No Wii U owners, you're not being backstabbed

No Wii U owners, you're not being backstabbed

There's been a lot of discussion about the ports and the justification of their existence. A lot of Wii U owners have welcomed these ports but many have argued against it, claiming its "anti consumer" and that they are being punished.

EDIT: I'm not accusing all of you Wii U owners out there. Most of you have been cool with this situation.

-Firstly, nobody is forcing you to buy these games

-These games are probably being outsourced most likely. So Im assuming DKC:TF is not being ported by Retro, but by some other studio.

-You bought the games. And you bought it for the WiiU. No additional, "and get a free copy for our next console". It was your choice to purchase then and most likely, you got your money's worth out of it

-Many of these gamed suffered from poor exposure. DKC:TF did not deserve to die with the WiiU. Hyrule Warriors needed a definite edition not on the 3ds. Bayonetta 2 did suffer too, but now, it will be on a thriving console and most likely boost interest for the third game

-You may complain there is a lack of new games, but having these ports is better than having droughts, which the WiiU suffered from. Not to forget, there are many games announced still. Yoshi, Octopath, Pokemon, Metroid. Yeah. And there's being whispers of a bigger direct too.

-People who missed the WiiU can play these now (obviously)

So tldr: Wii U owners, you're not being left in the dust. Nintendo is giving these games another chance on their thriving new console and more options is better.

I was going to say Virtual Console is basically porting over older games and nobody complains but that's a whole different beast and a beautiful one at that. But I guess since the VC has these games for dirt cheap, that argument can't be reflected here.

Switch now has outsold Wii U's lifetime sales, they are clearly tapping into the market that NEVER had Wii U before, and to them, Wii U ports are still new games, even if they are not strictly new. Why on earth would any sane company not want to tap into that market?

Nintendo would be stupid to let brilliant games rot on a platform that less people bought during it's entire life time than bought a Switch in less than a year.

I agree with OP. Also, another point: when they're not outsourced, ports are given to junior devs. It's a good way for them to get used to how Nintendo makes games, both in terms of game design and technology.

Let's have a look at Breath of the Wild. They hired a lot of people for this game. Aonmuma said on several occasions that this was the biggest team ever in Nintendo's history. The newly hired employees weren't just thrown at the project though. They worked on all the ports before that: OoT 3D, M'sM 3D, WWHD and TPHD (though for the 3DS titles they had help from Grezzo, but this company is certainly going to work on future Zelda titles, so my point stands). It was all glorified training. Once they got to work on BotW, they had arguably as good a knowledge of how 3D Zelda works as anyone who has been there since the days of the N64. When they were put on BotW, they were directly productive.

So ports don't take away from new games. On the contrary, they are stepping stones to make better new games.

Vote with your wallet.

To some, it'll be worth the money, to others, not so much, but that's the same with everything under the sun.

But, one thing for certain: having it is much better than not having it, and if prices are too high, there is always second hand market a few years down the line, or next Black Friday to look forward to.

yeah but charging full price for re releases is a bit rich imo.

Can confirm, never had a Wii U, looking to gather up all the neato titles I missed out on. Tropical Freeze was one of them, but now with added funkiness as a bonus

Agreed. I have a Wii U, and if there are games I have on that that are ported that I don't want again I simply won't buy them. I was happy to buy MK8D because it had some new stuff, and Mario Kart is fun anyway. I'm a die hard Bayonetta fan, so without a doubt I will be picking those up. Hell, this will be my FOURTH time buying Bayonetta 1, because I have it on PS3, Wii U and PC. Nobody forced me to buy it more than once, but I love it so I'm willing to buy it again to experience it again. Although I guess technically it's free with Bayo 2, so I'm not really buying it again.

