Not my own, but thought you guys would enjoy

Not my own, but thought you guys would enjoy

Looks like the artist was prepared

When strangers say "hun" it sounds super condescending to me....maybe it's just me.

She's not even offering half the price. I don't know what kind of bargaining tactic that is

I like to imagine they have this picture in reserve for the inevitable "oh it's too expensive" customer and just relish the moments leading up to using it.

Like "Sorry, hun, it's for the church. NEXT!" kinda way?

$50 for that look is cheap actually

I'm not denying that this is not worth $50 but that seems so expensive. I'm so glad I'm a guy.

Edit: People seem to keep telling me it is worth that much. Like I said, I'm not denying that, I'm just ignorant since I'm a guy. So please stop responding to me saying it is worth that much.

Collin bargains in markets that purposely inflate their prices up to 10x the regular selling point, it's not really comparable to this type of situation. It's a social norm to bargain the way he does in the Asian markets he visits as its a part of the way of life to many people there. The seller starts with high prices and the buyer goes low until they finally meet a match.

Offering less than half in this situation is completely different from that, and is honestly insulting.

For anyone not makeup savvy trying to figure out why that look is $50- good chunky glitter ain’t cheap and you’re also paying for their blending skills.

If you attempt this look with bad blending skills and cheap makeup, you’re going to look like a sad 2010 Kesha

I too hate it when strangers mistake me for a nomadic barbarian from the classical era

Is this a choosing beggar? A girl asked if she could go a lot lower, offered her own supplies, and said she'd go somewhere else if not. She wasn't saying "you HAVE to do me for $15 because my mom is dying" or "Somebody please do my makeup for free but it has to be this style and by this artist."

I’m assuming the whole face would be made up, not just the eyes, in which case $50 is totally reasonable. I think I paid at least twice that for my wedding make up, which was not nearly as...intense/colorful.

Nobody say anything.

Not a MUA but am an artist (illustrator) and I totally have a backup kid scribble in ms paint at the ready for when people think they can ask for a $500 job for insultingly low prices like this

Actually $50 isn’t too bad, considering that the entire face must be done. Doing makeup NICELY is expensive, because it takes time and you’re using the MUA’s supplies.

But yes, I’d be glad to be a guy too, don’t have to worry about these things!

You should watch Collin Abroadcast, you'll be amazed at how he bargains


So what he said

Ok, I’ve seen this “church NEXT” reference everywhere and still can’t find the original post. Help me solve this mystery.

Dammit man, you weren't supposed to say anything


I know! I was thinking I'd happily pay $50 for that if I had some reason to.

It's mainly because the production costs for the fake goods they sell are extremely cheap, especially when they mass produce the items. Even when they sell an item for 120 from 1800, they are still making a good amount of profit from what the item itself cost, so they don't really mind letting it go at that price at the end of the day.

I would imagine that most of the prices that he first receives are extremely high due to him being white, and the sellers assuming he isn't from that country. Foreigners typically don't know the usual prices so sellers try to take advantage of them, and even locals sometimes get fooled.

The cost to make like 50 fake Gucci shirts would probably be less than 100 yuan in many factories.

Well yea, you would only be paying someone that much for an important day where you want to look amazing and there will likely be photos taken of you.

This could be the biggest mystery of 2018 so far?

Top 10 Questions Scientists Still Can’t Answer

Yup. Lowballing is annoying, but it's certainly not begging.

Ya I understand that but it's still amazes me that something is 1800 Yuen and he asks for 100 and gets it for 120

I usually just google “ms paint neopets art” or “ms paint kids art” or “furry art ms paint” whatever will get me the most ridiculous and worst scribbles

Yes, that is how makeup works

If you sort by top of all time on this sub, it's 3rd.

Congrats again.

Alot of huns today, not enough goths.

It seems more like someone who had no idea what it cost then went on their way. No real implication of "begging", especially when you look at whats normally considered begging on this sub.

furry art

oh no

This is clearly for a special occasion where you’d want to look more than your everyday “fine.”

I think OP came out a bit strong here. Looks like she just genuinely didn't know how much it costed and couldn't afford. Probably a highschool student too, seeing as it's right around prom time. Obviously she lowballed you, but that's not a choosing beggar.

A lot more natural. Her look is very toned down. She generally has been going for that no makeup, makeup look

I hate any and all nicknames, but when strangers call you stuff like this, it REALLY bothers me. Very condescending.

