o shit that pic

o shit that pic

Imagine how surprised you'd be if you found out your grandfather was Tsar Nicholas II.

When you fap and you suddenly read the comment found out that she is a he

That’s ‘Sneaky’, a professional League of Legends player. He streams live on twitch and is very entertaining. This is his 2nd female cosplay (cosplay is of Sivir from League of Legends), I reckon more will come.

Wasn't sure if it was Nicholas or King George V. European royalty are so inbred.

C9 Sneaky Pizza Delivery Sivir. Look it up

The girls on the pic is actually a cosplayer, look it up “c9 sneaky pizza delivery sivir”

Oh no!? The future is different from what I know and that scares me! Why can't kids these days be perfect like when I was a kid??

George V and Nicholas II were direct cousins, as their mothers were sisters

It's a Trap


First lux, and now this? Sneaky what happened to you...

Sneaky isn’t transgender

I didn’t say that, I’m just letting you know that just bc some guy cosplayed as a girl doesn’t mean their automatically transgender

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany was also a first cousin.

Grand father is girl??

top 10 anime fun

It's 2018 we don't judge. attraction is attraction.


Seems Sneaky is sneaky.

Trap is not gay