Fry: "I need the extra money to buy coffee to stay awake for my night job."

Too real

Why the fucking fuck isn't all of that stuff tax deductible then? From your gross take out the cost of those 5 days of accommodation, 5 days of food, 5 days of transport, 5 days of utilities etc as being legitimate costs of earning an income and pay tax on the remainder. Businesses do it, why not everyone? Rhetorical of course, the laws aren't made for you and I.

Cheer up Ellen, at least we can look forward to the sweet release of death

Hahaha seriously

We can all stop working and paying for anything. They need us. We don’t need them.

We are mice turning a wheel, never getting anywhere, trying to strive for the treat that will never come, and supplying someone else with electricity.

One nice thing about working in STEM is that you can dress like a homeless person and nobody cares.

Jesus, this hits home. What am I suppose to do about it?

Except for the house part. More like 288 sq ft apartment

Spend less money on things you dont need (like a large house or expensive car). Join a union or socialist organization.

Think you've missed the point here, buddy.

it really is a commitment for all to overwhelm the opposition.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. These are the reasons why people are depressed, have anxiety and commit suicide. For every outcome they have a “solution”. It’s so damn sad.

For real

It can be done though. We just need to wake up.

So poignant it’s depressing.

It’s all a trap. They make us feel like we have it all but in reality, we are trapped.