It's a trick, there aren't any black people at Starbucks.

There's a lot of cop hatred in here, but uh... what about the person who made the 911 call? In the interest of playing devil's advocate here, I have to ask: If you were a cop who got called to that situation, what would you have done? I would have asked to hear their side of the story, but not inside that building. I would have asked them to step outside, JUST IN CASE the call was legit. Having said that, I 100 percent understand why they refused to leave the place when they were allowed to be there and had done nothing wrong. It's just... It's such a shitty situation. Let's direct our anger at the piece of shit who created this mess: the person who called the police.

The cops have a responsibility to remove them from the premises if the business asks it, however the arrest was entirely their decision.

Starbucks manager made the call, police arrest for trespassing, Starbucks manager doesn't press charges, guys are released. The police did nothing wrong, blame the shitstain that called the police. The men were racially profiled by the manager, not the police. Police are not going to sit there and debate the law with you, that's the job of attorneys and judges.

Ive been Black in Starbucks before... Being Black in Starbucks is having a debit card without a chip.

lol what. A semi decent cop sees the situation. Gets them to leave. Shakes his head at the the manager and apologizes to the guys.

They sat there and didn't order anything. Employee's asked them to leave, they did not. Cops asked them to leave, they did not. So they arrested them for tresspassing. That's all perfectly legal. However, if it were two white girls who sat down and didn't order anything I'm pretty sure nobody would have cared and nobody would have called the police. That's the racism in this video. As much as I detest police, the cops were just doing what they were being paid to do and the racist was the person who called the cops on these men for sitting down and waiting for someone.

Yeah, I feel like cops have some discretion still. They don't just have to start arresting people because a Starbucks manager wants them to.

Dunkin Donuts welcomes all

There won't be for long. Fuck that manager for placing the call based on her prejudice. Fuck the lady and her husband in Michigan for trying to murder a 14 year old kid asking directions. Fuck bigots and ignorance. We've made progress but jesus we need to do better.

"What is this? Cash?"

Thankfully he’s okay, but some prick shot at a high school freshman who knocked on his door at 8am to ask for directions because he missed his bus and had to walk to school for the first time, 4 miles from home. The kid was asking the guy’s wife for directions when she freaked out and started screaming, and when the husband picked up a fucking 12-gauge shotgun, the kid ran away while the guy shot at him from behind as he ran. (Idk if you’re familiar with guns, but it’s like a fucking miniature cannon. It is incredibly lethal at close range because it will rip a hole the size of a baseball through you if you get hit.)

Thankfully, he didn’t hit him, and the police found the kid crying and hiding behind a neighbor’s house. To add insult to injury, the shooter told the police that the kid was trying to rob his house, and he might have gotten away with telling that version of events if not for his own home security system, which recorded the whole thing. Now he’s out on bail, I believe, but he hasn’t been tried yet. He deserves to fucking rot.

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Great question.

The simple answer is that racism is alive and well in the US.

What's ridiculous is had he not had a security camera and he had shot and killed the kid - no one would question him. He'd get away with it, and people would be arguing about how you're race baiting if you bring it the circumstances.

And to this day I get shit for questioning what happened to Trayvon Martin.

They were asked to leave by the police and refused. Only option is to arrest at that point.

You know us blacks have super human strength, speed and other abilities. Can never have enough cops. You can't take any risks

wow homie w/ the vest and jeans is so calm and collected. I woulda been mad as fuck yelling if it were me, which would have just validated the cops. get brodie some Yuengling.

Being black in a public area.

But...why remove them?? Anyone who's been to a Starbucks knows there are people hanging out there all the time, some who buy, some who don't, some who buy a tea and stay there all day, or some who haven't bought anything yet BECAUSE THEY'RE WAITING FOR A FRIEND. So if it's known that Starbucks is going to be calling cops on people just for hanging out there, their business will suffer. After watching this, I really hope it does.

Nah debit no chip, please can we just get this over with.

This was the lady who originally posted it

Latina here, I've been to Starbucks and sat there just because it was cooler inside to take a break from walking home and didn't order shit. Just sat my ass down for a while. Nobody ever said a peep or looked at me twice. This situation with these two men is straight up bullshit.

