don't play the "both sides suck" card. There's only one side that supports killing net neutrality.

Wow. Been researching reasons to no longer support him but this tweet combined with the FCC statement today has made my mind up. It's clear that everyone on both sides will be screwed from this and the onslaught of crony corporations. Fuck this guy.

No thanks, I want off America's wild ride

He just straight up doesn’t understand the issue. Big surprise, a real shocker.

What he’s describing could happen WITHOUT net neutrality. Those “librul” media sources he’s so worried about being favored, CNN/MSNBC/etc, what if the ISPs were able to favor that content? What if the ISPs could charge users extra to consume Breitbart content?

What a dumbass. The very thing he seems to be against is what removing NN would allow.

That’s not even getting into the fact that the ISPs actually own CNN and MSNBC, meaning they have direct incentive to be biased against conservative sources. The idiocy is beyond frustrating.

Jesus there's one for every tweet. Such a slimy douche.

We can only hope 🤣

We're talking about a man who pays to stay at his own resorts...

That's what the DOJ is for...slapping down CNN via the Time Warner/ATT merger block on one hand, while deregulating Cable ISPs via the FCC to allow massive power grabs on points of entry. If the actual way we find information wasn't ideologically skewed before, it will be soon if this is allowed to happen...


The smart guys like it. I hate the smart guys cause they make me feel dumb. So I hate the things they like.

I read the tweet as he's against NN cuz he thinks it will target conservative media

Oh, haha no.

I was just over there. They want net neutrality gone now. Their arguments are:

Well, all these hypothetical situations of companies boosting their prices and censoring content doesn't happen in countries with no net nuetrality.

Throttling prices your product would be public suicide, as people would then flock towards your competitors

Politicians currently take money from ISP's and help create monopolies.

Also they say antisemitic things... every other sentence...

Take it or leave it. Those are the 3 main points I keep reading over and over.

So in other words, don't count on 4chan to help lol

Also, 4chan hates Reddit. And they also want NN to fail just so they can watch everyone meltdown on this site.


You're living in a fact-based world, not an ideological one as they do.

Republicans are against it for two reasons:

It's a regulation, and Regulations Are Communism. Democrats are for it.

They are in a corner crying right now trying to decide if they prefer hentai over liburl tears.

Fox News' spin is that Pai is getting rid of "Obama regulations." (Seriously, that was their headline.)

It's a bit like the time Ted Cruz attacked Net Neutrality in a tweet by calling it 'Obamacare for the Internet.' Not a statement that makes any real sense, outside of the similarity they share in being generally good ideas that are unfairly demonized by corporations/Republicans and wildly misunderstood by a ton of people.

If it's his own resorts, doesn't that go right back to him?


they lost all their right to be called contrarian when their dude was elected president. An contrarian is a really nice way of saying it's an ocean of piss.

Why the fuck would you do that when you can add it to a $25/mo social media package?

You read it correctly. Ironically, repealing NN would allow all kinds of targeting.

Both were heading down the same path

NO. NO. NO. Clinton and Trump are not opposite sides of the same coin. Clinton may not be desirable to you and many others, but there are tons of things that the current administration has done that will be terrible for the American people for years that Clinton simply would not have done.

All public figures, especially the President, get criticism they don't deserve. Comes with the territory. Men and women of character rise above it. Those of lesser character wallow in it and fire back at even the tiniest perceived slight.

Maybe it was just a typo lol

As an australian this automod is taking away my freedom of speech.

It's good actually have your own valid reasons. Not to be a sheep. It's so easy to criticise trump because of how ridiculous he is in what he says and does, BUT it's always good to know what's beneath a character. As a non-American, I have no horse in this race, but he does get criticism he doesn't deserve, which is strange, because he deserves so much.

Isn't this en example of Trump holding a consistent position over time? He was against neutrality then and he's against it now.

It would honestly be hilarious if ISPs started to filter out conservative rag sites with this repeal of net neutrality.

Yes... competitors. That is a thing that realistically exists... Totally.

4chan allowed its users to organize raids, but now doesn't. Not to mention that 4chan has been targeted by right wing sources to push their shit, so 4chan isn't what it once was.

Looking for reasons to not support Trump is like looking for water to drink in a torrential downpour.

This is the whomst covfefe ever.

He has an R next to his name, so no.

Not a peep. Too focused on hillary clinton


They're in a different world over there

Which leaked all over because numoot had no balls.

Okay seriously, do you not go to /pol/? Like, that is a place where Russia does not even need to get involved. Everyone there already decided that Republicans are the superior party before they entered the place.

Won't sites like that just be blocked outright?

