Northern California cop placed on leave after pulling gun on man recording him

Northern California cop placed on leave after pulling gun on man recording him

"Oh, look, that guy is filming me. Which means everything I do will be recorded and subject to scrutiny by anyone who watches the video. Welp, I guess I need to do the responsible thing and pull my gun out on him!"

"You some kind of Constitutionalist?" (dismissive hand gesture.)

Fuckin' classic.

No one sees the video if you shoot him and take the camera.

Why do you think he was trying to get him to take his hand out of his pocket? So he could say he was pulling a gun and daisy food the dude.

Police punishment = "Hey Rodriguez, how would you like to take your family on vacation until this all blows over."

I thought being a patriotic American was being a constitutionalist.

Anyone else pulls a gun and aims it at someone on film, they'd be in jail. This cop is probably still on payroll. Fuck this country.

Seriously wtf.. They're cops so obviously they're armed.. but.. Imagine this in ANY other situation.

Cook pulls gun on innocent patron recording him. Accountant pulls gun on angry client recording him. Doctor pulls gun on upset patient recording him.

Every single one of these people would be fired, stripped of whatever license they had, and probably end up serving some time.

Just because the cop has a gun strapped to his side isn't an excuse for him to "Pull it out unnecessarily". It's such a bullshit excuse, "oh he over-reacted"

He fucking over reacted? Pulling a gun on someone? That's what we call crazy where I come from..

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a cop is getting punished

Sitting at home, still earning 175 THOUSAND per year.

Legal action has started, which means the investigation cannot start until that is over. The poor bastard may have to sit at home earning 175 thousand for a year or two before the inquiry finds him innocent and he has to go back to work again.

Yea the cop really dropped the ball here. Didn't finish the job, now he's getting burned

scariest part about this...? The guy was in his own neighborhood, standing in his own yard...what the fuck...

Guess this is the kind of treatment that comes about when cops aren't taught to be situational, but rather that they could die at every moment; a literal Soldiers mindset in an LEO....terrifying.

He meant to say exactly what he said. Cops hate the Constitution and they feel extremely threatened by people who know their rights. In particular they can't stand the 1st, 4th, 5th and 8th amendments.

I think the cop meant to say "sovereign citizen"

Good news. Saw this very recently on Reddit. Glad a cop is getting punished for using his weapon for pointless intimidation. What a dick.

I agree, but the fact that he can't tell the difference between someone asserting their actual rights and that screwy movement is extremely disturbing.

Mobile Justice by ACLU is a good one.

Many phones have an option to sync videos and pictures with the cloud (iCloud on iPhones, for example), so everyone should have that set up and should have their phone password protected so the police can't simply open your photos app and delete the offending pictures.

Soldier's mindset without soldier's training or soldier's discipline.

Yup, ANYONE ELSE would be arrested for Trespassing, Brandishing, Harassment, Breach of Peace, Disorderly Conduct...

Hadn't heard about that one, but after researching it I suggest everyone on the internet learn about again.

This video:

Cops force their way into the home of a man recording them by kicking his door down, tase the cameraman 5 times, then arrest him and haul him off for trial.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Michael Parish said this break-in and assault was exemplary police work. “My officers were very professional and very calm, and I’m proud of their performance.” (of investigating a noise complaint)

Took nearly a year and a deadlocked trial, but charges of obstructing an officer were finally dropped against the cameraman after cops got bored with the case.

He's not getting burned until he gets fired after his paid vacation.

Throwing benefits in there is pretty misleading unless it means more than I think.

I live where this happened. For reference Rohnert Park is RIGHT next door to Cotati which 2 years ago was all over reddit and the news for the police coming into a man's home and tasing him.

"You mean that constitution you swore to uphold!?!?"

There are apps which allow you to stream to storage. I wish I could remember the names of them and wish more people knew about them

When I saw the original video, thought it was strange how the cop asked if the kid was some kind of "Constitutionalist".. Last time I checked, law enforcement people was supposed to protect and defend the Constitution - not go after those who thought it should be upheld.

Bambuser is popular too, it even records while the screen is locked!

This is from 2013. He would have had a pay rise since then.

Regular pay: $78,033.96

Overtime pay: $16,042.17

Other pay: $16,205.15

Total pay: $110,281.28

Total benefits: $61,826.17

Total pay & benefits: $172,107.45

You do realize that some police departments hire rejects from other police departments, right? Also, if I could get a paid vacation with a chance of keeping my job after pulling a gun on a stranger for no good reason other than simply being offended, I'd call myself a cop.

The same constitution that cop is supposed to protect and enforce?

He can't be making overtime if he's not working.

No, the sovereign citizen movement.

