Nothing but class on my FB this morning

Nothing but class on my FB this morning

50 bucks says it'll end in divorce.

I think this would make for a sexy private wedding photo, how does this shit end up on the internet?

Wow. This reminds me of the intro to a porno where the wife gets gang fucked by him and his hillbilly buddies. Good job.

If this...trend...keeps going in the same direction, eventually we're just going to get "wedding" photos that are straight-up porn. You'll look through somebody's album: there's great-aunt Grace; she died a week after the ceremony so we feel really fortunate to have had her there...ah, that shot of the kids, most of them are second cousins...yep, that one was quite the pounding; I was walking a bit funny during the reception! I'm still not sure if our photographer was right to have him just lower his pants while telling me to strip down, but, you know, at least I have a great smile in that pic...

I'll bet $100 you're right.

EDIT: 3rd grader word

And this right here is exactly how the Real Estate market exploded.

Trashy on Facebook, kinda cool for private enjoyment by the couple. It's not a bad photo. I like the contrast of the sepia (shades of a more restrained time) and the naughtiness of the lifted skirt.

Thinking the same thing. Id take a picture similar for just my man and I to see. Grandma wouldn't be seeing this on Facebook though

See this is what I consider "trashy" more so than any of the trailer park juggalo shit. The sepia trying to "class" it up and then having it be shared in public. I consider lot of what gets posted here much less trashy because it's clear the subject DGAF and isn't pretending to whereas this...well...

Nothing says class like "sepia."

I'll bet $150 you're right about him being right.

I do believe that is called "family style"

Grandma probably took the picture.

She had to fart and he is helping her air it out. Ask them if thats what is going on here in the comments

I don't think it's a new thing. Sex has intermittently been either a private thing or a public thing over the centuries. There were a few sects who used to do ritual consummation of marriage. The Moravians in the late 1700s and 1800s come to mind.

But not before 2 unruly fat kids.

Interesting point... but I feel like there's a difference between "this isn't classy like you think it is," and "this is super trashy." For me, this picture is like a basket of twig balls from Home Goods on the coffee table. Not my thing but I'm not going to avoid you.

Why do both of you know this?

While gramps was in the bushes.

I honestly think this is pretty tame for /sub/trashy. It's more /sub/tacky imho. But whatever. All this shit is completely subjective. All of these types of subreddits (i.e. - /sub/funny, /sub/mildlyinteresting, etc etc ad nauseum) are based on subjectivity and I think a lot of redditors either forget or fail to recognise that. I'm high as fuck right now and talking out of my ass. [8]

Funny, but oh so right.

I don't think it's that bad compared to the other stuff we see here. It's their wedding portraits and they are having fun with it. It was probably posted for their close friends and then someone posted it on here being cruel. At least she isn't blowing the guy while he gives a thumbs up is all I am saying.

I have an adventurous personality. 😝

Once upon a time, it wasn't uncommon for newly wed husbands to send blood-stained bed linens to his new bride's father as proof of her virginity.

Romani tradition

Various cultures cited

African wedding traditions

Almost definitely dressed as Superman.

If you're actually wearing the garters for their intended purpose (holding thigh high stockings up) you would need one on each leg. But I suspect these are made with lacy elastic and that's what you're looking at.

Vanity, narcissism, and a thirst for validation.

Wasn't it in Spain or something where the princess/queen had to hang up the sex bed sheet with the virgin blood on it? So like the whole plaza could see and celebrate the consummation.

This is bordering on some /sub/iamverysmart type shit right here.

It also says "myspace photo circa 2006 "

This comment would be a lot funnier if you weren't providing real sources.

That was the most interesting thing I've ever seen when I saw Big Short.

An adventurous wiener

I think those are just thigh high stockings

I was thinking something similar. I think they were actually trying to send a message about her wearing boots under her wedding dress. It would have been a better picture if they had stopped pulling her dress up just above the knee and if they toned down the sepia.

People will really hate on anything.

I think I could see this being on if the point is to see the boots. Sort of a way to say that you're "country"

I'm not sure why you got downvoted. I zoomed way in because I had the same question and there's definitely no stockings.

I'm not sure why you're railing on the guy, blood on a sheet doesn't automatically mean virginity

A finger slip world have made it classy

Do you mean potatoshop?

I think they meant the subreddit, not the concept..

Now that I look back at it, it kind of looks like a bad haiku.

Well since you have a master's in accounting I guess we should listen to your opinion about movies!

I bet 1,000 that someone's going to be right.

I've never understood provocative wedding photos. Nothing shows commitment to only each other like presenting sex appeal to the whole world.

I Be if Vegas had odds on this, ending in divorce due to someone cheating is the favorite.