Not your average street art

All that to barely fucking see it.

Very average. These "artists" are on every street corner in nyc

No, its pretty run-of-the-mill to be honest. These guys and the "paint the portrait upside down to throw you off" guys are pretty standard nowadays.

Before I clicked, I thought, "God, I hope it's not one of those junky space ones". Welp.

Yeah this is about as average as street art gets, on par with caricature artists and name banner painters. It's a repeatable method of creating a bunch of mass-produced thematically identical art. I think it's less artist, more craftsman. There's a reason that everyone who does this does space scenes with a city skyline -- it's pretty much the only thing you can make with this technique. I mean, it looks cool for sure and I'm a hardcore space nerd at heart, but these guys can pump out 30 of these in an hour.

My thoughts exactly. Anywhere tourists congregate, these artists do too.

I'm always impressed by it though, it's a super cool style of art, and I'd say this person is better than many I've seen. A lot of them are more basic, and it seems like the skyline is a more advanced technique that I don't see everyone do.

Their camera work pisses me off.

Just hold it steady and don't fiddle with the fucking buttons, how hard is it?

Title was "not your average street art" and then it turns out to be the most average and typical street art ever...

This is average.

That was long assed gif-tease.

I came here for the comments to confirm that it is indeed average.

Their always painting planets and space themes. I saw one guy make a landscape in which he actually used the newspaper to stipple leaves on a tree. It's not much but seeing people make pretty much the same painting gets so underwhelming.

It looks cool, but I’d never hang one in my house. Looks like something you’d find in high school stoners room.

Their hobby is complaining about stuff on reddit.

What the salat said. Youll find a painter like this on every highstreet in mayor cities. Not that it isnt impressive that the tecnique have been made popular and spread around the globe.



Do you have an artistic hobby? You can literally break down every step of becoming whatever you want into "That was surprisingly easy".

EDIT: Some replies are assuming that I'm arguing against /u/Bscully973 saying that the technique is easy. I'm not, I'm simply asking if he has an artistic hobby because he has potential getting good at one if he can break down the process like this.

Hell they're all over the world. When I was 13 I remember taking a picture of the first one I saw with my new digital camera on my birthday. That was 12 years ago. It was old to me shortly after that when I saw 2 different ones in the following months. I even tried my hand at it once in 2011. It is very easy to replicate therefore it is very average.

It's definitely cool don't get me wrong just waaaay over done. The techniques they use are surprisingly simple and easy to do.


I'm sorry to have to tell you that, but you see it everywhere

I never understand troll accounts like yours, could you answer honestly? What do you look for by doing this? What do the negative reactions do for you? Do you have a 'normal' Reddit account? Does anyone but you gain something from this?

Well as i don't live in New York, and street art is non existent in my town of 30,000 people. I don't see things like this often .

Damn man when was the last time you walked the streets lol this level of spray and smear art is everywhere.

Quite possibly the most average type of street art in the world. I've never seen anything more consistently.

this is so weird to me...

because you saw more than one person doing this it becomes not cool?

and yet every year people freak out over which new young kid can kick or throw a ball the best...

It is very easy to replicate therefore it is very average.

a lot of things are easy to learn but take a lifetime to master.

Wow the comments here.

I enjoyed it OP, thanks for sharing, I myself haven't seen stuff works like this.

I was kind of hoping someone would volunteer to take you everywhere so you could see this live.

erm.. yeah it is.

you see this everywhere honestly...

I have literally seen these guys everywhere for the last 20 years. When I was 12, and 32 now, I saw them in Cancun Mexico. And Vegas. And Orlando. And Anaheim. And Nashville. And Montana. And Denver. And Pittsburgh. I mean literally everywhere.

I don’t.

Hang it in the basement to spruce things up for d&d night.

Don't feed the troll.

I quite agree. One of the reasons Bob Ross is so appealing is he makes all kinds of painting techniques seem "easy"

sure a technique may not be complex but spending a lifetime learning these little tricks, and putting them together to make something pretty, is not easy at all.

Yes. I am well traveled. ( sips Capri sun )

“That would look great above my lizard terrarium, right under the katana,” - guy who wears silk samurai kimono at home.

Yeah, I thought it was nifty and there's all these people like, "psh average neeext". Now I feel dumb.

A smattering of cities in 2 countries on 1 continent: literally everywhere.

Maybe you should have spent more on grammar lessons.

Pleas never bring this to the front page again

reding dumb books full of madeup rules

You don't get to talk down to anyone when you're barely literate.

If you visit some big cities like Paris, Roma, etc... You're gonna see them in every street

Then you do it and upload your own dag video.

I actually really like these. Everyone in here seems to be shitting on it, but I don't live in a city where this happens, nor do I have an artistic bone in my body. Doesn't seem average to me.

I was just saying that if he thinks they're easy to do, he should get into art or something.

Your very average street art

Based on the other comments it would appear that this is a common thing in NY.

Well that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

Definitely has a normal reddit account, he's probably just an edgy teen who craves attention. Feel free to report him to the reddit admins

The audience looked so unimpressed, I'd be flipping my shit, that's amazing.

That's the idea. It's a troll account.

Two thousand and late

I feel like this is so '00...

How much do these go for?

Would be cool in gaming room.