A few years ago I got the full felony stop bit because I chirped my tires coming out of a parking lot. At the time I had a 280z with a chevy 350, vortech supercharger, and a clutch that was near impossible to get a smooth start. I chirped the tires coming out of a blind driveway, gunned it so I didn't get hit, and then nailed it getting on the highway. Cop pulls me over, does the full walk backwards then kneel while he points his gun at me, then proceeds to cuss and berate me for running from him, calling me white boy numerous times. The duty officer arrived and as luck would have it happened to be my neighbor. He informed uptight asshole that if I was indeed running, the 600 horsepower under the hood might not work well for him.

In the end I found out uptight asshole was having family issues and when I chirped my tires he thought I saw him and was running. I got a gun pulled on me because some asshole was having a bad day and didn't bother to take into account coming out of a blind driveway is scary. My neighbor apologized several times while uptight asshole looked at the ground waiting for his spanking.

I love the silent majority of police that do their job correctly and we never hear about, but we need to figure out how to get these bad apples out of a uniform and giving them a paid vacation with a slap on the wrist is not the right way.

Or a Soldier's Rules of Engagement...

I've seen enemy combatants be treated with more humanity than some of these cops' victims.

Exactly, and for situations like this there should be a zero tolerance policy. Get rid of the few bad cops to keep public perception good.

I've had cops on two separate instances stick their Beretta 9mm in my face because they felt threatened. At the time I just accepted it as something they do because, like a forest animal, they're more afraid of me than I am of them. Looking back, I'm pretty surprised and relieved that they didn't blow my dome off. (30 year old white dude, for what it's worth.)

- Link to the original video

Wait, what? How the fuck does he make that much?!

If someone asks you how much you make you include benefits?

"I was getting my license, you said to get my license..."

But they can still abuse people there. Only now those people can't run.

No. There are people who steal other people's houses, or don't pay their taxes and all kinds of crazy shit. They believe the law doesn't apply to them.

Did you even watch the video? The cop could have stayed in his car and just driven away. Nothing had happened, he wasn't called in. He just parked his pig-mobile next to a guy holding a phone and pulled his gun out.

Both incidents occurred during routine traffic stops in Massachusetts and New Hampshire because they believed me to be reaching for a weapon. Both times actually followed the same dialogue:

"May I see your registration?", so I reach for it. "Keep your hands where I can see them!!!". Face, meet pistol. Yeah, cop. Make up your freakin' mind.

Bambuser is the best one, it streams while the recording is taking place (almost all the others don't upload until the recording has stopped) and there's a setting so that once the recording is finished it will continue to upload the high quality version of the recording to "true up" the remote copy in case there were streaming artifacts.

Maybe you see arming your own grandma as a good idea, but let me tell you about my... half crazy, puerto rican racists grandma who thinks all jews ( all white people are jews) and other minorities should be killed and that they are pigs and dogs.. my grandma hates dominicans because they are from 5 miles away on a different island, she would have them killed too. My grandma spit and curse's at gays and womens lib l.adies.

my grandma would arrest you and everyone else for things like , tattoo's , big tit's , ugly shirts, loud mufflers, and laughing to loud.

ya lets arm my grandma ...

Another video of scumbag cops.

Haven't seen that before.

For what? Standing on his own property? For filming a cop from the department that had been fucking with him?

If things went south, do you really think we'd see the video? ;)

so any human being out in public with their hands in their pockets are prime suspects for hardened gun-toting criminals? we better get more cops out on the beat.

Actually I've spent the last few minutes looking for the age of the guy. He doesnt seem young, and I was wondering if he could stretch this whole thing out with appeals and whatever until he retires (with full pension).

He may never have to work a day again.

Another old school cop going bat shit crazy over being recorded. Just do your job and chill out. Welcome to the present. Big brother is watching and little brother is watching back.

Insurance, pension, maybe 401k matching. Just because the government doesn't call it direct income, it's still compensation.

Bambuser's biggest advantage over that app is that it streams while the video is being recorded instead just uploading after the recording is finished.

Accused? What investigation would be merited for any non-magic-badge-wearer? The behavior is clearly audible and visible. If I were on tape treating one of my customers with that level of disrespect? Yeah, immediately fired, and rightly so.

You mean that little piece of paper all LEOs swear a sacred oath to protect and uphold? Yeah that fucking constitution.... Stupid fucking cop.

sovereign citizen

My favorite "."

Jesus Christ, I got arrested in AZ once for weed and the cop walked into my apartment with his gun in hand. Like my 19 year old, stoned, white, Jewish ass was going to hurt him or something.

Where the hell are you that Cops just point there Berettas all willy nilly? your grandma can have a desk job and do the paperwork... :)

They're enforcing the law, and the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. So yes, in fact, they are.

he's just going to move to a county department and work under a sheriff.

If the cop were black, the cop would be dead?

Because we don't expect our LEO'S to treat us like insurgents...we expect them to be civil, to use discretion in a rational manner, and to use force situationally rather than by assumption.

