Norwegians say they don't want to come to Trump's "s***hole" country

Norwegians say they don't want to come to Trump's "s***hole" country
Norwegians say they don't want to come to Trump's "s***hole" country

That table includes people of partial Norwegian ancestry.

In which case the USA has no Americans, because everyone is an immigrant of some kind.

Woah, you can't just refer to a country as a shithole. That's offensive.

Probably one over Twitter.

How many Norwegians would have to say that in order to write an article saying "Norwegians tell Trump: We don't want to come to your s***hole country"?

It's ok, if a bit crass, for you to make a joke about somewhere being a shithole Shen you're down at the pub. It's not ok for the president to say it.

Highly doubt any Scandinavian would prefer American education over their own, or neighboring countries.

You have to understand the difference in culture / mindset of Norwegian people compared to most Americans. Everything is completely different. Even in Europe, most people look up to the Swedish / Finnish / Norwegian societies. For example, take crime, or schooling. Where as in America they tend to lock up criminals for a long time, in these Northern Europe countries they tend to have very special rehab centra's. Schooling around there is developed at a way higher level aswell compared to America.

I still don't think you could call an entire country a shithole, however, you have to take in mind the situation of these people and the way they see America. There's already a huge difference between Europe* and America.

Like Norway...?

American education isnt about the education its about the connections made and the "prestige". Also sure the high level universities arw good. They better be with the amount of money they keep milking.

From an overall educational standpoint, the US is lightyears behind though.

How do you say "tough, but fair" in Norwegian?

tøff, men rettferdig

They were referring to Trump's comments in which he questioned why the USA can't have more migrants from Norway.

Way to miss the point.

It might be insensitive but isn't Haiti kinda of a shithole.

Neither is Trump