No new Smash Bros. info

No new Smash Bros. info

Except for a mention during the Metroid: Samus Returns section:

In two days, Metroid: Samus Returns finally arrives on Nintendo 3DS. And everyone from Metroid fans to Super Smash Bros. fans should take notice.

Then they didn't refer to Smash at all. I guess they are both 2.5D games available on 3DS and feature Samus, plus the game does have Smash Bros. Samus and ZSS amiibo functionality for bonus content.

No other mention to Smash in the whole direct, though! Versus Ice Climber is being rereleased as an Arcade Archive on the Switch, and I saw a Mr. Game & Watch cameo in a Super Mario Odyssey menu/HUD.

How could my tribute fail?

At least Dedede got some buffs

Smash 4=Pyro Update

GIF for anyone who missed the glorious sight:

GIF for anyone who missed the glorious sight:

If you got yourself hyped for Smash, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Congratulations, you Jebaited yourself.

The difference is that Smash 4 exists

I think by now we can take as official the next smash game will be smash 5...

My boy DDDs got GAINS.

So this is what is replacing Melee at EVO?

Buffs is an understatement. He went from "[Sakurai's grunting]" to "Even your daughter calls me Dededaddy."


Odyssey looks like the best Mario platformer ever made so I'm not really unhappy about the direct

wow that burn was more effective that the cumulative existence of every F2P Pyro that's ever entered a server

except for the fact that nintendo didn't tag it themselves, and it was the youtube auto content id thingy

that wasnt really anything to use as proof if were being honest.

Probably the fact that he's never played it. Might make it a bit hard to declare the best Mario platformer.

yeah probably. sakurai probably has some pride about not wanting to resell the same game for full price or something.

What hurts me the most now, is that it is definitive we won't see the new smash until 3 or 4 years. Rest in peace.

We got Jebaited so hard

/sub/smashbros on suicide watch

Why is this such a bad thing? Melee's been going strong for over 15 years... I really don't think we have fully explored smash 4 yet.

I was secretly hoping that they'd show the Smash Bros cross at the end of the Direct, and then not follow up on it ever, just to see the salt.

not to us, but to him it might feel like a scam. sakurai takes a lot of pride in smash games.

I'm not getting off my train

so the answer is yes.

honestly someone better get on that S W O L E DDD mod soon.

Now he's even more perfect!

I'm not crying, you are

They mentioned smash during the Metroid trailer man, SMASH CONFIRMED DON'T RUIN MY HYPE TRAIN.

jospeh.gonzalez2005 would like to have a word with you.

I don't think we were ever off suicide watch.

Was this officially confirmed? I thought that was just another unofficial date that we all get hyped about like the whole NINESIX deal.

Shoot, the Pyro update was like 5 years ago Kappa


So I can tell mom & dad about the secret games we play?

It would also feel like a scam to me

Is it me or was this looking like a rewind of E3 with a few little updates on their games featuring a new Mario Party and Kirby game?

Hi I'm a time traveller from 2020 and they've added Toad in a recent update! He's kinda mediocre but his unique playstyle is fun to play, plus he no longer has the bad matchup of Cloud and Bayonetta since they got nerfed to oblivion.

you jebaited yourself

Lights self on fire

Cloud and Bayonetta

nerfed to oblivion.

Huh, so I guess life is worth living after all.

I didnt even expect it, and im still sad.

I want a Melee re-release just because I want online play with a larger player base. I don't always have someone to play against, and I suck at Melee and I'm tired of getting my ass kicked on netplay.


3 9 3

people actually expected it? you guys set yourself up for disappointment tbh

Do we? When? And from where?

DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 aren't huge announcements?

Regardless of not showing smash (seemed like a long shot), it was a really disappointing direct. Without any notable reveals over 45 minutes it seemed like I was waiting for a BIG REVEAL the whole time and it just never came. When your big finale is showing upcoming worlds in Mario Odyssey and the best takeaways are release dates for ALREADY ANNOUNCED TITLES, it's

more effective than the cumulative existence of every F2P Pyro that's ever entered a server


I'm more and more impressed everytime they reveal something new for that game.

No, that would be Kirby: Battle Royale.


except for the fact that nintendo tagged the stream with smash stuff though

How so? The meta gets to grow even further. Brawl had more Apexs than than Smash 4 has EVOs.

No that would be Shrek Super Slam

Texture/model hack for Donkey Kong WHEN

Not until PPMD comes back...

there would be less salt that way probably. at least that way we wouldve got slight confirmation.


Nintendo is still carrying the platform on their own, so you're mostly right.

They gave more details on the "coming soon" games (Xenoblade, Mario Odyssey). They gave more info on how they're expanding existing games (ARMS, Splatoon, etc.) And they dropped some new third-party announcements.

There wasn't a huge reveal, but that's okay. If there wasn't anything coming this year or in Jan/Feb, then they have time later to announce it.

RIP Smash though.

This King's, got a funny face

It wouldn't be the same if they added 3DS stages and new characters though lol

Ya we had something a bit more concrete at e3 with the Best Buy Canada product page and still got nothing.

And literally nobody was surprised.

no idea when the next announcement is. cant have a train without fuel ;-;

no pokemon, no Metroid


It was everyone in the smash community I wasn't even thinking of the new smash but people were taking it for granted, they even started discussing new characters, lol.

it was youtube that did that lol

your hype is fuel


It was specifically announced as a Direct focusing on games coming out in the next few months. I don't know why the length of it lead to so many people expecting anything but that.

does he screech every time he gets hit

Something like this

Well they changed his voice actor to fit the canon of him growing older, so he sounds something closer to British Male Wii Fit Trainer now.

But yes he does screech.

To the surprise of no one. Yall set yourselves up for dissapointment LMAO

I don't think they said it contains the Pyro update, just that it's happening soon.