Nobel Foundation terminates partnership with FIFA

Nobel Foundation terminates partnership with FIFA

Up next: Italian Mafia terminates partnership with FIFA.

There goes Sepp's last hope for a lifetime achievement award.

And boom goes the dynamite.

(Geddit? Nobel Foundation? No? Outdated reference? No? Fuck you then)

Apparently, the Islamic State are having second thoughts about a sponsorship deal with Fifa as a result of recent reports.

You're not Bush, please take this prize.

which is kind of the same thing in reverse

Ah so like, the exact opposite?

Dude, don't be so cocky.

(Geddit? Cocky? Tottenham's badge?)

They would probably just terminate FIFA.

I was trying to make a joke about how you guys explained the joke in your guys's jokes.

I'm not funny.

You're right, i'm sorry. You're a diamond, mate.

If Obama won it, anybody can. The award has lost its meaning.

None of us are funny.

That's why we're all here instead of outside with real people.


If Henry Kissinger can win a Nobel Prize, Sepp Blatter can win two or three.

The Ballon D'war.

Dat Hamburger SV logo.

The Nobel Foundation is certainly not a joke, but The Nobel Peace Centre (Norwegian comittee) which this is about, is a joke.

Yea nobody likes Fifa, but Nobel is a joke as well.

Well Blatter hasn't killed anyone in drone strikes. That we know of.

You think Obama is as bad as Blatter? Good one, Mitt.

Why do you gota be a dick,you and everyone knows what I mean.


What is with these coorporations/foundations being so wishy washy? It's really damn obvious that all of these puclic statements are just fancy ways of saying "we are waiting until the very last possible minute to back out of our agreement with FIFA." God it's annoying

But he does sanction the killing of hundreds of foreign workers in Qatar. And unlike the targets in drone strikes, they usually aren't terrorists!

Only the Nobel peace prize is a joke, not the swedish committee.

Henry Kissinger

Mother Theresa

Dalai Lama

Yassir Arafat, Yitzak Rabin, Shimon Peres

Al Gore

I hope a bigger sponsor does the same. Fuck fifa

I don't get it? Diamond? That has nothing to do with Tottenham's badge OR the Nobel Foundation?

November 2014 for Sony. Johnson and Johnson, Continental, and a few others dropped theirs in January 2015. All before the bribery was outed, and 100% about the slavery.