Basically, as OP said, nobody is forcing us to buy ports. If you feel you're being "punished" for having bought it on Wii U then the answer is simple - don't buy it on Switch if you don't want it. As others have mentioned, the Wii U flopped and there were a lot of fantastic games on it that not many people got to play, so this will bring those games to a much bigger audience. For games like Bayonetta (yes, I know I sound like a broken record and a fanboy) this is fantastic. Its sales have not been stellar (they've been decent, but nothing to write home about), and this has the possibility to breathe new life into the franchise which is critically acclaimed, yet not many people have played.

Edited to add in some extra stuff at the end.

This is a similar situation to the Wii following the Gamecube, they made the Wii backwards compatible and ported some games with Wii functionality.

I definitely think nintendo is making the right decision for the switch with ports but I think it's unfair to say that WiiU owners can't be disappointed. There are some amazing new games but there are also a lot of series (Mario Kart and Donkey Kong) which so far have only had ports announced. I would be happy if the ports followed the Bayonetta system where they use them to announce a new game also instead of it to be filling a void.

That's a brilliant strategy that I did not know Nintendo used.

Wait for a price drop

This is kind of a problem with Nintendo games, though.

-You may complain there is a lack of new games, but having these ports is better than having droughts, which the WiiU suffered from. Not to forget, there are many games announced still. Yoshi, Octopath, Pokemon, Metroid. Yeah. And there's being whispers of a bigger direct too.

Personally it doesn't bother me, but I think this would be the biggest valid criticism. For those that have no interest in re-purchasing a game how is a reissue any better than a drought for them? They still aren't getting games that hold their interest.

This is what I've done with MK8D. I have MK8 with all the DLC on my Wii U and I just said can't buy the same again full price. I will be doing the same DKC:TF. However both games are amazing.

I only learnt about it reading interviews about how they made BotW

You hit the nail on the head here, great experience for junior devs who will undoubtedly be working on a BIG donkey long title in the next year or two.

I mean cmon they're dedicating a whole third of their universal attractions to DK, something big has to be coming soon in the franchise and the more experienced people working on it the better imo

Agreed. I still have my wii u hooked up, but with 5 more ports I can pack it away for good. And I'll be happy to do so.

I love that nintendo is bringing wii u ports to the switch.

don't buy it then.

Gamefreak does the same thing. USUM was made by the junior teams, and Pokemon Switch is bring made by the veterans.

Hell, even Wii U supported Wii, and Wii has been MASSIVELY successful.

I think that is what people on this subreddit do not seem to understand as most here have not owned a Wii U. Even the OP says that porting these games is good, because then there will not be droughts that the Wii U suffered from. That might be the case for everyone who did not own a Wii U, but what about the ones that have already played them on the Wii U? This part of the community will definitely suffer the droughts as only a minority of the se people would be willing to pay the full price again for an experience they have already had.

For example, last year I only bought two games: Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Games like MK8D, Pokken Tournament DX and Zelda: Breath of the Wild I have already played and similarly, I have already experienced Splatoon and Hyrule Warriors to know that Splatoon 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors would not interest me anymore (despite being new games). After this direct, there is still very little I am interested in. I have played The World Ends With You, Dark Souls and Ys: VIII on other platforms already. And on Wii U I played Hyrule Warriors and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Yes, there is most definitely more games coming, but until then, I am suffering from the drought. And if I am being completely honest, so far it feels like the Nintendo Switch is just the ultimate port machine - It's great for everyone who has not experienced these games yet, but for those who have...the system does not offer much.

This post sounds condescending.

Those people who supported the Wii U deserve to be heard. They supported and had faith in Nintendo at their lowest point since the GameCube, at a time when many of you didn't. Without their support, there might never have been a Hyrule Warriors or a Bayonetta 2 or a Tropical Freeze in the first place. All you new Switch owners will get to enjoy those games thanks in some part to them.

You had the option to buy a Wii U and play the games back then, but you didn't. Others did, and I think they're perfectly entitled to feel miffed when all these other people - who didn't support Nintendo back then - are dismissing their concerns now.

Its very easy to jump on a successful console. But those people who stood by the Wii U deserve credit and deserve to be heard.

