Obama look in the mirror

Obama look in the mirror

Air horn.

I can't believe how delusional these crazies are.

They call us white supremacists when they support and encourage black supremacists.

They say we hate women when they're the ones killing girls in the womb.

They will call us bible thumpers while worshiping the koran.

They'll call us Nazis when they are the ones who say Israel shouldn't exist.

They say Trump's a dictator but they honor Che and Castro.

These people are so pathetic and backwards I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

we need a projecting left meme, there's a strong market for them ๐Ÿ’น


Just a picture of an overhead projector with "They Say X" on the top and "But They Do Y" on the bottom.

I vary between the Laugh and Cry...

Trump moves capital to Jerusalem. Obama calls Trump Hitler.


Truer words cannot be spoken

100%, if you ever read "The Big Lie" by Dinesh D'Souza you will understand and realise the Nazis were a left wing authoritarian party, and the left has made throughout History the Nazis look like a radical right wing party. Truth is, radical right wing looks something more like Libertarianism than Nazism.

I mean think of all the things conservatives stand for and dial it up to 11. Gun ownership, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, smaller government, less regulations and capitalism. If you dial all those things up, you get the complete opposite of Nazism...

Hell the party's name should give away that it's a leftist ideology, it's called the "National Socialist German Workers' Party", yeah sounds real right wing aye? Nothing sounds more right wing than "National Socialism" and "Worker's Party"! /s

The party name for the Nazis sounds very much like what leftist unions or marxists would like, with words like "socialism" and "worker's party".

I'm tired of Nazis being associated with the right, it's just not even close to true. As we have seen, time and time again, the left is closer to nazis than the right would ever be. History repeats itself, I mean look at ANTIFA as an example, they claim to be leftist anarchists, but they are the modern equivalent of Nazis. Dressing in black and brown, going around beating up people who disagree with them, intimidating people with guns, masks and in gangs.

Really I dunno how people believe the whole "Nazis are right wing" narrative...

I imagine it this way:

Trump has this battle armor on and it is mirror finished. The liberals who attack trump run up to him, see a reflection of themselves, because they live in an alternate reality , they donโ€™t recognize it as themselves and blame Trump for their own reflection.

Franken: I looked at Trump and saw an Abuser of women.

Hillary: I looked at Trump and saw Russian collusion.

Obama: I looked at Trump and saw Hitler.

The general Liberal: I looked at Trump and saw a bigot.

Warren: I looked at Trump and saw a giant fraudster.

Pelosi: I looked at Donald Bush and saw insanity.

McCain: I looked at Trump and saw a threat to America.

Comey: I looked at Trump and saw a liar.

And so on.


Saying X and doing Y is not projection, that's being a hypocrite. (which they are also often guilty of as well)

Accusing x while being guilty of the same thing is projection.

Is that guy's profile picture a plastic John Podesta?

All the left does is project, they claim to be champions of womens rights and feminism, yet also turn out to be sexual perverts, deviants, harassers, abusers, and Bill Clintons (rapists).

Project project. All they do is project.

Obama admin also was one of the worst offenders of micro managing the military

I feel like if I don't laugh I'll just go insane..