[No Spoilers] Bolin nails this Mako impression

[No Spoilers] Bolin nails this Mako impression

Bolin is so freaking cute. Ugh.

Where is this from? I am an old man who has forgotten the past.

I'll be honest, if your standards are "attractive, funny, athletic, and can manipulate lava with his mind", you might be in for some disappointment.

I could draw you one.

Edit: fine I'm lying, I can't :(

Book 3, Episode 1.

Don't forget famous, and intelligent.

genetics help with that of course.


Mako and Bolin remind me of my brother and myself a lot. It's actually kind of creepy but also very cool. I'm the Bolin of the relationship, including my ability to do a dead on impression of my older brother's over the top seriousness.

Seriously, I would kill for a man like him.

Plus he is a very good writer.

We're your biggest fans!!!!

Can you Lava bend?

He can make your heart melt.

Consider this, Bolin never went to school yet he is only very slightly behind Korra who has been essentially in school her entire life. And he is very street smart. He is also people smart, he has made friends with almost everyone he has met, including members of the Red lotus. (He guessed correctly on two out of three thins about Gazhan.) If I were gay, and a cartoon character in the Avatar world, I would totally go for Bolin.

He even got the eyebrows right!

And drawings that could rival Sokka's masterpiece.

Well intelligent might be pushing it. He's by no means dumb, but I wouldn't really say he's overly smart either.

I am fully straight and I would possibly even consider going for Bolin if he swung that way. He has some sense of intuition when it comes to people but he's not really aware of it himself. He's wickedly easy to fool into doing pretty much whatever, he never really seems to think at all, just act on instinct. He's every male shounen main character ever... doesn't think, super strong, heart of gold.

To be fair, Korra isn't exactly the height of intelligence either, not enough to merit any mention at least. But don't get me wrong, neither of them are actually dumb, it's just that Bolin is incredibly naive, he's basically Marshall from HIMYM.

Intelligent people would be Mako and Asami. Mako is a detective, he has a pretty good analytical mind, good instincts but is pretty much a terrible people person, and also doesn't make the best decisions at times. Asami I don't think I even need to explain, seriously if she was also a powerful bender I would question why the show did not have her as the main character.

Tenzin, Lin, Kya, and Bumi I'm not really sure, besides they are all older adults, their smarts comes mostly from experience.

Wait why is Mako impersonating Bolin