Nova Scotia government to make abortion pill available for free at pharmacies

Nova Scotia government to make abortion pill available for free at pharmacies
Nova Scotia government to make abortion pill available for free at pharmacies

The other news is that women will now be able to refer themselves for surgical abortion whereas they previously needed a physician's referral.

Good, I love my little guy but I hate seeing people have kids they don't want or aren't ready for just because options have been hard to come by.

Logical. Anyone who can't afford the abortion pill can't afford to have a child.

That's really good. There were still a few Catholic GPs who wouldn't refer on religious grounds when I was in NS. It shouldn't have to be a runaround.

I just talked with my brother the other day about abortion. I told him for the first time that I had a scare after my first sexual encounter. He assumed I'd be against abortion on the grounds that I'm free spirited and it's emotionally traumatizing. I told him I planned to nip it in the bud. It's just a collection of cells. It's not an experience. Fortunately, I didn't become pregnant.

If I had wanted a baby and ended up miscarrying or needing to terminate for medical reasons, it wouldn't just be a collection of cells then. It would have been a human child. The future of our family and species. An untold story. Until those experiences are embed embued upon it, though... It's whatever the mother makes of it.

Anyway, I think it's pertinent to offer birth control to those who can't afford to raise a child. It's just good for everybody.

Except God. /s

This is amazing! If only America could follow suit.

I'm my teaching days, I worked with at risk youth in a low income neighborhood. Several times over I talked to parents who had found themselves pregnant and felt stuck because they weren't able to afford the cost of an abortion (at its absolute lowest, it's a little under $400 for the pill here). One mother successfully induced a miscarriage, but the others I knew of had ended up giving birth and struggling even more.

This is going to remove such a massive financial burden from women in poverty.

This is wonderful news. Very happy for Nova Scotian women and their partners :-)

I live in Nova Scotia and just had a medical abortion last week. It was scary, painful and this makes my heart hurt. I wish I could have done it at home with my boyfriend instead of alone, and at a hospital. But good for our province, we need more support.

Edit** thanks for the rude messages people

the argument that a fetus was "only a collection of cells and tissue" as a blanket argument for abortion. It's demeaning. No one can dictate what any pregnancy means to that woman

Those two aren't mutually exclusive. The physical thing can be a collection of tissue, but the loss of it can be much more. Just like losing a family album can mean more than losing some pieces of photo paper. The album itself was just paper, but the paper had meaning to its owner.

It's whatever the mother makes of it.

Absolutely. I hated reading the argument that a fetus was "only a collection of cells and tissue" as a blanket argument for abortion. It's demeaning. No one can dictate what any pregnancy means to that woman - whether it means a lot, or nothing at all.

Now that's a victory for women!

The same way they afford literally every other government service. Through taxation.

Although, in the long term, it will end up saving them money, since an abortion pill costs a lot less than a later surgical abortion, or childbirth.

It’s a victory for everyone!

This is amazing! If only America could follow suit.

Sorry, we're too busy teaching teens that Jesus will convince them that sex isn't fun.

I am in Ontario and one month after our province enacting a similar policy I can report that the sky has not fallen yet AND I bet that women can breathe a lot easier. A huge problem here is that there are a numerous remote communities where a doctor isn't accessible at all times or just a bus ride away. Now, a woman can access telemedicine and discretely get what she needs from the pharmacy entirely free of charge. This eliminates the burden of physically accessing healthcare when it is difficult, and without merit; it also eliminates financial barriers for those most vulnerable. Remember that pharmacare is not covered in Ontario's health plan. So, so happy to read this. About time!!

It's either using your tax money for an abortion pill or using your tax money on that kid. Shouldn't be hard to see which is cheaper.

As a man, is this a negative thing or a positive thing?

Edit: I'm fine with downvoting me because I'm a dude and this is apparently a ladies only subreddit, but can i at least get an answer? I'm not a woman so i have no idea what the pros and cons are, I just want to educate myself on the matter.

They have public healthcare. They can probably pay for it easily with the money they'll save in prenatal and neonatal care.

Abortions for some, miniature Canadian flags for others!

That didn't take long

Fair and sound. Stay safe everyone! You all matter. Every one of you.

That's fantastic news.

New Brunswick has also announced it. This is really important because the closing of abortion clinics on the east coast has been a hot topic in recent years. Prince Edward Island will also benefit from this.

This is also really surprising because New Brunswick and PEI were arguably the least progressive provinces in the country in terms of abortion support and services, yet they jumped ahead of everyone else with this decision, so good for them. Proud of my homeland.

I have to say, it is sooooo refreshing hearing other people in support of this. Any comment threads I find on Facebook are full of nasty comments about how women should keep their legs shut and how if they're on birth control, it should be fool proof.

Sigh. Accidents happen. Plain and simple. Birth control isn't fool proof. Sorry that humans have sex for pleasure and the women are berated for the accident portion of it, if it occurs. Call me a monster.

Anyways. Glad this subreddit exists to see people in support of better resources of women to allow them to be the best they can be in their lives. 💗

Taxes. Free pills are cheaper than welfare for the unwanted children of single mothers/ couples who can't support kids.

Maybe you're thinking of Plan B? The abortion pill is not the same as the morning after pill you would get if a condom breaks or fail at pulling out. The abortion pill has only been available in Canada since 2015, so if you've had to buy it twice since then for your girlfriend, maybe you should reexamine your birth control methods.

