[NO SPOILERS] I feel Purple eyes suits on Daenerys. What do you think?

[NO SPOILERS] I feel Purple eyes suits on Daenerys. What do you think?

Dany and Viserys were originally shot with purple contact lenses, but the lenses interfered with the actors' abilities to emote and didn't come across realistically on screen. They say in the S1 blu ray that, "actors act with their eyes, and [the lenses] really hurt the emotion." So, they dropped the idea to go with the actors' natural eye colors.

It would have looked great, but changing Emilia's eyes by special effects would be time consuming and expensive. Every frame of every scene she's in, not to mention when Harry Lloyd was still around. And there's no guarantee that it would look good on moving film. And I think they didn't do contacts because it was simply too uncomfortable for the actors, since it limited their vision. I remember seeing an interview with GRRM and he brought that up.

Yeah, would have been really cool if they had gone ahead and did this in the show. Seems like a really damned cheap special effect that would have had a nice impact.

not sure if the reason but unnecessary costs and extra time

I feel like the violet/lilac eyes would have been a really easy thing to do for Dany and Viserys from the beginning of the TV series. Perhaps the show runners were worried they'd come off as *too fantasy* too early and alienate viewers who didn't usually tune in for fantasy?

Plus, they didn't know from the outset how much of a smash success GoT would be. I'm sure it could have been done in post, but that's an added expense for something the showrunners probably didn't think was very important anyway.


When you're attractive as hell, everything suits you :P

Why not change the color after it's filmed?

blue eye looking awesome.I like the blue eyes.

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