Nude photo of Richmond fan wearing player's premiership medal to be investigated says club president Peggy O'Neal

Nude photo of Richmond fan wearing player's premiership medal to be investigated says club presid...

I too have investigated this image. All clear Peggy leave it with me while I continue my thorough investigation

Jake Springer changes his nomination to Richmond as his preferred club

Seems like a storm in a b-cup

They've gotten out? That's disgraceful. But where? I want to make sure I never see them.

Maybe he meant Naked Broad.

Like most people I have no problem with the pic if the girl in the photo gave her consent to it being shared, but I highly doubt she did, so it would be pretty disappointing if this was circulating around the club without her knowing.

Did I post this so someone could post the uncensored version? Yes most likely

This makes richmond winning all worth it IMO.

Send premiership nudes.

Not until Stringer finds out how old they are first.

If she believed it was for private use only and unlikely to be shared, I don't think they would have purposefully shot it so her face was out of frame.

But we're both speculating here, which is kinda pointless.

THIS 👏IS 👏WHY 👏YOU 👏DON'T 👏TAKE (or allow others to take) NUDE👏 PHOTOS👏

I'm preparing for the downvotes. Please keep in mind that I am a girl. And I will also add, despite the fact that I have probably already turned half this sub against me, I have taken and sent nude photos and had them get out. Whose fault was that? Mine. If I didn't take or send the photo, it wouldn't have ever seen the light of day.

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She's bringing up 'equality' and stuff like that, I don't understand. This isn't sexist or not equal or discriminatory.

Nathan has magnificent breasts

The second photo definitely says "this is going on the internet"

Looks like she was over 18 though... Sorry Package

The uncensored image doesn't include her face either so you'd have to have actually seen her naked to recognise her honestly

"You better make sure this photo gets onto the internet too."

I strongly disagree. I've had pics and vids of me posted and shared without my permission.

It is never the person who didn't consents fault. The person who violated their trust is 100% in the wrong.

From (whilst showing the pictures)

It is also unclear whether the woman consented to the photo being taken or — in the case that she did — if she consented to the photo being circulated.

It's more a question of whether the photo was taken and shared with the consent of the woman in question. Nobody knows that yet but the club has a responsibility to ask the question and make sure it's players aren't being fuckwits.

Probe on topless photo of woman wearing Richmond Premiership medal

RICHMOND president Peggy O’Neal says she expects the club to probe how an explicit picture hit social media after the club’s flag win, as a new photograph emerged today.

A photograph of a topless woman wearing a Premiership medal was circulated in the days after the Tigers claimed their historic flag, but it is unclear whether the picture was taken and sent with the woman’s permission.

Tiger time: How Richmond won the 2017 Premiership

Speaking on TV program Q&A last night, Ms O’Neal said when asked if there would be an investigation into the image, “It’s just been brought to my attention recently, within the last few hours, but I understand that there’s something going on.

“If it turns out that it is disrespectful to women we certainly don’t stand for that, that’s not what, or club’s about and if someone has made a disrespectful and humiliating gesture then of course it will be taken into account.

Richmond premiership medal draped around a topless woman’s neck, and another nude woman outside Tigers HQ. “That isn’t what we’re about, it isn’t what the AFL’s about I think that our club has shown its for equality, it’s for inclusiveness, and it wants to promote women.

“So the fact that someone has made a terrible judgment, and maybe has been disrespectful, again I don’t know the particulars of what you’re talking about, I think that that doesn’t say what the club’s about, what the sport’s about, and people make errors in judgment all the time.”

Ms O’Neal suggested clubs were more inclined to take action themselves over inappropriate conduct, saying the AFL’s respect and responsibility policy “hasn’t been modernised”.

“It hasn’t been brought to the clubs in a way that’s enforced, the clubs are more strict on themselves than the AFL is with respect and responsibility policy, and an update was promised almost two years ago and we still don’t have it,” she said.

“Sport has such a pivotal part of our community, it really says what we think about women overall, and so I think that sport has the ability to make women regarded as more equal in the eyes of everyone.”

The comments came as another image emerged of a naked fan, which appeared to have been taken outside the club’s Punt Rd base.

Neither woman’s identity is revealed in the photographs.

As long as it isnt the mother of his kids! haha! package you old dog you.

Stringer nominates 2011 St Kilda Team.

Would it help your investigation if we requested that all players wives and girlfriends took an equivalent photo wearing the medal? You could then compare these with the original image to ensure you find the guilty party.

There are blokes at Richmond HQ well aware of that fact who would also like to keep it secret so they can carry out "further investigation"

Except they should. They made the active decision to share pictures without the individuals permission. That's on them.

Again, sharing photos of yourself can be a silly thing to do and you should definitely employ personal risk management. But putting blame on the person who sent then adds this whole "you should have known better" thing which I feel can be used as justification by people who think sharing them is ok.

m8 those are D's at least

Is this the world we are living in? Women take photos willingly and knowingly and somehow they are oppressing and objectifying themselves? This is not a fucking political issue this is a players making dumb decisions issue. Whoevers medal this is should be talked to, but far out this isn't about fucking gender equality.

Fair point but it also has to go both ways. We need people to think twice about sending them but we also have to stress just how totally wrong it is to share them without consent.

Otherwise we'll end up with all the blame on the person who took them and none on the lowlife who shared them.


That's true, but only so far as the only house safe from burglary is the one you don't buy. Everything in life has some inherent risk. Sharing the images without consent is a foreseeable possible outcome of taking and sending nudes. That doesn't mean that if it happens the victim has any blame. Just as you wouldn't blame a home owner for having nice stuff if they got burgled.

I downvoted you for the annoying as fuck first line you wrote

Actually it's about ethics in footy players doing stupid shit.

I dunno, when thousands of people think it's okay to distribute a picture of a woman's body likely not intended to be public, then it sure as fuck is an issue of gender equality.

Since the below comment got removed, if anyone wants the link to it PM me

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Saying "I'm a girl" is an appeal to authority, which is a logical fallacy. It doesn't mean that what you are saying is any more true than if a guy said it. It's like somebody saying "Adam Goodes is a flog, I'm aboriginal too".

I think we all agree here. But this is mostly a precautionary warning that the only safe nude is the nude that was never sent

When this photo was posted here last week someone said it was Nathan Broad who was responsible, don't remember who said it though.

could of

Did you mean could've?

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I see what you did there. Mainly just by text etc. Snapchat makes taking and sending nudes so easy though. The temptation is basically impossible to resist, but...there are ways around screenshotting without people knowing!! You never can be too careful.

As an Adelaide fan I suddenly don't mind losing all that much.

My old rooted phone saved a copy of every single snap I received, no notification to the other person... was prettyy evil

The blame shouldn't lie with the person who took the photo, though. I mean, sure, there's a risk to it and anybody taking nudes should probably be aware of it, but it's not ultimately their fault the picture was shared.

Gay people and women exist.

Says that guy with the msygonist slur as a user name.