Most on point comment so far. Filling gaps in the Switch lineup with Wii U ports makes sense from a business standpoint. It also greatly benefits gamers who did not own a WiiU. It's great they get to experience said games for the first time on the Switch. It's terrible for those of us who bought the games during the WiiU era and don't want to rehash the experience again. It's not that I don't want to pay for ports, it's that those experiences are played out for me. There are maybe two games I'm interested in purchasing in the first half of 2018. That's a shit lineup IMO. Nintendo has been pulling this crap for years so I'm not surprised, but it's silly to expect people to not be disappointed.

For people that have never played these games before , full price isn't a problem. For those that have on the Wii U, you already have the game so why are you rushing to buy it again. Wait for a price drop before you pick it up again. There's absolutely no need to get it day one.

agreed - I have pokken, resi rev 1, rayman legends, bayonetta 1 and 2, hyrule warriors and donkey kong on wii u. I feel no need to buy them again.

I also had mario kart 8 and splatoon on wii U, and felt that I would get enough use out of mk8d and splatoon 2 on switch, they are now sitting at 70 hours and 110 hours played, so i made the right choice there.

I have plenty of games on switch to play, it doesn't matter that ports are coming for me, its more problematic for switch owners that did not have a wii U as their wallet will hurt more than mine.


Well both of those cases were because the GC, Wii, and Wii U were so similar in architecture. The Wii was basically an overclocked Gamecube. Even the Wii U can technically play Gamecube discs if you hack it. It wasn't so much about not leaving games to rot on the less successful platform as it was scoring huge brownie points and adding system value for relatively little effort.

I imagine for some people the portability will cause the need to buy it again. For other people they'll just keep playing it on the WiiU. Both of these things are valid solutions. I bought BotW and MK8D because I never had a WiiU, but I can imagine that I wouldn't re-buy all of my 5 year old games either.

PS4 was littered with a lot of remasters at first too, but because I never got to play The Last of Us, I was okay paying full price for the PS4 version.

That's why rereleases happen.

donkey long

Best. Typo. Ever.

The more ports the merrier on this wonderful new system. waits patiently for Zelda remasters

Having owned a Wii U, I still welcome these games to the Switch overall, I agree they're opening great games to a thriving market and everything else you said, but I can't act like I don't think it's a money grab, particularly at the full price of these games. Ultimately, these ports will be full price for the very same games that were released 4-5 years ago.

Skyrim, for example, costs about £50, which I thought was an insane asking price for a game that is now over 7 years old and you can buy on Steam for £2.50 in a sale, with the only new features as far as I'm aware being graphical updates? I get that not everyone has a PC that can run it / people want Skyrim portable / people like supporting games etc, but full price for a 7 year old remastered game? Of course, Skyrim wasn't on Wii U so that's not completely relevant here, but if the same approach to pricing is taken with these ports I'll be a bit unhappy to say the least, on top of the fact that xbone / ps4 have the games for £20 on Amazon, while the Switch version still seems to be so much more expensive?

More on topic, I thought MK8D wasn't priced great for a port. It came with DLC, looks beautiful and is a great game, not bashing that, but, to me, if we're paying full price but getting no new content, why are we paying full price? I always thought the bulk of the money should go towards the creativity and new content, but I'm sure remastering costs money too, but paying £50 again for a 4 year old game with new graphics and included DLC is greedy, from my point of view. Then again, people are clearly happy to pay this so I can't blame Nintendo.

Still waiting on smash! I played on my friends Wii U and have it on 3ds but I want my own copy on my switch.

A lot of small studios actually seek out port jobs and remasters because it's good training, easy money to keep themselves afloat, and it gives them connections and clout so they can pitch their own projects in the future. This is why I am generally never against ports.

On the other hand, I do think it's Okay for diehard Wii U owners to feel a bit upset. They buckled down on Nintendo and the company's library of games, only to be shown the exact same games less than five years later when the hunger for new experiences is palpable. Granted, I agree with most of these points here saying that Nintendo, "Abandoned," or, "Backstabbed," Wii U owners is silly, but outside of Mario and Zelda it can be hard to see where the new experiences are.

