#NOTALLMEN (fun fact: if you don't do the thing in the fourth panel, this comic isn't about you anyway, so why argue?)

#NOTALLMEN (fun fact: if you don't do the thing in the fourth panel, this comic isn't about you anyway, so why argue?)

As somebody who thinks both sides are the same I just want to say that I know that at some point feminism was a good thing, but I think third wave feminism went too far and was responsible for destroying the Roman empire (). I just don't like how the feminists have basically taken over all of reddit with /sub/shitredditsays, while there aren't any places you can talk about your concerns for men except for /sub/tumblrinaction, /sub/kotakuinaction, /sub/cringeanarchy, /sub/mensrights, /sub/theredpill, /sub/mgtow, /sub/4chan, /sub/conspiracy, /sub/the_donald, /sub/engineering, /sub/australia, /sub/futurology, /sub/news, /sub/worldnews, /sub/science, /sub/todayilearned, and basically everywhere else on the front page, but apart from those places.

I voted for Hillary btw.

Bitching about the death of masculinity is for guys who haven't accomplished anything in life and think that's because there is some grand conspiracy against them rather than their own fucking fault.

What's this got to do with neoliberalism.

when men are clearly strong and superior but if you question that superiority it instantly evaporates into pure butthurt dust

Never change, fragile males.

Why do you assume I have women friends? #notallmen

This thread exemplifies one of the many reasons why /sub/neoliberal is a beacon of light.

This time I'm taking the side of the debate that says neoliberalism is garbage and you're all misandrist pieces of shit who want to kill all men, to keep things fresh.

I almost fell for it.

Show the comic to one of your woman friends and ask her.

(yes, I get what you're doing)

The best way to rack up really hateful responses is feminist stuff. Misogynists are easily triggered and generally arrive to whine and harass.

I feel bad for our [deleted] friend.


Adams seems to believe that men are naturally sexually aggressive, and women/society put limits on their natural impulses. This is what Jezebel got wrong: he doesn't believe this. He wishes this.

And when he says society is a "prison" for men's natural urges to penetrate random women like in caveman days, he is not really complaining about this prison. That's what he wants. He wants it to be true that society is cockblocking him.

Because if that is true, then it isn't his own inability to score chicks that's limiting him. "I'd love to just walk up to some hot chick in a bar and just take her home and bang her," he might think, "but society doesn't let me." Really? Dude, you need to switch bars.

Not being able to easily and fluidly pick up women is maddeningly destructive to many men, not tempered by other successes in their lives. We hear the refrain that media images create unrealistic expectations of women to be hot, etc, but the flip side is that some men can't understand why everyone else seems to be able to hook up easily, freely, fun-ly, while they're in the corner all boiling rage. Confronted with this, they have two choices: I'm inadequate, or the Matrix is against me. Men who don't want to kill themselves choose b.

Originally read the hashtag as No Tall Men. Now that's the real bigotry that's going on.


I'm just here so I won't get fined


women are the real sexists



what? This doesn't resemble something I've ever seen, what is this comic even talking about?

tfw you feel so insulted by diversity you angrily email your entire company and get yourself fired


Actually, when they had a series of AMAs about transgendered people, the /sub/science moderators were brutally and first-amendment-violatingly suppressing peoples' legitimate questions about why being trans is horrible and terrible and evil. They were basically Nazis, except for how Nazis weren't that bad and the real evil was the people who violently attacked them.

Fuck Male Fragility. That’s my blunt message. I could probably end my discussion at this point and it wouldn’t really matter. My position is clear and you likely already get the gist of what I want to say. I have nothing positive to add to the discussion about Male Fragility, and to be perfectly honest, I’m quite sick of having to think about it. I’ve simply had enough. For a time I had considered calling this paper ‘Forget Male Fragility’ instead, as in some ways that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve been writing on the subject for many years (Springer 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015; Springer et al. 2016) and I came to a point where I just didn’t want to commit any more energy to this endeavor for fear that continuing to work around this idea was functioning to perpetuate its hold. On further reflection I also recognize that as a political maneuver it is potentially quite dangerous to simply stick our heads in the sand and if collectively ignore a phenomenon that has had such devastating and debilitating effects on our shared world. There is an ongoing power to Male Fragility that is difficult to deny and I’m not convinced that a strategy of ignorance is actually the right approach (Springer 2016a). So my exact thoughts were, ‘well fuck it then’, and while a quieter and gentler name for this paper could tone down the potential offence that might come with the title I’ve chosen, I subsequently reconsidered.

wELl aCtUaLlY

Wow, that's really handy!