This has been my experience, on a couple occasions:

Me to customer: It's time for you to leave. Customer: No. Me: Calls the police, say there's someone in the store that refuses to leave and we want them gone. Police: Show up Police: We got a call that there's someone here that refuses to leave the premises? Me: Yeah that guy right there. Police: Tells the guy he has to leave. Customer: This is a public business, I don't have to go anywhere! Police: This is a private business on private land, it's time to go. Unless you leave now you will officially be trespassing and we will arrest you. Customer: Leaves

Not a cop, but similar call-dispatch work dynamic. Got called to a “young black man” in an area with high theft activity and the dispatcher decided to give out information that was pure conjecture from the reporting party. Because we thought it was a guy in a BOLO, 4 units rolled up on a young man who was just fixing his car. Most uncomfortable situation I’ve been in, poor guy goes on about how he always has to deal with us because racist fucks keep calling us.

When I heard policeman saying " They are not allowed to be here" I just fucking lost it. God damn how mad Im right now you dont even know. Im a white 25 yo guy in eastern europe and I just cant believe I hear stuff like this day and age still.

Wtf is wrong with people?

If you're in MN everybody's at Caribou anyways

Where the link at then?

Ask them to leave... They're not drunk, they're not being confrontational, they don't have weapons. How hard is it to analyze a situation? Literally all the patrons are said they didn't do anything.

They do to a degree. If you call the cops on a dude in your business and you want then out because "legal reasons" then cops oblige by asking said person to leave because "legal reasons", when person refuses then cuffs. They problem here is obviously scared manager/police. There is no need for those many cops to handle that situation, ask my man to leave because the manager is a bitch and make sure to call corporate and your local news agency about this, sorry bro and keep it moving. I get tired of seeing scary cops dealing with people of color by calling in more cops making the situation worse.

Eastern Europe

It's called "Being Black in America on a Friday" I highly advise you not to try it.

It’s everywhere. Not just the US.

Good point, too bad that tweets stolen and he's a Twitter donut

At that point wouldn't they be trespassing?

You gotta admit that this is very reminiscent of the 1950s.

If somebody doesn’t want you in their restaurant and they get the cops involved then yeah you leave. Now imagine that happening constantly.

Yeah you’re right, they refused to leave, but can you blame them? They did nothing, they were just waiting for a friend.

Imagine if every place you went to the cops got called and you were just standing there. That’s pretty fucked up don’t you think?

You can’t just blindly look and say “yep this is right”. 60yrs ago you could beat your wife and that wasn’t a crime. Are you gunna show the same energy to that? “Hey it’s just the law”

how many fucking police officers does it take to arrest 2 guys

Murder for directions? I’ve heard nothing about this. You got a story link?

“Sorry sir we no longer take PHYSICAL FIAT MONEY”

We are on the Blockchain. Do you have our app? We don’t physically exist. You’re in a simulation. This coffee isn’t made with beans. It’s made with bits. That will be 1400 satoshis.


Because they were scared to ask black guys to leave. Seen this so many times and it's pathetic.

This is absolutely embarrassing for our country. Men got arrested just for sitting inside a Starbucks. And they didn’t resist arrest...the resigned look on their faces basically said, “Just another normal day for a black man.” This shouldn’t be normal.

I am happy to see that white people stood up for these black men. Not everyone is racist!

It's not known that Starbucks is going to call like this. It's one store, among thousands, and literally every cafe in my district is appalled that this happened. It goes against every internal and externally available policy about inclusion and the third place environment.

Trayvon Martin was murdered.

Our statements aren't intrinsically exclusive.

And their being asked to leave is the fucked up part. You know how many times I, as a white male, have just hung out in Starbucks all over the country? It's the universal waiting place when you're stuc k between stuff. And nobody has ever called the cops on me.

bruh that's exactly what I thought too -- I would've been raising all types of hell in that Starbucks. but that dude was so calm and collected because he just over this shit. he's had to deal with this all his life, this ain't nothing new. I'm a black kid from Oklahoma and I've deal with this my whole life too. it ain't nothing new. we just done with it.

They refused to leave.

The idea that a cop’s job is to magically make people happy is fallacious. A cop’s job is to enforce the law. Thats it. End of list.

A cop can try and deescalate a situation, but thats not their job. And if someone is refusing to comply with requests then they dont really have a choice.

This is exactly what I talking about. You're not wrong for doing your job. He's wouldn't be wrong for being mad about you being there. But the rest of us should be mad about the racist caller, not the cop. According to some of the responses in here, some people wouldn't have even responded. "That call sounds racist. He's probably a nice guy. I'll just ignore the call and hope I'm not wrong."