(Also, I suspect that part of these complaining people are Nintendo newcomers who haven't yet realized that Nintendo doesn't generally fit in with their tastes, but that's just some speculation on my part.)

Also remember that Wii and Wii U had backwards compatibility, and Switch does not. That's why a lot of people will buy this ports too.

The best part don't have to buy it. That's why there's consumer choice.

Wii U owner here. I have been excited/hoping for ports of all of these games and more because the Wii U’s lineup by the end of its life was quite impressive. It’s smart business for Nintendo and I am genuinely excited for others who get to experience them again. I think most Wii U owners are in the same boat as me, it’s not that Nintendo has betrayed me, it’s that I’m frustrated that something I bought and expected to be got an updated version with added features on a portable console. The biggest draw to Nintendo has always been their console exclusives. We purchased these Wii U games with the understanding that this was the only way (legally) to play them. Maybe the next console would offer backwards compatibility, but an update and portability that runs just as well for the same price? Not to mention the fact that in the case of Pokken, this DX version came out exactly a year and a half after the original and the new DLC is only available on the new version. Or that Hyrule Warriors+Legends+DLC is over 150$ spent by some while it is soon available to others for 60$ all on one portable console. It’s not backstabbing, it’s not anger, it’s not betrayal, it’s just frustration that supporting the Wii U has left us with inferior products that we had no way of knowing were inferior. What if Nintendo released NES/SNES Classic 2 with all the same games except now it comes with an added 5 games? Would people who bought the original not be entitled to feel disappointed that they bought an inferior version with no expectation from anyone that a better version was coming out so soon? What if virtual console gets released and every game is now full price, regardless of if you purchased it previously on a Nintendo console? Will owners of previous versions be accused of being whiny? What makes a previously purchased 60$ (plus DLC etc.) game so different than virtual console 5-20$ games?

Tl;dr: the feeling is more disappointment that we spent money on an inferior product in an unprecedented move by Nintendo. I’m not mad at anyone or anything and the ports are great, just hard for people who spent a lot more money on these games than I did.

Exactly. For me, until this summer, the Next two big Nintendo experiences are gonna be Kirby and Mario Tennis and they're not really on the masterpiece side. I mean, i bet they will be great games but not on BOTW or Mario Odyssey level. And the many games annouces like Yoshi, Octopath, Pokémon or Metroid won't be released until Fall 2018 or 2019. I'm not mad because there are many games to play on other platforms and others things to do irl :P

Is it, though? I'd agree if these games were quite old, they expected you to buy all the DLC separately, and had no new content. But they're relatively new, still look good, come with new features and the old DLC, and hardly ANYONE played them. Are there even any Wii U owners that had all the good games? Probably not. I think it's justified here.

Now...I wouldn't exactly mind if (via Nintendo ID) they gave digital owners of the Wii U version a small discount, but even that's something I can overlook.

I re-bought Mario Kart 8. They did update it somewhat, but you're right. The portability is key, as is being able to play online with friends who bought the Switch, but not Wii U.

"you got your money's worth out of it" Can't stress this part enough. If you bought a game on your own free will and enjoyed the hell out of it then everything went as intended and you lost nothing. It's not different to jumping to a new console or gen.

I sold MK8 to put towards MK8D.

I thought I'd play MK8 more out of the house, so it's the only full $60 game I have on my Switch digitally. I think the only games I have left for my Wii/Wii U are the VC games, Skyward Sword, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Super Smash Brawl, and Super Smash for Wii U.

Of course, no one deserves anything. But in terms of giving back to the wii u community, that supported Nintendo with their shit show for the last 5 years, I think owners who have the original wii u game should at least get some sort of trade in discount through retail programs or if its a digital copy, a discount as well. That's like saying Samsung shouldn't have given note 8 buyers a discount if they bought a note 7. They got compensated already for what happened. The extra trade in deal, is pretty much I'm sorry for the fuck up, I hope this makes it better.