That person in the post deserved it though.

this isnt choosing beggars this is just haggling

Hence why /sub/antimlm uses the term "hunbot"

The cost to make like 50 fake Gucci shirts would probably be less than 100 yuan in many factories.

Probably about the same price as making 50 real Gucci shirts...

I mean she wasn't rude about it at all though. If anything, the artist was being kind of an asshole here.

Former makeup artist for Mac who did freelance work for proms, quinces, weddings, etc and I would charge 50 bucks minimum for just the eyes, and that’s assuming you’re a friend I’m giving you a deal. There’s easily 3-4 colors in the crease and then you still have to cut it, lay down a shadow, and then do multiple glitters and a liner?! Plus false lashes that you can’t reuse which easily cost 5-10 bucks a pair. Yeah 50 bucks is way less than I would be comfortable charging for some rando.

I normally only did full face makeup though and it was usually like 200 per person. This eye look is a ton of work and super annoying to get it perfect (I do drag so I have a lot of cut crease experience and it would still be a bear to do on a client).

You’re not paying for the supplies when you get your makeup done, you’re paying for an artist. Just like with tattoos, hair, nails, or plastic surgery: if it’s cheap, it won’t be good. You’re paying and artistic eye and a skilled hand and when you underpay the art will be subpar.

Ninja edit: $50 is how much it costs to get your makeup done at sephora and that kind of makeup is just a “try on” of the stuff in the store.

Depends on who's saying it. In the Army we had our 6'6 wall of pure muscle 1st Sergeant ask us if any of us feel uncomfortable when the old lady serving food calls us baby. We were all fine with it. Then he asked what if it were him saying it? And thus we all learned about perceiving words differently from different people.

Hey, 7DMATH7, just a quick heads-up: alot is actually spelled a lot. You can remember it by it is one lot, 'a lot'. Have a nice day!

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Honestly I feel like that picture can be used for many a response, I think we all can use it.

No I would never

Any chance we can see this scribble?

I feel like most makeup artists don't just do eyes. It's not worth their time and they don't want to risk someone doing the rest of their face badly then telling everyone or posting pictures on social media saying that the makeup artist did their makeup.

That's totally reasonable for what she's asking for. Makeup is expensive, and that's a complicated look.

Well speaking on personal experience, I do my face everyday, it’s just eyeliner, brows and foundation but I only feel comfortable that way. I guess my comment was more like “if I was a guy that wasn’t into makeup, this wouldn’t be a problem” but kudos to you for feeling great without it! Personally I don’t!

You changed accounts at the wrong times?

I’m sorry

I think you’re getting downvotes because it comes off like you’re bragging. Like, “I don’t need to wear makeup because I’m already pretty enough” kinda thing. Plus, the people like you who say stuff like, “just don’t wear makeup lol it’s not that hard” usually have perfect skin anyway. Honestly I don’t think people are misinterpreting what you’re saying, they just don’t like what you’re trying to say.

That's defo worth 50 if you can't do it yourself.

Yes, makeup isn’t supposed to last longer than a day.

No it's not just you.

right??? Although I could see $50 if it was just eyes and not a full face

I’m in LA. Getting your makeup done around here by a professional costs upwards of $120.

Hun and sweetie for me hahaha

Some low-ballers deserve no mercy

Good for you? Many women wear makeup because they like it; it’s an art that they enjoy. It doesn’t mean they don’t like the way they look.

You're getting downvoted because this comment is almost completely unrelated to the topic, and you made it about you.

Recreating just that eyeshadow takes a lot of skill and time. I’m honestly surprised you’re only charging 50

Routine Sexual harassment training. Have to do it every quarter, otherwise the 18-year old private who sexually harassses someone can say 'I didn't know any better' and now his boss is in trouble, too.

I agree, she's not "begging". Maybe if she freaked out after the last response, idk.

Sure, but those that do this every day aren’t spending $50/day. They’re doing it themselves and learning.

It’s nice you don’t do that, but this person was looking for a one-time application. You might look “fine,” but others like to spend the effort to try and look more than “fine,” or just “fine,” if they happen to unfortunately just look really bad without a face full of intense makeup.