Respect to them for keeping their cool

Choose your own news source but the gist is the same.

I just watched all of this but honestly the audio didn't help.

I don't want to just fill in the blanks... but I can fill in the blanks.

What year is it?

Isn't it legally trespassing if the owner of a private business establishment asks you to leave and you refuse to?

For those too lazy to click through:

"We are going to ask for every charge permissible for this guy, who stepped up and fired a shotgun because someone knocked on his door," Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said. "I feel terrible for the young man. I feel terrible for the mom and the anxiety that they had to go through."

I hate cops. But this one can stay.

Speaking up to authority takes guts. This guy didn't have to say anything, but spoke up anyway.

I assume it’s because if you fuck up the room and paid by debit, you might not have the money to cover the extra expenses, whereas with credit they can charge it no matter what

We gotta support our white allies

I work for Starbucks, I'm very aware of all policies for the company. This situation absolutely should not have happened. The cops are only to be called for violent or disruptive customers. Not for people quietly sitting and waiting. A white woman even said she was without a purchase in the lobby before even the two men.

Starbucks strives to be a third place, which means that everyone is welcome to basically use it as their home away from home. Do homework for five hours with a single pastry purchase? Fine! Wait for two hours for a friend? OK! Do heroin in our bathrooms and flash your junk by doing jumping jacks? Not ok, please leave!

The police were doing their job but that manager completely failed their job upholding the Starbucks experience.

It is 100% a cop’s job to deescalate a situation. That’s literally the first step when entering a situation that may be volatile. In my reckoning, a lot of these situations (eg. bringing in 67 cops to handle a complaint at a Starbucks) arises from the overarching fear of gun violence in the US. Cops feel like they have to be overly careful, which results in ridiculous situations like this. PS. Fuck that manager

Unless the racist manager asked them to leave and they didn't. Then it's trespassing. It's really shitty this happened but it's more on the shitbag whoever called the cops.

I️ believe I️ have found the extent of the truth that most accurately represents what happened.

I have one like that. A hotel in San Francisco wouldn't even take it lol

This is true. I've heard nothing all weekend about the manager who actually made the call. The cops may be acting on the info they were given (not to justify anything), but that manager didn't have to call them in the first place.

100% true. We NEED MORE white folks speaking out when you see these type of obvious issues. Don’t hide and be quiet. Speak up and speak out!

Shut out to the white folks using their privilege to help others, not dismissing the blatant racism issue in America, acknowledging that black folks get treated like second class citizens. Y’all the real MVPs.

People still think Trayvon was in the wrong? I thought it was widely accepted that he was murdered?

Yeah their expressions was the saddest shit. In the tweets linked it was said they were real estate brokers. All they were doing was waiting for a friend. But here they're treated like they're a fucking imminent threat. All those cops just to arrest two people chilling in a fucking Starbucks.

Yes. That is exactly why. Same reason rental car companies make you jump through an extra hoop or two to use debit.

I saw a documentary today about how black people are in possesion of the strongest metal on earth.

I'm fearing for my life as we speak

Sure, they can do so, and we can shame their racist ass for doing so.

Entire novels have been written on macbooks at Starbucks tables all over the country. It's literally a meme for the "starving artist"

What the fuck would he have done had he even shot him? Protected his neighborhood from the menacing 14 year old kid?

Well the kid was black, so in his eyes probably.

CNN article said they were asked to leave.

That's awful. I blame the guy but his wife is kinda fucked up.

If I were to see my wife screaming I'd come down with my shotgun too.

I wouldn't shoot anything, especially something that's running away because that's fucked up. What the fuck would he have done had he even shot him? Protected his neighborhood from the menacing 14 year old kid?

14 year old misses the bus, goes to walk to school along standard bus route, gets lost, knocks on door with "neighborhood watch" sign assuming that means it is a safe place, lady freaks out about black kid on her porch and her firefighter husband shoots at the kids.

They didn’t immediately resort to arresting them; they repeatedly were told to leave by the police and refused to leave. That’s their choice but it’s what landed them in cuffs. When the police tell you to leave, you’re leaving. Whether it’s in handcuffs or not is your own choice. In the middle of the situation is not the time for debate. The fact is the manager wanted them gone. That means if they refuse to leave they are trespassing. Be pissed at the manager who called the police, not the police doing their job.

