NYCFC Sign Athletic Bilbao Defender Andoni Iraola

NYCFC Sign Athletic Bilbao Defender Andoni Iraola

Damn, from defending against Messi, to MLS in a month. Crazy.

Hope he gets used to MLS defending

Combined with the Angelino loan, NYC probably have the best attacking fullbacks in MLS.

Yup, hope he can handle such a big step up tho.

I can actually see NYCFC making a few big signings like this. At the end of the day they're playing in one of the most popular cities in the world and any player coming in from Europe is quite likely to be a fan's favourite.

I wouldn't google it at work if I were you

Really? That's huge if they get him without taking a DP spot

He's not a DP either

Another legend leaving the league :/

poor baby how will he survive

Ughhhh. We get it. They used crud on a song sheet because they clearly weren't going to publish the word "shit". How is this still funny to anyone?

Hey man! We're on a win streak right now!

...2 games, but still...

Now if only they could translate that to results.

Seattle, probably.

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$ 436250

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Wow. Never thought he'd leave Athletic already.

It's going absolutely nowhere.

NYCFC are really looking solid with their signings

i mean iraola will be quite good but we have yet to see if angelino can play up to the levels of guys like francis, beita, oyongo, rogers, tierney etc. not really the strongest year for FBs in MLS though i have to admit. de jong is a dud. klute seems to have died. yedlin gone.

And the newest song sheets don't feature the word "crud" anywhere!

Life is good.

Designated Player. Each team is allowed three players who are payed over the salary cap

Against the Cosmos? No, the MLS transfer window opens July 8 (and his contract with Bilbao doesn't formally expire until July 1)

RBNY really needs to step up their fucking game.

Worth remembering this beautiful run. One of those players who when I first saw him I thought, wow, if he was in the Premier League we would talk about him all the time. Really brings home the fact that one-club players are underrated because people (well, maybe just me) only research our clubs' transfer targets -

Well, I guess I've a team to follow in the MLS.

Beti zurekin Andoni!

It was overused within about a day of reddit getting hold of it. I just don't understand why people still find it funny.

It will be cool to see a really strong rivalry grow and make NYC the strongest soccer city in the USA.

double penetration


Do you know what the salary cap is for a non-DP player? I thought it was really low.

I believe it is MLS based. Other small leagues have salary caps but the DP rule is specific to MLS. Usually when you see big name players move to MLS, they fall under this rule (i.e. Henry, Kaka, Giovinco, Gerrard, Keane, Villa, etc)

That is not true at all.

And 3 goals last match. Also defending wasn't a disaster. Yeah it was against Montreal, but still, it was a big difference.

From what I know, yes. The financial parity in the league is pretty much unsurpassed because of salary cap rules and other restrictions in place to moderate the growth of the league and ensure its sustainability. Last time America had a league it folded because the clubs took on too much debt in an effort to bring marketable star players. Some argue that the MLS is past that point now and it's detrimental to the league to have its current structure but it means the teams are on remarkably even footing.

great to see this shit joke finally get downvoted. Never contributes to dicussion and usually it stops all discussion after it.

He will probably play as a midfielder for NYCFC, he's played there occasionally for Athletic. He definitely has the quality to play there

They are "Marquee Players" in the A-League, Alessandro del Piero was one as well as Dwight Yorke, Emile Heskey, Robbie Fowler and David Villa (briefly)

What is more glorious, having 80-90% victories against teams that realistically don't stand a chance or having 60-70% victories against teams that threaten you every single game?

More importantly though, it's pretty nice that shitty teams actually have a chance to win in about 5-10 years with smart management, as opposed to most European leagues where moving up the ladder pretty much requires a suger daddy. Which you can't really do anymore anyway, so good luck.

In terms of talent and popularity?

Historically, it was places like St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas, Baltimore, and maybe parts of California. (basically where lots of german imigrants where)

Recently it's Seattle, LA, still large parts of Texas, New Jersey. Basically anywhere with large metro suburbs.

They've an excellent manager in Kreis.

His send off in the final was more emotional than anyone else's that night. Great servant

Hard to say. The entire Pacific North West (Seattle, Portland, Vancouver) is a hotbed for soccer at the moment.

While this is true, his flexibility on the field makes him that much more valuable!

Destructo Play.

8 international player slots (non-US players are international for US teams, non-US and Canada for Canadian teams), the cool thing about MLS is that the international slots can be used as assets by the teams, either traded permanently (very unlikely) or leased for a limited period of time.

It's getting bigger as the clubs draw more fans and bigger profits but it is low right now.

He will be used for defense, angelino left back and he a right back.

I mean it wasn't even very funny to begin with, so I really don't think oversaturation was even the main issue here. It's literally just people shoehorning the word crud into a sentence.

That's North American sports for you, you never really know what is going to happen. Even the best can easily end up failing miserably the next year.

Wow that's actually a huge signing. Good signs for the MLS

Generally, yeah. A couple clubs are almost always hanging around the top (such as LA and Seattle), but other than that it's constantly in flux.

That's one of the biggest things emphasized by american sports. We do our utmost to make sure there is as much parity in our leagues as possible, both in any given season and over many years.

wow, you just made me look up the MLS table, it's crazy how balanced they are, even the leading teams have ~30% of losses. Is it always like that?

Its also important to point out that security throws us out for cursing. Gotta love the "Family Friendly" Yankee Stadium.

Pretty sure I have seen here that they A-League has a version of it.

Three whole games without a loss!!

Don't forget Hernan Grana (for like 4 games)... As a crew fan I don't even know what's going on with Klute, it's so weird

Ah cool, cheers!

Do you know if that's just MLS based or do any other leagues have that?

What's a DP?

What is the strongest soccer city in the US?

Good times.

The Designated Player is exclusive to MLS although other leagues that use Salary Caps have similar rules. In the A-League they call them "Marquee Players" and every team is allowed 3.


I can't wait for the Shakhtar NYCFC game

Basically in MLS if it's not bolted down you can probably trade it. Draft picks, international player spots, you name it.

So say Team 1 wants to sign an American player that would be subject to allocation (this is a list that kind of acts like dibs on certain signings) but they're too low in the allocation order and have a spare international player spot. Meanwhile Team 2 is top of the allocation order, but they want to bring in a foreign player that wouldn't be subject to allocation, but they've filled up their international spots. Team 2 could potentially trade their spot in the allocation order for Team 1's spare international spot.

If it's still confusing... welcome to MLS.

Anyone know anything about how their stadium is coming along? I live across the Hudson and local sports news couldn't honestly give less of a shit about the MLS so I don't hear anything