Obama signals support for medical marijuana bill

Obama signals support for medical marijuana bill

I'll believe it when its signed and dated

He also paraded around a month ago spewing similar BS saying that he was pro harm reduction and that it was time to treat addiction as a disease yet we haven't seen him make any changes

The DOJ is under control of the executive branch. Obama appointed Leonhart to head the DEA, he also has the power to reschedule cannabis. Stop making excuses for this guy, hold him accountable.

yeah since any elected official president or otherwise can simply snap their fingers and make whatever laws they support automatically ratified. Congress makes the laws. Not the president.

Most of our super Christian country.

Same bullshit gets posted every week about Obama, I wonder how many voters fall for it.

Obama could deschedule cannabis with an executive order, no?

No it won't be a felony. I don't know where you got the information from but it's false.

A huge amount of the Christians in this country... It would also be the first time we had a non-christian president (as well as a black one), so that would be something.

Probably a bunch of atheists/agnostics would be pretty excited to hear about it, I know I would be, Christianity is pretty dominant within the upper levels of the US government it would be exciting to see someone as powerful as the president say they're not Christian.

In b4 some hilarious dude starts shouting "Fedora! Neckbeard!"

If marijuana is legalized for medical purposes then being caught with it and no prescription will result in a controlled substance charge (a FELONY). It needs to go the way of alcohol and meet full legalization with restrictions on age and advertising. It would also be easier to manage the taxation.

Yup. What I'd love to see is Obama on his last day come out as an atheist on live TV, now that would be something.

make sure legitimate medical cannabis shop owners don't get raided by DEA too?

He did.

A lot.

Who would give a fuck?