"Not sure if I have heard the name, a lot of people work there."

"Not sure if I have heard the name, a lot of people work there."

Yeah, that would definitely would have been worse. Fortunately/unfortunately I was dropped by my last gynecologist because my insurance wouldn't cover any of the procedures because I had a penis.

Far too many sharp implements far too close to the face for the truth on that one.

The only place that could be more sensitive would be the genitals.

No it's fine. I was just joking back with you, no offense intended or taken.

Alternative scenario: Gynecologist

Several years ago we had a new employee break the code of conduct in a big way so we let her go. About two weeks later the employee's mom called in to ask why we did not have enough work to allow her daughter to come in, and if we were expecting hours to pick up soon so her daughter could expect to come in. It took us a bit to realize she thought her daughter still worked there! We're not allowed to really tell someone else that the person they are asking for has been fired, even if it is their daughter. "We are very busy right now and not cancelling anyone. I think you should have a talk with your daughter."

Used to work store LP. Had a gal who was stealing cash from the till. Ended up taking about $2k over a week. She was 19 at the time. So we pulled her, ran the interview, she was dead to rights because she had the money in her pocket at the time. Called the cops due to the amount being well into felony range. Due to the felony, the cops took her to jail instead of cite-and-release.

At the end of the night her parents came to pick her up. "Hi, we're here to pick up ______, she hasn't been answering her phone."

Parents don't get a call because she's 19. Since she's an adult I can't tell her parents "Oh, she got arrested because she's been stealing and she's currently at county intake", but they're concerned because they think she's been abducted.

......it was awkward.

Hair dresser, sorry I assumed....

I was referencing the SNL sketch.

Bush league, dude... You should find a different hobby.