[NO SPOILERS] Brienne and Tormund sitting in a tree...

[NO SPOILERS] Brienne and Tormund sitting in a tree...

If this were a Hallmark card I'd like the inside of it simply to read “I want to make babies with you. Think of them – great big monsters! They’d conquer the world!"

Tormund: F-O-O-K-I-N-G


It’s gonna be a rough offseason isn’t it...

I don't think she would really be that embaressed. I mean, objectively, Tormund and Jamie are the only men that have ever seen her like the badass amazonian woman that she always saw herself as.

Now that I say it that first meeting of the triangle is going to be super awkward.


Somebody...anybody...please make this.

her face omg. i can't stop giggling at how adorable this is.

Yeah all the boys would play games like they liked her but it was to make fun of her.

That's why she's in love with Jaime because he sees her as an equal but Tormund loves her because she's a fucking giant bear with sword skills.

He doesn't see her as an equal he sees her as a big huge scary lady that would make great giant babies. How could you see that coming from westeros where women were less than equal?

Where Tormund is from, there are no ladies. They're all bad bitches. Brienne is the baddest bitch.

Olenna Tyrell also thought she was awesome, and complimented her in her dry way, and Brienne of course thought she was being made fun of.


The longest one yet. And look at these green boys... they were born during the easy seasons. Most of them don't even know how to wait 1 week for the next episode.

laughs in Bronn

Tormund: "Swiggity swooty I'm coming for that --"

Brienne: "I will kill you so hard, that your ancestry will cease to exist."

Tormund: "...So how about a date?"

Brienne: facepalms


Sandor Clegane seems to regard her as an equal, their scene together was remarkably free of malice

I'm gonna miss Olenna. :(

Just at first, then she called her "marvelous" or something like that, and Brienne seemed flattered(or knew she wasn't being insulted at least)




You DO know her.

They both almost got fornicated by bears

She was good. And Margaery was better. 😭

Yup that is the reaction of one of my friend who doesn't like being courted.

I like it

I hope Tormund continues to wear her down with his endearing and unrequited love for Brienne.

I existed during the Sherlock off-season. This sub has never seen a truly long off season.

Love this art style


Nah, Brienne is definitely in love with Jaime. The books make it clear as day and the show has tried to convey it through her facial expressions. Jaime's feelings for Brienne however are much more complicated.

Well, no idea if it's the case in the show, but in the books, no doubt.

I bet you do

Oh, come now. You're not Joffrey, the impudent shit. Sandor at least deserves to be called The Hound.


Don't worry, he knows the drill.. work her till she is as slick as a baby seal, then move on in.

And since he is buds with Jon I bet Ser Davos the smoothtalker and ultimate wingman will coach.

Davos: This is Tormund... he wants giant babies.

Brienne: ...good enough

Bronn laughing

She's in love with Jaime?

I'm pretty sure that was GRRM's idea. He worked heavily on season 6 and something this big would not have been against his will. You can say that every death was a cheap way to get rid of a character. For example stannis death could also be titled cheap. It could also be called a story.

Seriously Brienne, with a head that big you should wear a helmet.

Yeah but he saw her as an equal and not as a woman. She even said that to jamie.

Thats why she pledged to him.

Just need to swap the flowers with some chicken!

Yeah, that would only convince Tormund that he is chasing the right skirt...armor...whatever.

He's proposing to Brienne not The Dog

It bums me out so much that poor Brienne isn't used to receiving genuine admiration of any sort (especially romantic). I hope we get to see her character develope better self-esteem.

I think after all the shit we've seen in this series, we need to see the death to know it happened for sure.

*Reek whimpering *

badass amazonian woman that she always saw herself as.

That's not how she saw herself. The show has not shown her story right if you think that's how she saw herself.

Brienne has always been mocked. In the books she's ugly, and I mean really ugly. I can't ever call Gwendoline Christie ugly. And she's the most attractive woman in the world compared to book!Brienne.

Brienne grew up as the only daughter of Lord Selwyn Tarth. Because of that she always had this identity conflict. She wanted to be a knight, but she wanted to love and be loved. She was brutishly strong, but she was still expected to be gentle. There was no point in raising her only as a lady proper, so her father let her learn how to fight. But there was still hope for a marriage, because that's what daughters are for in that world.