I'm sorry you got rude messages. Some people can really suck.

Hope you're doing better today than you were last week!

That's pretty awesome

Wow. That sound amazingly horrible to have to induce a miscarriage on oneself! I totally agree with you, I'm really happy for those who are going to be able to benefit from having this option :)

I don't think they're wrong. Men are affected by unwanted pregnancies/childen in a lot of ways. Having better access to abortion can help both parties.

That being said, women are effected more severely by lacking access to abortions/contraceptives, so I agree it is a bigger deal for us than for men.

I'd imagine being forced into fatherhood over an unwanted pregnancy wouldn't be super great. This is a victory focused on women, that also positively affects men.

Probably will cost them 0.00000000000000001% of the cost of providing for the unwanted child.

If they end up having to support a child they're not ready for, they're gonna use a lot more than your $50. And I'd assume a child brought up in circumstances where the parent wasn't ready would cost taxpayers much more down the road.

they will buy it from one source, and will be able to buy it at a discount because they are buying it in large quantities.

...and men.

I live in Nova Scotia and while this is good news, teen pregnancy is still very high and it can be difficult to get birth control. There are doctor shortages everywhere and outside of the 1 city the age of doctors are disproportionately old (and religious) compared to the rest of the population.

Where I am there are only a few clinics and some of them have doctors who have been reported for sexual assault and require a nurse to be in the office with a female patient The province can't afford to get rid of them because there are no replacements. Practitioners and pharmacists won't/can't prescribe BC, and IUDs are not available in the majority of the province.

So, they don't need a referral now?

I live in Nova Scotia and the county I live in had some of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Canada for years upon years. Additionally, this is a rural area with a tremendous amount of existing government funding for low income families/individuals.

This is an absolute blessing.

There was a really good episode of Call the Midwife, a show set in post-WWII England based on the memoirs of nurse Jenny Lee, that dealt with a woman who tried many ways to induce a miscarriage VERY far along because she had 6 other children and they lived in squalor. She ended up calling on a local abortionist who used dirty knitting needles to perform it. She almost bled to death but was finally granted the hysterectomy she wanted and then needed to save her life, her family was relocated to the country where there was better housing available.

Fuck the haters. Do you. Fuck em

Sending love and support your way. You did what was right for you.

Another reason Nova Scotia is the tits

I read another article that said it'd cost about $200,000. Probably much cheaper than putting even a few kids through the system for 18 years.

edit: per year. here's the article.

Love and support to you. <3

Try to look at it from a different perspective. Now future people like you will have $100 in their pocket! If anything you should be annoyed it wasn't available sooner.

And who knows, you may need it again at down point.

Plus the costs of giving birth in a hospital. Seriously, they could pay people hundreds (thousands?) to take the pill and still make a profit (not I'd be in favor of doing that).

a great day for Canada, and therefore the world

I'd rather have them take that than have to get government child support for years.

They don't let you have a support person with you at the hospital? That's nuts! I'm American with a shitty-ass health system and we're still allowed someone who walks all the way with us to the OR and is there when we wake up in recovery.

I'm sorry you went through that.

Because this eventually leads to major savings. A birth and a kid is way more expensive than birth control or an abortion.

It's so refreshing to see all the positive comments here. I always do the bad thing and read the comments on news articles, and the amount of fundamentalist wingnuts and judgmental ignorance hiding in them left me pretty depressed for about ten minutes.

Hey fellow Scotian! Sorry you had to go through such a shitty experience.

I see now 4 people that are explaining why they disagree with you.

It's cheaper than the free surgical abortions Canadian women are eligible for, so why not.

Sure! From 2009 to 2013, there were between 16.6 and 18.3 live births per year per 1000 women age 15-19 living in Nova Scotia. The most recent year we have stats for is 2013 when it was 16.6 per 1000.

For a direct comparison, the U.S. national live birth rate per year per 1000 women age 15-19 is 20.3 as of 2016.

The lowest state rate in the US is MA (9.4/1000) and highest is AR (38.0/1000). Nova Scotia's rate of 16.6 is closest to Maryland at 17.0 and if it were a state, it'd have the 11th lowest teen birth rate.

This is awesome! Really glad it still requires a prescription, though. I am so horrified by stories about abusive partners sneaking meds to pregnant women to force them to miscarry. Reproductive abuse goes both ways, so I think it's important to have this stuff readily available but only to the women who want it.

When will it be in the USA?

That's awesome. It would be great if NB would fund abortions too, but this is a good development.

Interestingly I just learned the PEI government will fund abortions for its residents if they come to NB hospitals.

NB went from a conservative government to a liberal one a few years ago. Its not a huge change but it is better.

I'm living about 15 mins away from Nova Scotia for school. This is amazing news and will be shared with all my fellow students. If only PEI could follow suit!

Edit: I can't reply to u/racoonx but I meant, if only PEI could also make their abortion pill available for free. I wasn't suggesting that women drive all the way to NS. I'm quite aware of difficulties of being stuck on the rock and in need of abortions!

You're thinking of New Brunswick.

Does anyone know the teenage pregnancy rate in nova Scotia?

I wonder if it will go down once mifepristone is easy to get.

Maybe America can take a cue, again, from Canada. I'm look at you, single-payer.


As a Nova Scotian, this is fantastic news for us and all of Canada.