Not like the other girls with my mans

Not like the other girls with my mans

I’ve dated an insufferably insecure girl who existed like this. It’s exhausting and very unfulfilling.

I felt exhausted and unfulfilled just reading this meme.

Same. Not joking, I felt spread thin for 30 minutes after writing that. Never again.

If you choose to satisfy their insecurities rather than make the girl address them herself, you will be doing so eternally.

Maybe she's suicidal and she REALLY wants to die.

Maybe she's showing some self awareness of how murderously annoying she is.

Did you ever ironically want to throw her depressing/stressful ass off a mountain because she went on about shit like that?

it’s my fetish

the person who made this image probably saw shit like this and it was on their mind.

statistically speaking, it's people you know who murder you. the closer, the worse. So women are kinda doomed whether they say yes like Jolee Callan, or even when they refuse.