I agree. I would probably have never been able to play Yoshi's Woolly World if not for the 3DS port.

I just wish we at least got a discount if we owned a digital copy of a game on the Wii U.

Edit: They need to bring Paper Mario Color Splash over to the Switch.

But... now everyone can play WiiU exclusives? But... but... I wanted to be special...

My only problem is that the Wii U version isn't being supported. I feel like Wii U owners should have been offered all the extra characters for Pokken Tournament for example. Once you release a game on a platform, you should support it fully IMO.

Not a huge deal but it would be better imo.

I still have my Wii u set up but only because of Mario maker which I still play, once online for Wii u is shut down or we get a Switch version it’s going away :(

Never got the chance to play DKTF which was on my Wishlist so I’m glad it’s coming to Switch

Couple that with the fact that Nintendo rarely discounts their games. It is common to see PS4 games that get released drop in price.

Take Horizon Zero Dawn, for example. It came out in February 28 and was $60 with a $20 DLC. Now it is $50 for the complete edition, which will probably go on sale at a later date. That game is a game of the year contender. Most HD remasters cost $20 for a single game or $40 for a collection.

With Nintendo, there is no such discount, and I don't foresee that they will discount the game any time soon. Donkey Kong is currently $20 on Wii U, and it will most likely cost more on the Switch.

If they get a discount within a year, I will be ok with it, but that isn't usually how Nintendo does things. I get that a lot of people haven't played these games, but there are better examples of how to do it on other consoles.

Exactly, and I'm glad they are.

I didn't have a Wii, but have a switch now and am keen to play the games I missed out on before.

There's literally no downside to this, even for owners of Wii/WiiU. People just like to bitch and moan.

If I were nintendo looking at this from a business point of view, I would probably give previous owners of that game a bit of a discount. It would secure more sales imo as we know, and have seen “im not buying this game again I still play it on wiiu” posts. I know they won’t but you’ve got some people who say “yeah I’ll buy it again “ but then a lot that say “nope not buying the same game again”. Giving even a small discount would probably show previous owners that Nintendo cares about there purchase/support and will sway them to re buying the game.

I never owned a wiiu myself though.

Nintendo has made it very clear to me to never buy a console of theirs that is selling bad as I can just buy the next one and play all the ports. Maybe it's more a life lesson for all consoles.

What I'm generally upset with is that I either need to fork out another $60 to buy the same game to get the added DLC or bonuses or miss out (Which is what I'll end up doing). Funky Kong looks super fun to play but at $60 after beating the game already no way. So in a way I do feel like I've been punished for buying the Wii U as I didn't really get 100% of the content and if I want what would be considered just DLC if the Wii U stayed strong I have to pay $60. For non Wii U owners it's fantastic and I'm glad you guys gets to play it.

We had the 3DS ambassador program so I can't see why we can't have something similar idk how it would work but just a little head nod to the Wii U owners for supporting Nintendo through their rough times would go a long way.

One simple easy way would be to give us our Wii U virtual console games (The ones we bought) for free (or like 10 cents each) if VC ever arrives. They could literally splurt out "We are thanking our loyal fans whom supported the Wii U by allowing you to transfer you VC titles for free" Would make people super happy without losing much money. (The Wii U player base is tiny. VC player base even smaller.)

Nonetheless non WiiU owners enjoy DKC:TF It's really fun.

I gladly bought MK8 again on Switch. It's such a good game, plus you get to play it wherever. The added features are just a cherry on the top.

I 100% agree with you. I had a Wii U, and I still buy some of the ports (portability or games I haven't played yet).

We would not have more games without the ports, and we have more or less the same number of fresh new games than we had on the past Nintendo consoles. Now, instead of waiting months between two new games, we have the choice (and I insist on this) to play some Wii U games instead of waiting with no games.

