North Korea will be able to hit U.S. cities in three months, CIA warned Trump

North Korea will be able to hit U.S. cities in three months, CIA warned Trump
North Korea will be able to hit U.S. cities in three months, CIA warned Trump

Just keep in mind that this is coming from John Bolton who was a cheerleader for the Iraq war and accused Cuba of developing WMDs in 2002.

here's some more background on why you shouldn't listen to John Bolton

Bolton is a religious fanatical fear monger.

Why would North Korea shoot a nuclear missile at us? I don't think they want to be massacrared in retaliation, which is what would happen to them.

If there is any word to summarize the fears and phobias of modern humanity, it is probably;


We know they won't shoot one. But they possibly can for some possible reason in some possible scenario. And articles love that kind of shit.

Is this just fear mongering? It feels like fear mongering.

Still doesn't make me feel any safer that this man is whispering into trump's ear.

The north remembers

Because their economy has basically been “extort the world at large for material goods and services”.

Now they have nukes. Once they can hit nyc what price is worth paying to ensure they don’t? Or better yet, how much is boko Haram or any other terrorist group willing to pay for a nuke?

They’re not poor you know, there are plenty of billionaires that aren’t friendly with the US and would love to see a city vanish in a flash of fire. North Korea can make that happen now.

Regime is doled out as a propaganda term. Look at who the US calls a regime and who it calls a government. It is solely based on who the US supports not any sort of actual political reality. Turning that propaganda back on the current US government seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Whether he's right or not, it's obvious that they'll have that capability relatively soon. It's really shit luck for the Trump administration that it happened on their watch and they can't just kick the can to the next one as usual. Diplomacy and sanctions obviously don't work so the choice is simple: Attack soon or sit back and watch them advance their technology and stockpile nukes. Either would be a terrible decision.

More reasons not to listen to Bolton.

The selling of the bomb is way more of a real thing then them using it.

Kim knows it would be a death warrant, but selling it would be good cash and people other than him can press the trigger.


This whole article is written about secondhand information from Bolton. We have to trust that when he says there's a three month window that it's actually based in sound intelligence confirmed from a wide variety of sources. But Bolton has a history of being trigger happy on war and citing intelligence reports that later turn out to be incorrect.

I think the technical term is "lying".

I’m curious what this has to do with anything? All this information is coming in from a wide variety of intel personnel and analysts. Why does one person’s previous history of speeches discredit the entirety of the issue at hand?

It's not just his opinion, though. He wouldn't put words in the CIA's mouth.

The issue is that Bolton specifically has a history of playing up intelligence reports about WMDs...

In March 2002, John Bolton, undersecretary of state for nonproliferation, asserted that "the United States believed that Cuba had at least a limited offensive biological warfare research and development effort" and had also "provided dual-use biotechnology to other rogue states."

A month later, he escalated his comments that Cuba remained a terrorist threat to the United States and that its biological weapons program should be seen in that light. Bolton declined to comment on the revised assessment Friday.

Yeah that's not exactly exclusive to Trump. The President doesn't write anti-drug laws either, you're thinking of congress.

That's not the issue. The problem is that once NK has demonstrated the ability to launch a nuclear tipped ICBM to the US mainland, they've irreversibly entrenched themselves by achieving MAD. Then they are free to sell off nuclear weapons to any terrorist group or rogue state that wants one when they need money to feed their people, and there's nothing the US will be able to do about it. The window for shutting down that potentiality is rapidly closing, if it hasn't been closed already.

❤ Definitely fear-mongering.

you mean catch an extra chromosome.

Like North Korea? It's only the 100th time I've heard that false equivalency this week. Funny how these opinions are never heard outside the internet...

It's not as if there is no precedent.

The argument is that he has reports from the CIA about this. The flaw in that argument is that John Bolton has a history of citing intelligence reports about weapons of mass destruction that later turn out to be untrue.

Well fret not because he's whispering into the House of Commons's ear, not Trump's.

No, Pinochet threw people out of helicopters. The Taliban did friday night mass executions in soccer stadia.

Well done on the plural for stadium.

I thought you were going to post a link to a clip from the Red Wedding.

Uhh, they can attack both of those.

Really? blame Obama LOL this should have been taken care of a decade before him and you need to blame Russia and China they are feeding this program.

Yep. The only thing that'll get these people thinking straight is working up a good sweat with a few rugged rounds of soccer.

Yeah that's...exclusive to Trump.


"quick war, we will be back before Christmas"

Why won't they all calm down.

If they had resources to accelerate their nuclear program any faster, I'm sure they would have done it before Trump. I think the major difference now is that their missiles are actually landing where they're supposed to when just a year or two ago, they failed and we were regurgitating jokes about his war with Poseidon/Godzilla. I don't think their advancements have anything to do with Trump's juvenile tweets.

