No poverty please

No poverty please

Sounds like he may be wanting to conduct shady business at the potential residence, can't pinpoint what it is though

This dude is blowing glass, making bongs and pipes. Also addicted to meth, also claiming nothing on his taxes. Good luck renting to this one.

“...even give them their rent when it’s due” Uh. Yeah... that’s how it works bud. You’re not being an outstanding candidate because you will turn in your rent on time.

Literal Crystal Meth

All the glass utilensis for a lab breaks easily. And you definitely do not want kids near dangerous chemicals and drugs. They are curious, those little rascals. And can unintentionally sniched you out to the big bro.

This person is so rude that their post somehow reads like they're fucking SCREAMING

A tent in a park sounds appropriate. And I'm sure parents will tell their kids to stay away from you.

No proof of income? That's either pretty shady or he's gonna skip rent every month.

He will show you his rent money. If he's in the mood, he'll give you the rent money too.

“Not only will you be shown the rent, you’ll even receive the rent. Feel fortunate that you receive rent money from ME!”

"I want an area where it will be easy to sell overpriced drugs to rich kids."


This person has some hard life lessons to learn.

That sounds about right! Dream roommate.

Walter, you're gonna have to build your meth lab somewhere else

It seems like the people most against having to prove they’re not crooks are the biggest crooks out there.

A whole city with no children? Good luck.

I have a cardboard box in my basement.

So drugs

If she is hot, someone will probably hook her up for free.