And besides, there are not a lot of ports. For the 1st year we have 3 Wii U-exclusive ports: Mario Kart 8, Pokken and Bayonetta 2. For the 2nd year, we have 2 Wii U-exclusive ports: Hyrule Warriors, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

Note in anticipation of some comments: BOTW was out at the same time on both machines, so it's not a port. Splatoon 2 is not a port of Splatoon 1, it's a new game. Bayonetta 1 was already a port from 360/PS3 so it's in the same as L.A. Noire, Skyrim, Dark Souls, ...

I know some people will argue that they want the "final" version of their games, but it's not specific to Nintendo at all. It's now a common practice to re-release games in "GOTY" editions. Saying that Nintendo betrays Wii U players is the same as saying Sony betrays PS3 players by re-releasing some of the best PS3 games on PS4. The main difference is that on PS4, you generally have a boost of graphics/framerate/resolution while on Switch you have portability (and it has its value, it's not something you can discard).

Besides that, I have the feeling that there is some kind of "elitism" behind the complaints. You feel bad because some people can play some Wii U games that were reserved to the "real Nintendo fans who supported the Wii U no matter what". Just pretend that the ports do not exist and let others enjoy those games. If you are interested to play those games again, buy them. If not, ignore them. Do not prevent others who are interested in those games to play them (= do not force them to buy a Wii U for 2 or 3 games and no portability). Asking for not porting Wii U games on the Switch is selfish, because those ports do not affect you in any way.

Kirby not a masterpiece

Those are fighting words

I literally just told my friend to do this. He’s moaning that he’s gotta pay to play mario kart 8 again and I said sell the wiiu version it makes sense.

He replied “no because it will be worth a lot more in the future and I’m a collector”

What i dunt understand the most is that somehow these WiiU owners think that every game on the console has been bought by every single WiiU owner.

Less than 2 million people Bought DK Country TF, so there are at least 12 million WiiU owners for whom the Switch port is as much a new game as it is for all the people who did not buy a WiiU.

I mean I agree, and as a non Wii U owner feel a bit biased because im all for it, but your post comes off a bit harsh.

This is the first nintendo console since gamecube without backwards comptability. The Wii U was a big failure and the people who bought it likely DID NOT get their full money’s worth as it did not last long. So they release these ports, full price, and the most loyal nintendo fans who were already burned by their console get no discount/transfer/way of helping convert their games to the new console they were willing to support again after everything they’ve been through with Wii U? Pretty messed up imo. Even xbox one figured out backwards compatability this time around

While I personally don't view re-releases to be a "backstab", your entire argument is kind of horrible

It boils down to "stop whining", "nobody bought your console anyway", "If we didn't have re-releases there would be no games... which is why nobody bought your console", and "if you don't like it, don't buy it"

All of that is insanely dickish and a non-answer. AND if the wii u owners don't buy the re-releases (and don't want indie games) then they are getting the exact same drought that led to them buying these games in the first place. Which is why there is apparently a sentiment of feeling punished for supporting Nintendo.

As a Wii U owner: I bought one for Bayonetta and Hyrule Warriors. I got both digital on the off chance that Nintendo weren't complete asshats.... Nintendo are complete asshats. So when I buy them again (which I don't really mind. If you buy a shitty console for three games then you are doing that for a reason), I know to buy Physical. Because if Nintendo aren't going to do the basic digital distribution QoL improvements that even Sony does (and Sony sucks...), I have no problem buying physical to sell the games that aren't that great on the side (I played Mario for something like negative 2 dollars, heh). It is more inconvenient for me when I need to go back to the stone ages of swapping discs (well, cartridges) and it is worse for Nintendo when they lose an effective sale, but... whatever.

This 1000 times. And even worse if you already owned TWEWY on DS, albeit I am excited for everyone else who has never been able to play such an amazing game.

That's crazy, USUM are my favorite pokemon games in ages. Liking the new teams!

A real battle mode sold me on a second buy.

Ha! True. I'm actually a bit relieved since I basically had no wallet anymore thanks to last year's Switch releases. Now it can rest a bit... Until the next direct that is.

