"Not This Again", Says Everyone

"Not This Again", Says Everyone

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No need for context since it's pretty obvious as to what this's about, anyway.

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EU does not into the recognising a of Catalonia clay

Catalonia is be the sads

Given that RT is Putinvision and that the current Kremlin government wouldn't love nothing more than stirring shit in the west, I would not take what they say very seriously.

CNN, I haven't seen those, but it seems to me that they don't really get the situation.

To compare this to the situation in 1936 is beyond stupid. Among other things because it was the Spanish Republic itself who did NOT recognize an independent Catalonia when it decreed unilaterally its independence in 1934.

I am not Catalan, but I lived in Barcelona for 5 years and have many friends over there, of all political stripes. In my experience (which admittedly is anecdotal and only covers my personal friends), only the most fervid independentists make anything similar to that particular comparison.

For what is worth, I do not think that that comparison is accurate.

Also, it is not just international political actors who do not want to recognize an independent Catalonia or are afraid of what might happen if it happened -- 1700 companies and counting have already sent their HQs out of Catalonia since this whole circus show began. Some of them really important, like CaixaBank, Bank Sabadell, Gas Natural, Catalana Occidente Insurances and others. And I have personal acquaintance with Catalan business owners who are not just moving their headquarters, but also buying terrains outside Catalonia to move factories and production there. The risk of a "Quebec effect" (during the 1980s, when it seemed that Quebec was going to move towards independence from Canada, a shitload of important companies went away from Montréal and moved to Toronto, and didn't come back later; somebody joked that the independence fiasco was the best gift Montréal could have given Toronto) is very real and potentially very bad for Catalonia.

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The past few weeks i've seen several pundits on RT and CNN comparing the EU's action of not recgonizing Catalonia with the 3rd Reich, Italy and Portugal helping the spanish nationalists (who also did not recgonize Catalonia) during the 1936 Spanish Civil War. I wonder if Catalans think this comparison is accurate

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