Nuke was played only 4 times in 131 maps in the past 4 Big Events on LAN

Nuke was played only 4 times in 131 maps in the past 4 Big Events on LAN

This is counting EPL S6 Finals, BLAST Pro Series, IEM Oakland and EPICENTER.

"The map is great, the only problem is the actual experts on the game all seem to hate it for some reason."

How anyone is able to consciously sustain this argument is beyond me.

When good teams play it, its one of the best maps to watch because its not as stale as some of the other maps in my opinion.

Problem is that more teams won't play it. And the few teams that are good at it usually don't play it either because everyone perma bans it against them because they know they will lose 99/100 times against them on Nuke.

I think it's because that map has the most exclusive and alienating metas that it polarizes teams. It's either a team spends rigorous amount of hours creating/discovering metas specific for that map, or simply just permaban it and move on to other maps which metas are flexible to one another. Just a guess.

I don't think that map is bad, it's just too different.

I love to watch VP tear a team apart that doesn't even touch nuke. But other than that watching two teams that have no idea what's going on is not very entertaining

If you're playing on a rotten potato, yeah.

3 times, the same as Cache and Cobble.

Where Cache and Cobble absolutely dominate Nuke is in BO1s, BO3 deciders and BO5 late maps with 12 each as opposed to 1 for Nuke.

The conclusion is simple - while Nuke isn't the only unpopular map pick, what sets it apart is that there are heaps of teams that simply don't want to touch Nuke if they're given the chance.

I was waiting for this stupid argument. Look at Mirage - teams will often throw most of their smokes in mid, sometimes resmoking the same fucking area, except in the rare case when they execute A.

That's not a problem on Mirage, and it sure as fuck shouldn't be a problem on Nuke.

Three of these events relied heavily on BO1s, so naturally the least played map gets played even less. I don't think this particular statistic is very alarming.

nuke's stuck in the awkward situation where half the teams are really good on it and the other half are really bad. Bad teams obviously never want to play it either vs bad teams or good teams and good teams seldom want to play it because they think the other team is too good on it.

Here's the real discussion: why hasn't a "season" of CSGO been made so that we may have map rotations? Your meta wont get stale, and Valve could have time to work on whatever maps aren't in rotation that year.

Seems like a fairly simple solution.

how many times was it picked?

"A large portion of our casual users in MM don't play it." There.

Seriously, go que for Nuke in MM. Wait times are pretty lengthy on off hours, and not the best even at peak hours.

It must be getting harder to defend these stats right?

Upvotes because big words

Well define "bad", right? No one can really say whether it's bad or not because that's an opinion. However, we can say without a reasonable doubt that the map is in fact conclusively different in terms of meta and strategy from others. Whether that's a bad thing, ehhh, debatable. However, whether it's detering pros from playing it- that is also conclusively seen.

nip has played nuke 4 times since april on lan. and two of those were at malmo. i have never seen a map played this little.

here are the stats for the last 3 months at big events.

one map seems to stick out a lot

I absolutely hate the new Nuke, haven't played a single comp or pug on it ever since it was released.

Wait, so you've never even tried it or....

on nuke you have to line up 3 smokes next to eachother to get control. on mirage you need one smoke to get control if that's your objective. you do use multiple smokes there after getting control to maintain it, but that's not even remotely similar.

and even then, every team does this differently. every team does the same shit on nuke.

The only reason it’s NOT stale is because no one plays it. And I personally don’t like it anyways

If you're trying to get mid control with only a top mid or window smoke, the CTs will fuck your shit up. You need at least 2, for conn and top-mid/window, preferably 3 to cover cat as well.

imo D2 is too basic for a PRO-Map.

id like to see maps like cpl_mill returning.

Back in my 1.6 days, that was a no-pug map because it required execution and strategies, I say the game needs more maps like this, allowing pro-players to display more teamwork rather than just pure aim and fire skills like D2 is about, imo.

its not as stale as some of the other maps

then why does every team throw the same 3 smokes 90% of gunrounds?

That's good, new meta and new maps keep the scene fresh and exciting to watch


Nuke is very holey for the CTs and very hard to use utility on as a T, so T success is more often than not dependent on pure fragging and timing. There's very little to see beyond the typical outer smokes, vent dives, and a main executes. Compare this to mirage, inferno, overpass and cache and the multitude of ways to attack each site and/or mid, where CTs can be forced back into a corner or their spawn with good utility alone, giving them the advantage in post plant or mid control and then where frags become of secondary importance to team structure.

If you can't appreciate the nuances of team cs in 5v5 format, then nuke will seem fine. If not, nuke plays like shit and is shit to watch.

Same things apply to cbble.

This argument makes no sense. The updated Nuke came out BEFORE the update Inferno and it's still BY FAR the least played map. While Inferno sees a lot of play.

It's not as if it's a completely new map. Nuke obviously already existed before, both in it's previous version on CSGO (which looked kinda bad) and in 1.6 so I don't think it makes sense to say "teams don't want to waste time learning it".

Dude you say 2 smokes are enough on nuke and 2 lines after that you say on mirage 1 smoke is dangerous rofl.

You could switch those arguments for both maps ez.