I'm glad I didn't have to wait years for another Mario Kart. I sold my Wii U, MK8D allowed me to continue play mario kart uninterrupted rather than keeping a console for one game

it’s just frustration that supporting the Wii U has left us with inferior products that we had no way of knowing were inferior.

Well you run into this on any system really. And it's not exactly a new thing or a Nintendo thing. Definitive Editions and HD Remasters are commonplace now, industry wide. At this point it should be an expectation that any game with even a little success might get a better version sometime down the road. And the likelihood of a popular late-gen game being enhanced shortly into the next-gen is very high. The Last of Us Remastered came out like a year after TLoU on PS3.

just hard for people who spent a lot more money on these games than I did.

To be honest I think the more money you spent on Wii U, the more satisfied you were with it. I have like 25 or so retail games, who knows how many digital, and for all its faults and shortcomings I think it was a great little system that I sunk a ton of time into. I believe it's more the people who only bought it for Mario Kart and Smash and complain it had no games that were really disappointed.

I don't know what's going on in this thread.

I haven't seen anyone upset about the existence of these Wii U ports, what you're all purposefully ignoring is that they were being sold to us for $60 on Wii U a year ago when the Switch wasn't even out yet and now we get a 0% discount on buying the 1.1 version.

On Xbox I can play my 360 and Original Xbox games on my Xbox One for completely free (digital or physical).

You’re shit out of luck if you bought the digital version of a game you want to sell.

PS4 games also go down in price much quicker.

You can always sell your Wii U version of the game to buy the Switch version. That's effectively like getting a discount. Obviously this only applies to physical copies but it's something.

Our Universe:

Ports announced, no true sequel announced, but at least a bunch of new fans can play games they missed! And old fans can play an updated version, if they liked the original enough!

Alternate Universe without Ports:

No news about the true sequels anyway, because Nintendo isn't ready to announce them yet. So we're just sitting around complaining about how there's nothing releasing.

Ports or no, Nintendo isn't just going to come out and say "okay everyone! we're working on a new mario and a new zelda and a new kirby and a new yoshi and a new metroid and a new mario kart and a new smash bros and a new donkey kong, and a new everything!"

I bought skyrim.. Again for 60 just because I could play it portably..I have put 300 hours on ps3 and 500 on PC.. One on switch.. Portability was to cool to pass up though, and as a happy side effect I got my non gamer girlfriend into skyrim because she likes the switch

I've never owned a Wii U and my only issue with the Wii U ports is the price. I expect them to be 60€ each and at that price I might as well just buy a Wii U.

I know the Switch is portable and all but I planned on getting all of the Wii U ports and it's just outright cheaper to buy a Wii U and the games at this point, so much cheaper that it's hard for me to care for the portability aspect so much.

A Wii U with no games sells for 140-150€ in my area, there was an offer of a Wii U with 7 games (good ones) for 190€.

DKC:TF sells for 14€ as well as a lot of other good wii U games. I want tropical freeze, hyrule warriors, captain toad, rayman legends, super mario 3d world, bayoneta 1&2, nintendoland, etc... If the games are going to cost 60€ a pop I'm honestly just better off buying a used Wii U, especially with Wii BC.

I was hyped for the Wii U port announcements yesterday, but after thinking it through I think it's just better if I buy a Wii U outright.

Edit: found a cheaper one with 4 controllers for 120€

I think people spend too much time talking about pointless stuff on the internet then actually playing the games they have.

You also have to think of the people who didn’t have a Wii U. I didn’t have a PlayStation or a gaming PC before a couple years ago. So especially on the PS4, I’m benefiting from remasters and rereleases of games I never would have had access to otherwise. So the people who just bought their first Nintendo system still get to experience excellent games that they happened to miss at first.

For Nintendo, new owners and people looking to revisit their favourites, it’s a win-win. For the others.. people just like to complain.

I owned a Wii u and played none of these ports so although a little underwhelming they are still fresh experiences for me.....come to think of it....what did I play on that thing! xD