No, this is how you make a chessboard

No, this is how you make a chessboard

For anyone curious, this paint can be made at home by mixing vertical stripey paint with horizontal stripey paint.

This checks out.

This, Walt Disney's Santa's Workshop is part Sweden's most popular TV show which has been running for over 60 years every Christmas. Not kidding!

Edit: since 1960, so just under 60 years.

That's clearly a checker board.



Dammit. Look what you've done. Now I need to sell all these damn chessboards.

Market them as free range, cruelty free chessboards. They'll fly off the shelf, and no one will ever suspect that they're made with 100% pure cruelty.

And for $5 extra you can have a game piece, or you can spend 40 hours of playing to get your first game piece.

Ohhh because EA... We hate them! I'm a part of something!

Santa’s workshop. A silly symphony made by Disney. Colourised in the sixties. Shown on Swedish television every Christmas since 56 or 58.

Oh I want this to be true!

No the paint just had a questionable history...

Literally can still remember the tune after all these years.


Sån färg skulle man ha!

I️ had this on vhs and watched it almost every day as a kid and somehow never questioned this.



Tell your mom not to worry, I’ll bring the gloves

Yeah but look at his paint container.

It says Checkered paint not Chesstered paint.

That's how it worked in Neopets.

Don't you mean this checkers out?

For the lazy, buy the Chess-Mix

Hardest Cuphead boss

Sounds kinky

You'd end up with a glove full of water unless you went for those arm length cow fisting gloves.

Thanks for the info.

I hadn’t seen or thought about this cartoon since I was a very little kid, but I instantly remembered it when I saw this gif. It’s weird to get slapped in the face with such an old memory like that.

Ya and the queen is going to require 40 hours of game play to unlock or a hundred bucks in loot boxes


You can tell by the way it is

Update your phone, they fixed that autocorrect glitch

Going to be stuck in my head all day!!

What is this from?


Paint can be purcuased at The Home Depot


And where can I find said cow fisting gloves? Asking for a friend.

tror nog farsan sade det varenda jul som varit.

Feels like this would be an appropriate time to wear gloves. 

edit: Was thinking about long work gloves but I'm guessing some arm length cow fisters would work just as well, who am I to say.

Feels like this would be an appropriate time to wear gloves.

edit: Was thinking about but I'm guessing some arm length cow fisters would work just as well, who am I to say.

No, for that you need to mix horizontal stripey paint with vertical stripey paint. Otherwise you just get a chess board.

I was wondering where I had seen this before. We have this in Norway as well. Tjena!

Is it dip painting that you’re talking about

Actually I do it by mixing orange paint with black squary paint.

It's in the loot crates

And a hey hey hey and a ho ho ho

Does this help?


Does this help?

Work at a competitor to Home Depot. Can confirm everything you actually want to buy is behind the desk and if they tell you they don’t have it it’s clearly because they are to lazy to get it for you. /s

"Does this chessboard have gluten? Because I can't eat it! If I eat one bit of gluten, I'll die!"

- while eating a whole loaf of bread

just ask the folks behind the paint counter. make sure to get the lead based, I hear its delicious.

The bottom right square is white. It's a chessboard.

instructions unclear, dick covered in polka dots

Something something, sense of accomplishment.

Prata inte med mat i munnen.

Seeing it today just feels off. It's not right. This isn't Christmas, and now I want my grandma's cookies.

Seriously this. Fuck EA!

Bork bork bork!

This actually is a true form of designing an object. If you're curious I'm welcome to leave a link.

Australians however should hold the paintbrush upside down to compensate for local gravitational anomalies.

Oh man, I used to have a collection of Xmas shorts like this on VCR when I was a kid. Those were the days...

It’s in the game

The object of free-range, cruelty-free chess has been revolutionized for modern day enjoyment. Gone are the days of queens living in fear, trapped, wondering when the bad men surrounding her will move on her like a bitch. Today, our recycled chess pieces, hand-crafted by our very own racially-ambiguous-gender-neutral-moon-pies, exemplify the freedoms we have all come to expect. As such, none of the pieces move. For any direction in which they may choose to step will be the wrong step, as decided by our social justice chessboard. Hurry in to buy yours today, and do your part to save the secret underground society of llamas trapped in the abandoned tunnel networks hidden beneath a replica city of Venice built on Mercury. You'll love this retro game in retrograde.

Does it work for checkerboards too?

found the original!

I think so! One of the shorts had Donald Duck having a snowball fight with his nephews

Edit: It was a 1930s episode of Silly Symphonies.

I'm from Finland and I also remember watching this every Christmas when I was a kid. :)

This isn't funny.

no, that's the top right square, he's holding it sideways.

Why would it be? You're in /sub/funny.

This whole cartoon should be posted on oddly satisfying

Oh man nostalgia. Time to play some Meerca Chase!

Edit: I have some horrible news. It seems many of the pages are broken. Meerca Chase is no longer working on my computer, my fiancee's computer or the tablet. Many of the map pages aren't working as well. It seems as though Neopets may be on its last legs.

Chesster's Paint

If the paint is all black how do you know it’s squarely?

I wasted 2 minutes searching for the autocorrect glitch. Thanks. :V


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Better than being slapped in the face with a giant chessboard.

"Actually ma'am, this chessboard has negative gluten ion particles that de-glutanize anything around it. Playing chess on this board just once a day will remove more gluten than you find in the average slice of cake."

Special order though, have not seen it in stock at any local stores.

That's chess ridiculous.

You can also buy a white or black board. Then you just buy the other color in horizontal or vertical and reduce costs by 50%!

You will find the paint next to the left handed screwdrivers