They are not soldiers, and we are not suspect armed combatants. They are not in a War Zone, and no... they do not have the chance of dieing at every stop they make...


cops are not our masters.

the man filming has the ability to end this situation immediately by leaving contact with the officer, but yet continues to stay there because he wants to prolong the situation in order to get video footage of his "stand against a gun-drawn police officer."

and all the cop had to do was fuck off.

for all the officer knows, you might be about to do something with a knife or small handgun.

yeah, the guy recording the cop is definitely going to pull out a knife/gun. definitely. for sure. that's not idiotic at all.

That first line reads "supreme law of the United states" not of the land.

You CAN'T be serious.

they work to enforce the law of the municipal.

Where do you think the municipal government derives its power? From the state. Where do you think the state derives its power? From the Constitution. EVERY law in this country, no matter what level, falls under the umbrella of the Constitution.

Does the mayor of a city have no control over their employees? How come nobody goes after the mayor who hires and is obviously totally fine with having a chief like that on payroll?

:S you make a salient point

The cop was super creepy too. Like a horror monster slowly following his next victim.

What makes you feel like the guy was a cunt?

no - they just don't care and know that nothing will happen to them as they are above the law.

right to a trial

If you're caught on tape stealing office supplies, you don't have a right to a trial before your boss simply fires you for it. If he turns the tape in to the police, you DO have a right to a trial before the state jails you for it.

There's a bunch of reasons why it's often more difficult to fire a cop than to prosecute him. And that at least needs to change.

Do bad cops live under a rock such that they are oblivious to the scrutiny they are under??

punishment before a guilty verdict happens in a court

Who's talking about courts? I'm talking about employment. Getting fired, not getting jailed.

The problem is, often times after the shitstorm blows over, the officer on paid leave just gets back on the force with zero repercussion.

My father in law was a canadian custom agent. He once got relegated to office duty as punishment for harassing one of his colleague. When he got back on the job he sued the government for his missed overtime, and won.

OMG are you suicidal, can you imagine what would happen if a copier jammed and my grandma had access to a weapons room, with things like battering rams, and maybe even military grade assault vehicles. I mean she can't really read english ..but she can read an address on a piece of paper.

No one and no place will be safe from heavily armed puerto rican racist grandma police officers. fuck man imagine the old ass swat team...

As in practice self-defense against the cop, on the grounds he is unlawfully using deadly force?

You'd be dead before you took one step.

Also the constitution isn't the "supreme law of the land"

Read the first line.

it's more like guidelines that laws get written by.

Did you sleep through your high school civics courses? The Constitution is not a bunch of "guidelines". It is the legal foundation for our country and the document from which all government entities are granted power over citizens.

True, lack of Discipline and Training are two major parts of that...

The terrifying thing is he told the guy to take his hand out of his pocket. If he had, the officer would have seized that moment to shoot the guy for "suddenly removing his hand from his pocket" I mean...assuming every citizen is a criminal, which is the safe and responsible thing to do, the man probably had a gun or knife. After the threat had been taken care of, you're only a footage deletion away from freedom. Wonder how often this happens, but the video never sees the light of day.

Where are the cop worshippers to defend this

No. They should be held accountable to the same laws the protect. Our entire system was founded and based on the Rule of Law affecting everyone, not just the poors. Obviously we have strayed from that in the past years, and it's time for a reminder that everyone should be held accountable. Do you not understand that someone acting outside/above the law to protect kinda defeats the whole point of the law in the first place?

"i don't have a last name"

"i don't have a first name either"

i only needed 10s to know how this would go.

Where are they? Did they never apply in the first place? I very rarely see cops stand up against their own psychopaths and a cop that won't stop another cop isn't qualified.

strangely, i know only one neighborhood in nyc that has a cop posted 24/7 to protect them...and that's a very exclusive neighborhood over by the U.N.

all the other neighborhoods just have cops who show up after the fact...which isn't really protecting me, is it?

i gave up on the idea of cops protecting me back in the 1970s.

EDIT: "copy" to "cop." oops.

Damn... that's fucked.

It's messed up to say, but the LAPD are super duper racist if you haven't gathered that already. Being a well dressed white dude is like camo out here, I rarely get pulled over, I'm always treated pretty well, and I can usually get out of a ticket.

My friends that aren't white though.. will tell you stories of the exact opposite. I might not be affected by 100% of the cops bullshit, but watching it happen to people all around me still enrages me.

If they at least TRIED to treat everyone equally, they'd probably have a much better rap.. but its fairly obviously, at least out here, that they will elevate a situation depending on the race of the individual.

I think the cop meant to say "sovereign citizen"

those folks are legit scary and dangerous to cops.

edit: this should not be controversial. right wing terrorists like that like to shoot cops.

You appear to lack understanding of what that actually means