Normal reaction to a catastrophic accident

He doesn't even change the titles when he reposts other successful threads

I'm relatively certain he does it so that he can sell a high karma account or some shit

Why are you reposting everything?

people actually pay real money for an account with a high amount of useless internet points?

Worst. Hourly Rate. Ever.

Yes. Typically the older the account, and the more points it has, the more it sells for.

There was quite the market for them during the recent election season. It's probably dropped off now, but you can still get a decent payout for an old account with a few thousand karma.

Is he worse than /u/AdamE89?

So he can sell his account to spammers.

Normal reaction to a catastrophic repost

My god people take reddit way to seriously.

It make sense just damn didn't realise people where this insane.

I read an article, where the author sold his account. It was 5 years old, with around 40,000 total Karma, and he negotiated it for $120 dollars.

Mad repost skills

Out of the top of my head if you're somebody who wants to make something go viral or big for your own benefit (politics, celebrities, business, etc) on reddit then you'd buy those and use them to do whatever you wanted to do. Why not just create an account? Because it would be easier to expose you as someone posting for an agenda. If all of your posts are about one thing, people call that out on this site. Example: People accused users of selling profiles to people involved with campaigns of each presidential candidate. It's easier to say hey, this new profile is slandering this person and really up talking this other. I don't trust them because they're just here to preach. But if you see its an old user who has commented a lot and posted a lot it's easier to see them as just a user with an opinion.

This is so unrealistic. Griffith Observatory parking lot would never be that vacant on a such a nice day.

how decent?

Fuck off :)

Because they've done the math, and spending their time spamming instead of re-posting so they can later spam nets them enough cash that they can make more money by buying accounts and dedicating their time to spamming.

schrute bucks

I don't get reddit. Sometimes the comment pointing out a repost is on top but sometimes it's downvoted into oblivion. What magical scale do we use to determine if we care or not?

Four things you need be aware of:

1) Half of the people you meet would be middling intelligence and a quarter of them are not using their reasoning capabilities well.

2) Dunning Kruger effect: Idiots don't have the self reflection to know they are idiots.

3) Gabe's Greater internet theory: A normal person with anonymity and an audience would likely make themselves into an ass.

4) Bias comfirmation: People find what they want from random information to match their expectations.

Every internet forum has this problem with the average user.

lmao wtf look at his latest post

Why can't spammers make their own accounts?

I too would like to know. You know, for science.

"911, thus guy fell of his moterbike and i think he's dead." "Okay, first we need to make sure he's dead" stomp "now what? "

Why buy one though?

Welcome to Reddit!

I was really getting ready for a bigger figure by the end of your sentence. Don't know why, was thinking at least $1k, although I have no idea why anyone would pay that...

I recall the owner to that account wondering why people care that he reposts so I'd say Adam's worse


I'll sell you my 95 karma, 3yr account for your soul. We can conduct the deal via the 'old ways' ;)

how many stanley nickles is that worth?

You... invaded... My... PERSONAL!!! BUBBLLLLLEEE! Curb Stomp

"old ways" You mean a fiddle duel?

wave2:glow3: selling account, type 123 for offers. free armour trimming included. meet at wildy.

I always figure once something gets to a certain number up or down that's how people think. Herd mentality or some shit. Happens to everyone.

If you post spam on a new account it's obvious what you're doing. If you post it on a legitimate account with a bunch of other posts it's easier to mask what's going on.

It's not like posting on Reddit is your full-time job for those 5 years. (At least it shouldn't be!)

Some low effort reposts once every week or two would be plenty to boost the karma up. Maybe not to 40,000, but to decent enough levels. And you could have several accounts going at once; so that you can sell a bunch of them.

I'm not saying it's a great money-maker, but I don't think it would be the Worst. Hourly Rate. Ever.

(By the way, one reason people buy them so that they have respectable looking accounts to shill from. It doesn't need to have huge karma for that. It just needs to be reasonably old and active.)

I have a 3 year old account with less than a 1000 karma what will you quote mine for?

Aren't we all idiots in our own way though? And doesn't everyone of us consider others to be the average user and not ourselves.

Because there is still a significant amount of people who haven't seen this before.

Just in case anyone is wondering im selling u/the_straw09 for a package of cheetos and a dirty handjob