Nyanne Alter Nya (5)

Nyanne Alter Nya (5)

Luminosité EterNyan!

Hoist by her own Nyantard.

Gib NA Jeanne Strengthen nao plz.

Bad Nyanne Alter! Don't steal your sister's food!

These adorable cat comics sure help me feel better after getting absolutely wrecked by Ibaraki. Killing her is easy on 2BP, but killing the hands without using a lot of my offensive options is making it a lot harder. How will I kill the hands in 3BP?

What a mean kitty, stealing food like that...

Artist: ROYALCAT (formerly Angeltype)

Scans/TL/TS by me

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Nyanne holding the little flag isn't good for my heart.... Then again they're too bloody adorable for my poor hearty to cope.

Did Master made Nyanne Alters fish too burnt?

Well its not like she can do much even if she isn't stunned, class disadvantage and all that.

I haven't even attempted 3BP. i can comfortably do 2BP with Jalter, Sca and support Waver though. I just focus full on Ibaraki and ignore the hands though.