[NO SPOILERS] Jaime Lannister

[NO SPOILERS] Jaime Lannister



You should really tweet it to Coster Waldau.

He's a really down to earth person and he'd definitely appreciate this incredible drawing of him.

I think it's done with pens as well so I find it even better


And here is the link to the artist's account, seeing as OP seems to be leaving it aside.

I don't mean to brag or anything but I can do a mean stick figure Jon Snow and Dany

Looks like a completely different character from his season 1-3 counterpart.

Then don't ask for a photo or autograph. Just say hi and you enjoy his work.

Everything doesn't have to be about selfies 😊

holy crap thats good

Well at least Reddit is usually pretty understanding about things like this so I'm sure all will be forgiven.

He was on my flight to JFK a few weeks ago but I didn't say anything since I couldn't tell how he would respond/felt like an inappropriate moment to ask for a photo or anything of that nature. Good to know he's a nice guy though :)

Can you do...ahem...the boat scene?

I didn't leave it aside. I had Shared the link to her video but I don't know why it got deleted.

Is mayonnaise an instrument?

It's pendemonium

Yeah totally...

Casually puts pitchfork away

Naw it's just a drawing.

That's generally my reaction when meeting celebrities, usually just a hello or a handshake and say I enjoy what they do or how it's a pleasure to meet. Have never got a bad response from this yet

I've already drawn it a good thirty times or so but I think I can do another

Just add one more stick.

I wouldn't have known it was drawn in pen if it weren't for the pens in the picture


My favorite character brought to life by an incredibly gifted artist, thank you for this gift of john :-)

Looks like the Sword of the Morning

also looks quite a bit like Azor Ahai

Man that dude is ridiculously handsome.

The Sisterfucker that was Promised

You do know her.

How many celebrities have you met?

She's close to 7 feet tall sources confirm.

I know. The realism of fngers and pens is just amazing.

I dunno if I can do JS or Dany but here's Jaime

I dunno if I can do JS or Dany but here's

It really is. It's hard for me to imagine how such detail can be captured with ball point pens. Actually, it's not hard, it's impossible. I literally can't imagine it.

Does Charli XCX count as a celebrity?


This is insanely good, maybe he's found another woman? That look..


It's in his post history. It was likely deleted due to being a facebook link.

the artist is amazing, she also did one of jon snow. even more impressive

I like the range of possibility on reddit. Anything from the artist getting to display their work in the Louvre to this guy just spamming dick pics could happen.

This can't be real?

You don't think he looks best when he's cosplaying as Prince Charming from Shrek 2?

I almost expect him to move. That's incredible

You don't think you deserve that punalty?

Tyrion getting in on the action this time?

Can you make it a flip book?

That's Jaime fookin' Lannister 😮

I can arrange to display some of your work at the Louvre, contact me w/ your details.

This actually made me laugh. Cheers

The spam filter almost certainly got it, you linked to a facebook page.

I don't know. The paper doesn't look that convincing.

It does say their @ in the picture¿

I misread the word pens as penis and I was very confused.

It will be a dwarf-sized stick.

Guess again.

I met Chris Jericho and Adam Copeland (Edge) at a water park once. They were walking by with their families and I just said "eyyyyyyy" and gave them the finger guns. Edge said "eyyyyyyy" and then gave me a high five. I never washed my hand again until a few minutes later when I got in the Lazy River. It was pretty cool.

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