I always thought there'd be more killer robots and unemployment.

Help us, 4chan...you're our only hope.

Go read Umberto Eco's Ur-Fascism essay and it will explain a lot of what goes on in that crowd. (And read Orwell's essay on Nationalism, it predates Eco and explains a lot as well)

A fundamental concept in fascism is the obsession with a plot. Those who perpetrate the plot must by definition be conniving and dirty, because (a) they are not the "true" side so they must be weak and yet (b) they pose an existential threat to the "true" side because of their overwhelming power. It's the same concept you see in any conspiracy theory -- Bush is an idiot yet he is the super-genius who orchestrated 9/11, Clinton is an idiot yet he orchestrated the (((globalist))) takeover with NAFTA, etc etc etc.

T_D is obsessed with Hillary and Obama because they are running a shadow government in the Deep State that is plotting to take over and destroy the "true" patriots. They are simultaneously weak (because Trump "cucked" them all) and an existential threat because they are pulling the strings behind the real power centers. It's Illuminati bullshit on steroids.

Well, that and it is a great angle the Russians use in their whataboutism to deflect from actual criticism of Trump

Try Scunt. That's a Stupid c...

He’s a lying piece of shit


If Trump likes something, so does 4chan. Doesn't matter what it is.

He makes me question my faith every single day.

I feel geniune hate for him. and that's my struggle. I don't want to hate anyone. :(

ATT is the governments bitch. They already have a deal to pretty much sell out customers to the federal government. The FCC is playing a dangerous game for the American people and I hate to say it but a lot of idiots are absolutely okay with it because they think it's about something it isn't and refuse to believe the truth.

Nope. This article from November 10 2014 (two days before the tweet) is about how Obama wants the FCC to adopt tough net neutrality rules.

The tweet is about how Trump is against this (and therefore against net neutrality) which is entirely consistent with what is currently happening.

Kind of, but this doesn't belong in this sub. He was opposed to net neutrality then, and still is now.

Accidentally typing u instead of i? umpossible

I don't get how this is 'trump criticizing trump.'

He doesn't like Net neutrality. Seems pretty consistent.

Go anywhere on R / the Donald they aren't talking about this at all. Just imagine if it was Hillary trying to repeal net neutrality. They'd go Bonkers, instead there witch hunting random Democrats and calling them rapists.

3. They are getting paid a lot of money

the phrase "fairness doctrine" is what makes this tweet confusing. if you are unfamiliar with the fairness doctrine and why it was repealed this tweet sounds contradictory.

Thank you for calling out a false equivalency when you see it.

Welcome to the resistance. Now, prepare to get really angry when you learn how you and so many other people were manipulated by Russia.

Yes, he was against it then, but his reasoning shows he has zero understanding of the issue.

He doesn’t want conservative media to be targeted, so let’s give all power over what can be accessed on the internet to the ISPs. Those same ISPs that own CNN and MSNBC. I wonder how that’ll play out?

Just a hunch, but I think the ISPs might favor media sources that they own over more conservative sources.

It's ok to give in to the darkside for this one.

---god probably

Fine, take it from me then. 4chan is nothing more than a propaganda site at this point. For every amusing thread about someone sticking a worm in their penis, there are 3 threads that are nothing more than social engineering.

I've noticed conservatives usually point fingers and say they are being 'targeted' whenever it comes to fair, even ground. I think this is because conservative beliefs are inherently harder to defend as society grows and learns to reason better. So, when it comes to ground where conservative ideas and liberal ideas have light equally shed upon them, conservatives feel as though their ideas are personally being targeted when really it's the same level of scrutiny, it's just their ideas hold up a lot weaker and so fall more easily when exposed to an immense variety of thoughts and experiences (something a free internet provides).

I assume 4chan and their ilk would be on the anti-social media package, $50/month.

He didn't know what net neutrality was. He made himself look stupid as fuck. Net neutrality PROTECTS all political websites. Stupid motherfucker we have for a president man

Oh there is far too much money to be made for them not to throttle porn sites.

Actually it was proven that they can be bought for very little money

Why would he appoint someone that wants to institute the very thing you claim he's against?

/pol/ are edgelords who are only trumpets for that reason

get a rise out of people.

a ruse is something totally different.

from dictionary.com:

Get a rise out of: Elicit an angry or irritated reaction, as in His teasing always got a rise out of her. This expression alludes to the angler's dropping a fly in a likely spot in the hope that a fish will rise to this bait

Ruse: An action intended to deceive someone; a trick. ‘Emma tried to think of a ruse to get Paul out of the house’

Just an innocent FYI :)