I'm not a bigot, I'm just "noticing a pattern of behavior"! Why do I post black-on-white crime stats in every thread - is it because I'm a crypto racist? No, of course not, I'm just like you guys, I'm just "noticing a pattern of behavior."

And then a woman could easily argue against the comic without proving it correctly by calming explaining the danger in such a stereotype. The danger in suggesting most women are irrational is that they won't be taken seriously. This is already an issue.

Men are taken seriously already. What's the risk of this comic exactly?

EDIT: I'll add that if you switched the genders, this comic wouldn't make any sense. Two men talking about their frustrations with women (which DOES happen, understandably) and then a woman pedantically begins to correct them? It wouldn't be a very funny comic because when does that ever happen? I don't associate women with the "well actually" behavior that is so common among many men.

I can't tell if you like this meme or not.

Gotta mix it up, I can respect that.

"i want to say some stupid shit in public and not be called out on it"

I'm kind of blown away, tbh.

So stereotypes and sexism is ok as long it doesn't pass some line in the sand in terms of consequences. What is the line exactly?

Equality of genders is a pretty basic liberal value. That's what feminism is.

Man, your ego seems a little fragile there my dude

I'm not going to start an argument on the merits of this meme, but I don't find it particularly relevant to neoliberalism.

a man could easily argue against the comic without proving it correct by calmly explaining the danger in such a sterotype, too. the danger in suggesting most men's egos are fragile is that their emotional health won't be taken seriously. it encourages people to attribute a man's emotional and mental health issues to their "fragile ego".

for example, the narrative of every horrible thing that men do in the news is that their fragile ego was hurt and so they had to attack people. it's not "this man's emotional health was in a terrible state due to X & Y" or that "society's pressure on this man to perform caused him horrible emotional trauma that manifested outwards". they just say the guy was basically a pussy who couldn't deal with life and is a piece of shit for hurting others. i understand that it's hard to disagree with that narrative, but it's certainly not the entire story. and perpetuating the "fragile ego" stereotype only makes things worse for everyone.

Are you talking about the guys or the girl?

Has the supply of this meme exceeded the demand or have we now reached equilibrium?

There's a difference between a put down coming from someone in a position of power in society, ie. white/male, and one coming from someone who usually is not.

Oh so if someone without power said those statements it would be fine? Really? And the whole "you're the only people not allowed to say bigoted things" line of bullshit is really transparent.

Sure, discrimination from a person in a position of power will have far greater impact... but still this line of thinking kinda brushes away discrimination and bigotry between minority groups.

In many European communities, the Somalis face discrimination from everyone, and interestingly enough, they are also one of the groups that have it worst socioeconomically.

Your SorosBucks are in the mail.

So because most of the people in power in the US are white, ANY white person who says the stereotype is in the wrong, meanwhile everyone else is free to stereotype whoever they want and it's suddenly OK?

I'm guessing you started with the whole "it's only bad when white people do it" bit first and then worked backwards to find ways to justify it.

And just because you don't live in an area where Mexicans can impact your life doesn't mean everyone else does.

Prejudices are bad regardless of who has power and who doesn't.

There's no need to change your arguments when they're already right.

Don't let other people define for you the values that you hold. Heck, I consider myself a feminist and I'm banned from /sub/feminism.

On the contrary, you're conflating anger and sadness.

Why would suggesting men like to pedantically correct women make them less willing to express sadness?

People already said this for the last post but the dude in the sewer cracks me the hell up