"Gets them to leave." I think the reason they were being arrested was they refused to leave. The police didn't just show up and say, "Point me to the black guys so I can arrest them."

Let's not go to Starbucks anymore! Coffee is overpriced burnt shit anyway

It was in Philly.

Melissa DePino was one of the first to tweet/post about this.

I've watched the video, read the comments and I have to admit I'm not surprised. Disgusted, annoyed, and saddened, but not surprised. I'm just glad it was caught on video and glad people didn't just stand by and do nothing. To some it must feel like this is happening more, but unfortunately it's just that we're getting to see it. I have friends and family over the years who've dealt with this very thing. Cops are called because you're black and someone else decided you don't belong there.

Yeah when white people start speaking up you know it’s bad

It seems like a step backwards but it’s been this way all along. I’m a white person in America ftr, but black people here have been writing, speaking, and making art about this shit for generations on generations. BLM didn’t just spring up all of a sudden because of a sudden step backwards, you know?

I think social media and the internet has made it harder to silence people’s voices. We can get our info about what’s happening in the world more directly from the source now. The flipside is it gives white supremacists etc. a broader platform and more public voice too, but they’ve been here whole time as well.

You didn’t know about all this because you’re not living black in America and your survival doesn’t depend on you knowing about this stuff. My two cents. Again, I’m white, but that’s my understanding of things from the outside here in the US.

That seems to be the kicker here. From this thread it seems like loitering was the reason. Obviouslly many people think it was racially motivated. But generally, if you ask someone to leave a private place you don't need a reason. Sure is bad business tho.

Don't be afraid to speak up against injustice because some douche on the internet doesn't like that you actually care enough to do something about it.

I stopped going to Starbucks about 3 years ago because you can never get a seat there. Between the solo office worker hogging a 4 spot table, the homeless guy sleeping on the couch and the socialite trying to make a deal on the cell phone while sitting at the bar, it isn't a pleasant place to go anymore.

I hate to say this but it’s probably better not to dig the hole further, not the kind of thing people wanna hear but in this situation I would react the same. You know what’s going on, and digging a deeper hole that can be twisted against you isn’t in your best interest at the time.

But the last time I found a hole in the wall a dick came through it.

Plenty of businesses have a ‘no loitering’ policy so that paying customers can sit. Its private property so nobody has a right to hang out there.

The police are just doing their job. The person/people who called the cops to remove them are the most at blame for being discriminatory.

Its a shitty situation for the cops, but their job isnt to be nice or find the moral solution. Its to enforce the law. You shouldnt trust cops to do anything other than that.

Refuse to leave the property.

But apparently they didn’t ask them to leave, they just called the cops.

Edit: Don’t listen to me. I guess my source was wrong and it’s just hearsay. Apparently they were asked to leave and they said no.

Hotels don't like debit in the first place. It's Bullshit but I'm not at all surprised.

Refuse to go out of the property, or go with the police to the station?

Yo, the cops could have cuffed them, escorted them off the premises, and fucking let them go WITHOUT having to take them to the station, booking them, and then releasing them at 2am, without any charges.

Having worked security it’s really hard to prove trespassing in a public business during operational hours.

Edit: to be clear, I mean a business that is open to the public in a guest facing capacity. As opposed to an office building or warehouse. Somewhere it is expected that customers can just walk in and sit down.

Just to be clear here, does everybody else think it’s inherently racist to start a sentence with “white people”?

They also didn't call the cops on other, whiter people who were there but not ordering.

The individuals were asked to leave several times

You really only hear about the bad cops man. Most cops I've talked to have been really chill. Though I'm Hispanic, not black, so the mileage definitely varies.

As much as I hate sjw bullshit there is absolutely zero denying that if these were a couple of white girls they could have probably camped out for hours without a word being said. I hate the word privilege but if it was a black guy telling the cops they got it wrong and the guys weren't doing anything it is very likely they would have been arrested. It's all discrimination.

Whole source written in Java

Also, I know that what you’re saying is 100% correct, but I just want to add that I’m white and I have napped undisturbed so many times in Starbucks and I have literally never been bothered, awoken, or asked a single question by the employees. I didn’t even realize it was against the rules until you mentioned it here. They have a lot of tools in their arsenal for when people are causing a disturbance, but even when I have legitimately done something wrong, nobody said a word, let alone called the police on me. Their patience afforded to these men to begin with was very, very thin.

Mmmmmm donuts