I always find it really interesting when a user has multiple comments in a reply chain that are all significantly downvoted, and then all of a sudden they have a comment that's pretty much as upvoted as their previous ones were downvoted. it's like watching reddit's collective opinion change about someone all at once, and i think that is pretty neat

Looks like they had the make up gun set to whore in the last picture.

Nice save.

Depends how insulting they are.

I get a lot of people who think they can ask for $800 of work for free, but they usually get lost after a good shutdown.

And then there are the ones who want free work and try to guilt trip me, threaten me, and/or be like “oh well I WAS going to pay you $500 but I’ll just rip up that check” you were going to pay me nothing, $500 is also half what I would’ve quoted you anyway. Those are the people who get furry ms paint art

I get what you’re saying. I’m commenting on the “I look fine without it” part. It implies that women wear makeup because they don’t look okay. Your comment also ignores the fact that while you don’t wear makeup day-to-day, you probably will (or already did) for your prom, wedding, or other important event, which is likely what the choosy beggar is planning for.

You’re right that you look fine without it. We all do. But on some days you want to literally sparkle, and that’s perfectly okay too.

Yes. She’s offering less than half the price and then telling her it’s “ too much for that” when it is actually a very reasonable price for her services.

I love this sub but I dont agree with this one fitting it...I may be wrong. She asked if she could do lower with her stuff and said if not she will decline. Didnt really beg at all.

It's expensive to buy the products alone. If you want it to last the whole night (especially glitter) you need decent stuff. Dollar store makeup won't do it. Make up artists have a surprisingly high initial cost. Nevermind their time.

Idk dude. I guess it’s the supplies. My sister spends $200 on makeup and some high quality eye stuff, and according to her ‘it doesn’t even include the brushes’.

Right? That’s like four Mac loose pigments just on the lid. That’s an expensive ass eye look lol

It's quite clear that she had a lower price in mind and probably can't afford to pay that much for makeup. Not begging at all.

Everyone should do what they're comfortable with :) I'm sure there are plenty guys who do some sort of makeup every day as well.

I understand if you don't honestly, it seems kind of expected nowadays to always look your best.

I guess my comment is just being misinterpreted, I was only trying to say that women don't have to worry about makeup every day either, it's a choice for everyone what they want to do/are comfortable with.

Just send him a lowball request. /s

I feel like Waffle House is an exception

What does Kesha do now btw ?

I'm with you, I think this sub has devolved and it's just pictures of people trying to lowball sellers.

Yes, but professional makeup really tops off a look for a special event. I'm from New Orleans where Mardi Gras balls and cotillions are a thing. You wouldn't want to spend hundreds on an evening gown, event tickets, limo, and other event-related expenses only to try to save $50 by doing shitty make-up on yourself. Also, professional make-up is higher coverage and often airbrushed on so you look much better in photographs. Since most others at the event usually shell out for professional makeup, you'd look really awful/average and photograph poorly without it. I paid over $150 for make-up for my wedding and was so glad I did. I felt like the makeup was heavily applied but in the photos I looked like myself -- just the best possible version.

She lowballed her for sure, but this one doesn’t really fit the feel of the sun like the other posts do imo.

Then this kind of thing isn't for you, it's for those who dress for an occasion.

And I'm sure there are plenty that actually do, I'm just trying to figure out the point you are trying to make.

The items are fake. The yeezys shoes and Gucci belts he buys aren't real and he knows that. That's why he offers next to nothing.

Reddit seems to like to pick apart your comment if you don't say every disclaimer out there and explain what you meant exactly to prevent misinterpreting. Don't read too much into it.

Yeah. Something that was really minor but still really annoyed me was when she used "hun". It sounds pretty condescending.

Exactly, it was out of nowhere lol

That's not what I'm saying at all? They were saying that if they were a man they wouldn't have to worry about it. That's what I was commenting on, really.

It's the way Attila'm.

A girl has no alt-accounts

I find myself wondering what prompted him to visit this topic...

It takes a long time to do makeup like this. The false eyelashes alone are worth 5 dollars because the artist can't use them again.

I wish people would ask instead of sending a downvote brigade for no reason. I was commenting on the part where she said "I'd be glad to be a guy, don't have to worry about these things."

All I was really saying was that women don't have to worry about these things either. It's a choice of what you want to do or not.

Sells lularoe hun

I think it's pretty expensive too but at the same time if one artist is charging way more than you can afford you can always ask around to other artists instead of offering less then half of the sale price.