Here's the scenario:

Food is even more scarce than usual, babies are dying of dreaded ghost sickness, and suddenly, there's a coup, with the faction leader saying, "Kim Jong Un has failed to annihilate the west, we have the weapons, we have the will, only a coward and betrayer of the deepest heart of the Junche Ideal would not attack the American dogs while they sleep, and seize at the opportunity to achieve glorious reunification by overwhelming force with our lost and beloved younger sibling to the south," and a struggle ensues for the key that launches the missiles. It doesn't matter who wins, because they've both been shamed now into only one course of action, that of destroying the west, and bringing the Juche Idea to the world on the wings of unicorns.

And lunatics who think Russia is the USA's friend.

It's also not so simple of a solution. North Korea is the war on terrorism x 100.

Intelligence shows that they have extensive tunneling systems for military purposes that reside below civilian cities. Yes below civilians. We aren't about to kill 20 million people. So, just bombing them is an issue. Then US troop deployment would be literally beyond a nightmare situation if we wanted to go ground having to clear everything. The US is not interested in engagement here.

Though allowing NK to further develop it's weapons could be equally a nightmare situation. I imagine the best solutions right now involve sabotage, arm forces muscle flexing and other stuff.


Though interestingly there is more intentional dynamic happening here if I've understood things correctly. The NK situation is being used by nations such as Japan to translate the threat into needing to advance it's arms forces, something China isn't enthusiastic about. China's, North Korea's big brother of sorts.

But that would literally be fascism. Are you being sarcastic? If not, this is pretty scary.

Yeah, you gotta fight fascism with fascism! Screw Geneva!

A pre-emptive strike will bring China into the war.

You will be risking WW3 and a possible nuclear war by launching a preemptive strike against North Korea as this treaty still stands and has been reaffirmed multiple times by Beijing and Pyongyang.

The Kim regime is about self-preservation, not suicide. I do not foresee NK striking the US first as this will provoke retaliation that will decimate North Korea.

Also when the user above you said that a conflict will "get a million South Koreans killed", he's not talking about the Americans. He's talking about the fact that in any conflict with North Korea, Seoul will be destroyed in retaliation due to its proximity to the border.

Erm North Korea has complained about every single war games exercise since they first started decades ago. Trump literally has nothing to do with them increasing in nuclear capability. Their first nuke test was under George, the expansion under obama, and finally the finishing touches under Trump. It’s a lot easier to go from 30 kt to 100, than from 0 to 30.

North Korea has always had the ability to ensure they would never be attacked. No one wants 300k in Seoul to be massacred by artillery. That’s been the deterrent for ages. That’s why we haven’t even considered attacking despite the atrocities and slave labor camps and human rights abuses and their continuing pursuit of nuclear weapons.

If we didn’t attack when they have literal concentration camps, what good is a nuke going to do? It’s going to let them extort the world at large. 1 trillion annually or NYC London and Beijing are eliminated.

In Soviet Russia, statistaks check you

Umm no. You think if Isis had a nuke in the center of NYC that they wouldn't detonate it because of "causing a potential blowback that would destroy their own support networks as well as the much greater willingness for less precise responses by the country that was nuked..." ??

I mean you're equating Isis to deep thinking.

Did you just say North Korea has never attacked South Korea?

It would be fucking hilarious if the countries he sells those nukes to end up threatening him in the future

A common term when describing a government?

This guy Latins.

Really? blame Obama LOL this should have been taken care of a decade six decades before him and you need to blame Russia and China they are feeding this program.

You know they're basically a cult, right? Just because you believe they'd be committing suicide doesn't mean they have to believe that.

Thank you, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. This isn’t 2006. We know North Korea has advanced ICBMs. We know they can hit the United States. Every single thing they’ve claimed so far has panned out. They claim to have a thermonuclear warhead. Now they’re working on bringing them together.

They honestly may already have a device with a reasonably high chance of working, right now (I imagine they keep some nukes in reserve by default).

Simple. Right now, the US could crush NK if they needed to, and suffer relatively minor retaliation as its outside NK missile range.

If NK furthers it’s range to include the East coast, then mutually assured destruction would prevent the US from stepping in. Then NK is free to raze Seoul to the ground.

That's great. Can they stop ICBMs?

All those thinly veiled fascists need to be marched straight to the soccer stadium already.

Honestly, the chance of an ICBM being intercepted by our systems is so close to 0% it's not worth considering.

It's ok. Donnie Heelspur will protect us

Why? we are all going to die someday, do not fear what has not come to pass, you cannot fear possibilities or you would be in the fetal position you're entire life. Let life deal out what it may and brace for it.

This is infuriating like why did Obama not handle this? He just allowed it to grow out of control to the point where our lives are actually in danger ugh