Every time marriage came up, Brienne protested, but still followed through with her father's wishes. Her first betrothal ended when the guy died of chill. The second one was broken off. And in the third one, the guy made a condition that Brienne will act womanly. So Brienne said she'd only accept such demand from someone who can beat her in combat. The guy had several broken bones after that and broke off the engagement. Brienne was only 16.

And then she met Renly. Renly was the first man who hasn't been a prick to her. He was kind, and didn't even seem to notice her ugliness, her awkwardness, her clumsiness. He was kind. And she fell in love with him.

Of course, she never had a chance. A guy like Renly, he could get any girl he wanted. He was the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, he could never wed someone like Brienne. And she understood that. But she wanted to do her best and protect him, at the very least. Be close to him.

She didn't see herself as a badass amazonian. She saw herself, mainly due to the world around her, as an abomination. As a freak. And she saw herself as a failure. To her father, who would never have other heirs. To Renly, who she failed to protect. To Catelyn, whose daughters she couldn't find (in the books, at least).

And Jamie didn't see an amazonian in her - he saw a person. Where everyone else saw an ugly girl pretending to be a man, he saw a girl who never had love, who was mocked and laughed at her whole life, and even if she took up arms, was still mocked for trying to be a man.

It's not as simple as it is in the show.

Or Jamie and Brienne?

Decisions, decisions.

Sausage wiggling

K-I-S-S-I-P-P-I.. did you hear that bird?

And a Littlefinger in a pear tree!

Forget salt in wounds. Let's throw some motherfucking acid in there.

Tormund + Brienne = ❤️4eva

I like her and the Hound as Arya's divorced parents too much to change that dynamic.

Well he fucked a bear soooo not almost. But no one wants to hear about it.

Well, yeah, because he wasn't attracted to women. He recognized her as a badass though.

I don't think she has even spoken a word to him. Yet everyone can imagine them having babies.

She was supposed to, but the scene was cut.

This scene was shot for the 1st episode of season 7 where she is practicing with Podrick and Tormund comes and says, "You are a lucky man".

You can see them speaking in the next scene where Littlefinger and Sansa are standing together and watching them and talking.

Apparently, Tormund was telling about his escapades with bears.

I love how tightly Brienne seems to be gripping her sword.

Okay so when can we expect HBO to license some company which will sell these cards?

Can't tell if Brienne is just embarrassed or spotted a White Walker

Nope it's pussy for me. I have a beauty waiting for me back at winterfell, if I ever get back there. Yellow hair, blue eyes, tallest woman you've ever seen, almost as tall as you!


I once threw a beer at a swan and it attacked my niece Rebecca.

Its all fun and games till you realize Tormund might actually have died

Just remember, every time you look up at the moon, I too, will be looking at the moon. Not the same moon, obviously. That's impossible

You need him to eat chicken at her.

The last time we see him, he and Beric look behind them as the wall crumbles and breaks clean off just a few feet away from them. The whole wall isn't gone, just a big chunk of it by Eastwatch. I think they only just squeaked into the part that didn't fall.

And I refuse to hear any differently until 2019 when it can be confirmed otherwise.

Sweet Jesus, this is amazing 😂

I don't know, I mean, Brienne isn't even related to Jamie.

Laser sights?



I don't think so. I don't think we've seen any interactions between Brienne and another woman that would hint at romantic or sexual attraction.

I think she's just a big woman who has manly talents.

It's The Hound. How dare yuo /s

Reminiscent of Mike Mitchell's work 🤔

Here's his take on The Hound

Reminiscent of Mike Mitchell's work 🤔

Here's his take on

Half Life 2: Episode 3

e: damn, that's not even off-season, we're still in the middle.

A popular theory is that Tormund went South of the wall and was having an affair with a Mormont. That's why he always talks about fooking a bear, he just doesn't qualify what kind of bear.

Seems so

But off-season for that show is a good thing, you don't have to watch the shite they actually put out.

I kinda like that, they both saw it as nothing personal




First it's Lannisters, then it's wights

Next it's the Hound in a bareknuckle fight


Unlikely considering she loved Renly and definitely developed feelings towards Jamie.

The longest in living memory.

The long night has come

That is the only part I don't like. She needs that 'carve your liver out' look instead.

She's in heavy denial of it but like every other paragraph of her chapters in Feast are her thinking about Jaime. His fighting skills, how he looked "half a god" in the baths of Harrenhal, how gallant he was when he rescued her from the bear, how cruel it was for Hoat to take his hand... It actually gets pretty tedious.

Gods she was strong then.

Tormund: Dick? I like it.

Others would be three eyes.

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