Not the usual style of this sub, but apropos - taking apart a running Jeep in 60 seconds

It's easier when nothing is actually bolted in.

I'd like to see them take it over some pot holes at 45 mph with nothing bolted on.

Pretty good by Jeep standards.

quite interesting, but i'm wondering how "battle ready" this jeep was to begin with. apparently no tools of any sort are required to take it apart, surely it would fall apart due to vibrations driving over bumps and such, no?

The motor isn't even bolted in. Imagine taking a slight bump at relatively high speeds. It would basically tear the transmission apart and the motor would be catapulted out of the car.

No gas tank, no bolts, no fluids. The 2 feet they drive it is about as far as it can go.

What a terrible neighborhood to park in

Got em.

You could mention that you copied this word for word from the comments under the YT video.

It's the same process to change the oil filter in a buick, right?

Since this appears to be a public demonstration, I would say not battle ready at all. It seems to be more about showing a general audience the capabilities of the platform in a an exciting way, and in a short enough time that they don't lose interest.

Pretty much - it's more "here're the parts that make up a Jeep" than "this Jeep is designed to be fully functional and be disassembled in one minute by a choregraphed crew". The idea of field-replaceable parts is there, but compressed in much the same way you'd see a time-lapse of, say, an engine build on youtube. Is it that quick and easy always? No, no one thinks that, and no one's trying to make anyone believe that either.

Hmmm... happy thoughts.

"So basically if the car is already 99% apart, that last 1% is pretty easy - AND QUICK"

The first thing you do when you buy a car is to strip it for parts. This way the car thieves have nothing to steal.

Username checks out.

Start Video at end of gif

That is a legendary username

Full video:

You've missed the point of the gif, and the demonstration (and if you've copied your comment from youtube, srsly?). This isn't /sub/iamverysmart - there's no need to point out obvious things. This is a demonstration of capabilities for a non-technical audience; in some ways, it could be considered performance art.

Of course this isn't in a field-ready configuration - they're not in the field! Making obvious and simplisitic observations while obviously and simplisticly (and perhaps purposefully) missing the objective doesn't make for good discussion (leaving out the whole youtube comment copypasta).

Try driving it down the road and watch it overheat in 1 minute because the radiator isn’t hooked up or even bolted in, watch the front and rear driveshaft fall to the ground because the caps are missing to the the Ujoints then try and hit the brakes which are apparently are just for show because there aren’t even brake lines.

Also how long will an engine stay in with gravity alone holding it there? Also I bet no steering is really fun, being there is no steering shaft to attach.

Not to mention no bolts holding any of the leaf springs on. Also where is the fuel tank? Not to mention the body is also not held on with bolts or any kind.

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They're not the only ones:

But that's a real jeep. Granted, no fluids.

Or a headlight in a newer Cadillac

I feel so dirty.

Cotter pins > bolts

Cotter pins !> bolts


I don’t even thing you could get it moving to begin with.

Every scenario I can think of results an absolute catastrophe.