Non-listed Ferrari parts would be “huge step" for Sauber

Non-listed Ferrari parts would be “huge step" for Sauber

I don't think anyone would really miss Ericsson, he's taking up space from more talented drivers. Hopefully the partnership with Ferrari can replace the lost sponsorship money.

It's incredible that both Wehrlein and Ericsson could be without a drive next season. One has showed talent on occasions, and the other has a huge financial backing.

It's solely Mercedes fault, their junior programme is sort off a joke. They should either have bought out Manor or made more spots available at their customer teams for their youngsters...

They currently have Ocon at Force India, that's it. All the other Mercedes engine spots seem to be out of their control.

But look at it from their side, why would the top team of the last 4 years need a junior team? Basically every driver in the team would sign for them in a heartbeat if they could get out from under their contract or were a free agent. This is the perks of having the best cars, you literally have the choice who drives for you and who does not.

It's a bit like with Haas. Outsourcing parts that aren't required to be designed or fabricated in house as much as possible.

"Listed" parts refers to the parts the regulations require to be created in house. See the technical regulations for more info on the specifics.

IIRC the tub needs to be designed in house, but suspension elements can be outsourced. (I don't know if I'm correct, so anyone feel free to correct me.)

You're right about Ericsson, but Wehrlein? Mercedes-backed, future talent, showed occasional speed, and now looks like without a drive in 2018? I'm amazed this is virtually ignored in the media.

What is meant by "non-listed?" That the parts aren't governed by any particular rules, that they aren't going to disclose which parts they will be taking, or something else?

It's incredible that both Wehrlein and Ericsson could be without a drive next season.

For sure it is terrible that Pascal might lose his seat. He has done much to prove that he deserves it, unlike Marcus.

They will get Ferrari's spark plugs and turbo manifolds

hes still been slow compared to his teammates + look how many race ending mistakes he has made

Thanks for this!

What can they do? He’s got no options because none are available, there’s nothing newsworthy there.

In fact, I‘ve seen and heard a lot of media pieces wish him well and hope he can make a comeback in 2019/20.