Now that Riot kills all our memes lets make a meme of how outdated Pulsefire Ezreal is

Now that Riot kills all our memes lets make a meme of how outdated Pulsefire Ezreal is

PFE Ezreal LUL






Pulsefire Ezreal Ezreal

I main ez and still wouldn't buy that skin. TPA is all I need.

PFE in 2k16 LUL

magma chamber, dragonmaster swain are still memes

unless a rioter has really good news now... hint pls

Rip in peace PFE Ezreal.

magma chamber

Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.... it was a different era for league...

You know you're up for a decent ass whooping, when the enemy EZ has the Nottingham skin

Ryze rework still alive

They also said sandbox wasnt happening but here we are.

let's make a meme

I'll take "top ten all time gayest sentences" for 1,000, Alex

You can't just 'make a meme', this was just a less known meme.

Leg kissing was a correctly generated meme.

OP is asking for a meme to be created. Meme's aren't made by command. They are like nicknames.

"Rip in peace PFE Ezreal." -Asgardian 'Don't call me Joe Miller' 111

I automatically think it's imaqtpie on a smurf account and try hard from the get go lol

But... Leg kissing.

I dont play Ez that much anymore but hes still my favorite champion (with Bard). I have all skins and bought pulsefire on release. Now I only play Arcade Ez.

EDIT: err.... I wanted to answer /u/Picmanreborn my bad

They also said solo queue wasnt happening but here we are.

They also said replays weren't happening but here we are.

holy fucking shit

C'mon man, if you're gonna do that, you gotta go for the full Joe "Don't Call Me 'Joe "Joe Miller" Miller' " Miller

I'm not real hot on the idea, but if he throw little trophies that chase people down then all is forgiven.

its in Mechs vs Minions


dont worry crown will win you one :)

You have a promising future at /sub/memeeconomy

victorious maokai lul

I know he's been changed around a lot, but I get the feeling that this time he's going to stay the way he is for a solid amount of time.

PBE Ezreal.

All of qt's accounts are in Challenger. I know everyone on Reddit is Challenger and all, but... yeah.

TPA, also known as Fingerbang-Your-Mum Ez, is really the best no contest.

hey, that's my line

People crying about a skin they haven't seen lul

am in a good mood, pm me your ign if you're on euw

LULsfire Ezreal

Wait, replays are going to happen?

hey its me Picmanreborn

Because dominion was essentially what people wanted from magma chamber (a new map) and the memers got to experience how little league needed new maps and dropped it.

Lets make Viktor skins a meme.

They've already said not touching him until a vu

H2Kaitlyn pls

I'm never going to get tired of this meme.

What a casting duo that was. Joe 'HE'S STILL ALIVE' Miller and Leigh 'I DO NOT BELIEVE IT' Smith. Amazing days.

starcraft 2, its a pretty common opinion that blizz killed the competitive scene through neglect

dominion's failure is not due to the lack of community interest, its implementation was a joke. It was basically SC2'ed by riot. It was left horribly imbalanced for a long time and its fledgling tournament community was pretty much ignored. It was set up for failure.

Really though, this Ryze is extremely fun to play, strong, but not necessarily overbearing. He's really bad at fighting multiple targets at once, and waiting to cast E a second time to get an aoe q is just too slow.

And the ULT. Oh my gosh, I really just can't get enough of that ult. It's so much fun to use.

got this skin from a mystery, i fucking love using it. its so shitty but it gives you so much credit

ew two entire rivens in one place


Tfw Joe and Deman were the first meme Riot killed

'Ward(ed) here' ping then!

Last time Pulsefire Ezreal looked quality, I was still relevant to this subreddit.

The only acceptable reaction!

now thats an old school meme

holy fucking shit

new meme, 5 ping

Lmao it's OK. I see it now but I don't have money for arcade ez right now. It is a nice skin though

IIRC they give it to champs that were relevant all year

Skins are decided months before they come out, Maokai was still played a few months ago

Yeah. It's been the joke going around, but who really wants a new map? It will always be less heavily supported than the 5v5 SR gamemode, and will likely not gain a lot of traction. I just don't see how it would be worth it for Riot to invest into a new map like that.

Our "Viktorious!" spam didn't seem to cut it this year :/

I personally love the frosted ezreal so much, dunno why, I always use it for bot lane ad ezreal (its a superstition thing, I play better with it when I'm going ad for some reason, if I'm ad ezreal mid its always debonair for the same reason lol). But I have TPA ezreal too and I always use it for ap ezreal mid <3

Need for important balance updates was largely ignored/ not implemented.

Nah man, you use Arcade if it makes you happy. Cred is cool but never forget to have fun :)

And it wasn't even good. Feelsplantsman

I dont own PFE but have used it on PBE a bunch and i cant find a reason to buy it. It would just be a waste of money. I also only use arcade ezreal unless i watch a worlds game just before because they use frosted a lot of the time.

pleasebeathingpleasebeathingpleasebeathingpleasebeathingpleasebeathingpleasebeathing... YES! IT'S A THING!

Worrying trend for our meme bank


holy fucking shit